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mountains. feet.


Watching a person’s brain grow right before your eyes is an incredible thing. Some of us remind ourselves as often as we can that life is a wonderous thing, but to actually see this new little human really WONDER at things is… well… wonderful! I’m watching her learn so much, but really, she’s teaching me a lot about life.

I had this moment, when I was 18 years old. I has spent the summer after high school in a drama program in Oxford, England. I was the youngest person in the program – never had I taken a sip of alcohol, kissed a boy (a straight one anyway – oh the adventures of being a theatre kid!), or really, looked up from the life in front of me to see much beyond my very nose. Something changed in me those 7 weeks in England, maybe it was being free from an oppressive home for the first time in my life (woo hoo! I could wear spaghetti strap tees! I had a cell phone! I was wholly UNSUPERVISED!), but something made me look. Up. It was like suddenly the sky burst open at the seams and I was swimming in the world. THE WORLD! Clouds and shards of sunlight and kind gestures from strangers, trees and birds and food and mountains all came careening toward me as if I had never lived! They say that when you fall in love, colors are more vivid, music more sweet, that you stop and smell the roses more. Well, I was falling in love with life. The veil of teenage I-know-everything and angst was lifted in a blast of freedom and I felt more alive than ever.

I returned home at the end of that summer. One day, I walked to the end of the drive way to get the mail, and I realized, after living here my whole life THAT I WAS SURROUNDED BY MOUNTAINS! WHAT??! I looked all around me, and thought, where did all these mountains come from!?! I stood at the end of the driveway, dumbfounded, for about an hour. I know. Ridiculous. I told this story to my Huz and his reaction was, your brain is strange. But that’s life when you live in a tunnel. Which honestly, I have the tendency to do.

That tendency doesn’t have to decide my fate. And I was reminded by that today, when this little half me/half Husbone looked down and discovered her feet. She just stared down at them, watching her toes flex and curl, for 30 minutes – a looooooong time when the span of your life stretches over a mere 7 weeks. You see, they had always been there, but she was too preoccupied with other things, like eating a lot, and growing her brain. I certainly don’t have the excuses that she does, but she doesn’t live in a tunnel. She lives in the wide open world, and I’m leaving my tunnel to join her there.


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I so enjoy these little glimpses into your life, Punam. Your daughter is going to treasure these entries of yours as she grows.

So beautiful! My wife and I just had our daughter a month ago…they are so precious aren’t they? Congratulations!

I’m sure you know this already, but she is just so heart-meltingly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, and for the reminder to stop and look around with wonder once and awhile. Much love.

fascinating stories! both the mountains and the feet. i love how you saw these parallels.


Absolutely, amazingly well said … and those photos (perhaps unsurprisingly) seem to tell the story in a way your words (awesome as they are) just can’t. Long and short: I just ate this whole story right up. Thanks for sharing.


Its funny. The way she is holding her left hand in pic one. She will probably continue to hold her hands like that as she gets older. I noticed a pic of me holding my hands in ways as an infant about her age… and I still hold my hands the same way today. So fascinating. Ay how… thats what these pics reminded me of. Myself. (jokes)

1/2 off all April shoots! Woo hoo!

Can you believe it’s April?? Where does the time go? And WHERE does it go when you have a baby to care for! Having to feed this little munchkin every two hours, and watching her get bigger and more interactive which each day that passes, is making time blaze by like it never has before! I mean, TAXES are due this month – what?? I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

I’m enjoying the resurgence of my mobility, and honestly I’m getting ancy. I want to take my camera and explore the world again. I want to get back to work, but there isn’t anything on the Calendar until almost May, per our usual schedule.

So! To celebrate my regained strength, and taxes :), and my new baby girl!, and also, the return of Husbone, Punam Bean Photography is offering ALL SHOOTS booked for the month of April 2012 BY APRIL 15TH 2012, half off! So if you’ve been wanting to book a family session, a last minute wedding, an engagement session, a boudoir session, or anything else you could dream up, now is the time! Here are the details:

-You MUST book and confirm your session by April 15th 2012

– The session must occur in the month of April 2012

– The session must take place within 100 miles of Los Angeles, California

– This promotion is based on availability – so book quick to be sure you get the date you want!

– This promotion applies to sessions and digital image delivery ONLY, NOT products or packages that contain products (like albums, prints, etc.)

So! Go on and click the contact link in the menu above and let’s get this party started!

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Why I’ve been absent lately

Hello friends!

I know it’s been a little slow around here lately. I think that in all the time I’ve kept this blog, this is the longest period that has passed in which I haven’t posted anything. Usually this time of year, as things start to wind down and I find myself with a good chunk of time to spare, I’m posting blogs almost every day. But this year, not so much. I promise, I have a good excuse :).

I’ve been busy, creating this little one.


Her name is Uma Vivienne. She was born on February 13th, after 4 days of intense labor. She was 9 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches the moment I pulled her to my chest, and she was worth every moment my body gave over to create her. She was 2 weeks yesterday, and I’m getting back the the office work in a limited capacity. She’s a big girl, and I had a rough delivery, so I’m still recovering, and spend much of my days doing work in bed with her wrapped in my arms between me and my computer.

