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No computers allowed – Kickstarter!!

Life is easier on film. I break out my film camera, and people look in wonder, like, wow, you must be a REAL photographer. But we film shooters have a dirty little secret. Shooting film is easier. I shoot, the lab does their magic, and all the work is done. No photoshop required. It’s more expensive, but my quality of life is improved. And then everything else in the world I have to do with my images becomes easier because I don’t have to edit anything. Rich hues, balanced contrast, soft palettes are the standard. Once the photograph is captured, my work is mostly done. I’m slowly making the transition here to shooting ALL film. It’s a little nerve wracking. My 5d Mark II serves as addicting training wheels. I mean, even the JPG’s coming out of my camera are pretty nice, and mostly untouched anyway. And it’s always nice to be able to hold onto something while the film goes on a field trip to the lab, though in my heart of hearts I know that holding on to the digital side of things is only as important as you make it. We all survived in the world a very long time before our fingers started doing the talking.

In the meantime, I’m super excited to honor my love of film and all things analog in this project I’m doing with my dear Husband Andy Bean of the Two Man Gentlemen Band! They’ll be recording, producing, designing and printing their next album the old fashioned way – no computers allowed, and I’ll be doing the film photography! We won’t even be scanning the film onto the computer! How will we do it?? I have NO IDEA! But we’ll make it happen! Except of course for fundraising. So please! Head on down to The Gent’s Kickstarter Page and make a donation and help us figure it out!

And if you happen to not know much about the other half of the Bean family, here’s what we’ve gotten ourselves into (by the way, they do weddings :)):

The Two Man Gentlemen Band – Gentle Stomp from Live & Breathing on Vimeo.

I know I know. I’m married to a smokin’ geeetar player.

And to watch one of the best kickstarter videos I’ve ever seen, look no further!

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[…] me allow Punam Bean, amazing wedding and event photographer, to put it much better than I’ve ever been able to vocalize it: “Life is easier on film…we […]

Thanks, wife! You da man!


It was only just a couple of weeks ago, when Husbone and I did our monthly schedule look over. He travels so much, and I travel so much, that we often have to join each other in our various travels, so we don’t have to miss each other too terribly this busy summer. I’ve probably have been here in our apartment with him a total of 3 weeks since April. And though we both lead the lives we always hoped for, we never hoped to be spending so much time apart. So when Husbone perused his August schedule, suddenly we realized we’d be home together for a grand total of four days out of the whole month.

And so! As I am fast approaching something of a lull (before the storm) in my wedding season, I’ll be on the road with the man I love, and I’d love to meet up with anyone in the following cities, or make lovely pictures for you, on any of the following dates!:

July 25th >> Charlotte, NC @ The Evening Muse (arriving at 4pm, I’ll only be in town for the evening, if anyone wants to come to the show!)

July 27th – 28th >> Mobile, Alabama 

July 29th – 30th >> New Orleans, Louisiana

July 31 >> Husbone opens for Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp in Orange Beach, Alabama!

If anyone wants to hang out, let me know! For more info about the Gents’ schedule, click here! They are even playing music in a cave near Nashville – if you are in the area it’s a promising good time!

And since a post is always better with a picture, here’s one I took from the top of Rockafellar Plaza for to hang on our wall in our home:


Taken with my Contax, aperture priority, E6 slide Fuji Film and cross processed.

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Hi Punam!

I’m stoked that you’ll be in Charlotte on Saturday—however it sounds like you won’t be able to do pictures that day? If not, Neil and I will have to catch you next time you’re in town. We only have 15 months to meet each other, LOL.


hi punam! i came across some of your work in a friend of a friend’s album on fb and i must say…i’m so incredibly in love with your talent. i can’t wait for the day i get engaged so i can have the privilege of meeting and working with you! 😉 ’til then i guess i have to just settle for stalking your blog. hehe. <3

@regina – so sad! I’ll be shooting a wedding in Philly that evening – but it is sure to be a good raucous evening! Next time I’m in Asheville, we should definitely hang out!

@ada – yay! That’ll probably be around January-ish. But then Husbone and I will be moving to an apartment where we can invite you over for dinner and cook some nice things for you!

Hi, Punam,
I met you briefly at the Jose workshop party in Vegas. My studio is seriously 4 doors down from Jack of the Wood in Asheville. If you happen to come to the Halloween show, I would love to see you! I’m in San Francisco this week. – regina

Ada F

gorgeous picture! So New York.
We caught the ‘gents on Sat. night. They were AWESOME. We are now the proud owner of two of their CDs and Ben now has a new favorite band. Let’s hang out again when you’re back in the city and less wedding-swamped!

Nora Jane.

A lovely young woman, from another time in her music, her wardrobe, and her spirit. She is Americana and planning to take Nashville by storm, via LIC bar, in my very own home town, this freezing evening. Trooper, is one word to describe this talented young lady, other than, of course, amazingly beautiful.

A video light has come into my posession. It likes to eat battery, and we had to plug it in every two minutes. But, that being said, and this being a very different session than most, Nora Jane and this tungsten bulb were in harmony with each other. Her 50’s curls didn’t hurt. She came to me to evoke some shadows as seen in old Veronica Lake portraits. “You ARE Veronica Lake!” cried her cousin and session assistant! I agreed, and pressed the button from which my living is made.

I love what I do. And I love what Nora Jane does, too. Check out her MySpace page!

Random Fact: Nora is my country name, in which Husbone may fit me into his country songs without making impromptu visits to India. One such number was called Hindquarters, which is unfortunately, out of print. But you can imagine.

nora janenora janenora janenora janenora janenora janenora jane

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Hi Punam, I don’t usually comment on blogs unless the images truly move me. I must say these are superb!