I look at her and can’t imagine she was ever inside of me. 9 months of pregnancy suddenly feel so surreal, and this little creature that I’ve been left with feels like she’s always been right here singled next to me in bed. I suppose she has been for quite some time, though I couldn’t see her, or smell her hair, or nuzzle her face. Mostly she could poke at me, and sometimes I would poke back. She has his nose and lips. She has my hands, ears and eyebrows. I think she has my eyes too, but it’s too soon to tell. She has long eyelashes. She has long fingers and toes and big feet. And this morning we discovered her belly button!

But without further adieu, I’d like to introduce to you, my daughter. Uma.


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welcome to the world, Uma! Congratulations Punam, she’s a doll :)


Congrats to you and husbone! Uma is so sweet and precious. I look forward to you blogging about her as she gets older…ahhhh so sweet!!! :)

I stumbled on this! Cute!! Thanks for posting! – Jessica

Ada F.

Congrats to you and Husbone, Punam!! She is so sweet and gorgeous. And I know she will be full of love and fanciful thoughts, just like her amazing parents.

She is beautiful Punam. She is truly a gem.

congrats on your bundle of joy. she’s perfect… absolutely perfect!!

she’s beautiful and you’re both gorgeous parents – enjoy every moment!even the tired ones…

She’s perfect. Congrats to the three of you; enjoy this time, and don’t work too hard!

The beans are moving to California!


Are you ready for this??

We are moving to Southern California. IN SEPTEMBER OF THIS YEAR!!!!

Woo hoo! So before we get into the story of how we came to this sudden decision, I would like to mention that we will be booking our 2012 season in California, and we are offering really great rates for the first FIVE weddings we book in the state! So get on it!! We are also offering great deals on portrait sessions in the LA area, so if you are interested, fill out the contact form above!!

If you already have a wedding booked with us – no worries! Nothing has changed for you!


I know, I know. Crazy. So the story is, once upon a time, we lived in New York City. We wanted to start a family, and couldn’t afford to spend $3000 a month on decent health insurance. Seriously, that’s how much we had to pay in order to not have a 10,000 deductible. My feelings about insurance aside, its generally pretty expensive out here in the North East when you own your own business and your making an income above the poverty line. But I digress.

So, we moved to Western Massachusetts where healthcare is mandated, and a little more affordable (marginally). We thought it would be a fun adventure to try something totally different on for size. And so, we became commuters, making the 2-3 hour trip to the city about every weekend for shoots and meetings and such, and retreating back to our country abode for work and life, digging our cars out of snow, wearing lambskin boots and fur lined floppy-eared hats and all.

Great Barrington is an amazing town, with lovely open hearted people. The food here is AMAZING. The culinary opportunities are really limitless. The houses are beautiful and charming. And there are swimming holes every half mile. It’s like living in a fairy tale with fairies and hobbits hiding in the lush grass. There were moments when I was captured by its beauty, and really considered what life would be like if we stayed.

And now there is a little human growing inside me. And everything has changed, even though, nothing really has yet. It’s like a switch turned on inside of me, and the family that I’ve lived 3000 miles away from for the past 10 years is suddenly too far away. Babies bring families together. And so I’m going back home.

It’s always a hard decision when you have family on two different coasts. But I know that I want to take my kids to In-n-out, Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo. Camping in Yosemite, road trips to Big Sur, weekends in Palm Springs. Winter Heat Waves. It’s where I grew up, and even after 10 years out East, It’s what I understand best. And I’m so thankful I can still give them magical White Christmases in New England, summer weeks up at the pond in Northern New Hampshire, Thanksgivings in Plymouth Massachusetts. And so. We are moving so my mom can cook me dinner if I don’t feel like it. So my niece can babysit if I have to shoot a wedding. So my sister can give me sisterly advice about being pregnant. So this baby can be raised by my whole family from the very start. And I am so incredibly grateful that my dear and patient Husbone, who has lived 30 years on this Eastern Coast, is making the leap with me, with a heart full of optimism.

So, if you are around, we’d love to meet some new people, make new friends and foster old friendships. We are so excited, nervous and optimistic about this big new change. Let me know if you wanna hang out with the Bean family!!

California, I’m coming home.

Sitting in a park in Paris France
Reading the news and it sure looks bad
They won't give peace a chance
That was just a dream some of us had
Still a lot of lands to see
But I wouldn't want to stay here
It's too old and cold and settled in its ways here
Oh but California
California I'm coming home
I'm going to see the folks I dig
I'll even kiss a Sunset pig
California I'm coming home

-joni mitchell

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How absolutely exciting and what awesome reasons to move. Can completely relate as my entire family is ages away and it’s hard… especially when I always saw my child being raised by my whole family and not just the two of us. It’ll happen yet. Many blessings to you and yours!

Hi Lisa! They will be playing a lot more in the area. Be sure to contact me when you are ready for photos! fun!

Awesome! Major congrats on the little nugget in your tummy :) So excited for you guys! My hubs (also a music man) and I are in Hollywood if you guys end up close and want a good meal and photog/music chatting

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you are moving out here. I am getting married in Orange County in January 2012 but already have a photographer booked. I would love to take some pictures with you after our wedding though. I think your photography is amazing. Also, I have been dying to see the Two Man Gentleman Band!! Does the move mean they will be playing shows out here? Good luck to you and your growing family. California is fantastic for families!

OmG!! I’m not sure what part of SoCal you’re moving to but if it’s anywhere near Oceanside, CA, give me a ring!! I’ve lived here for almost 2 yrs and always looking for friends..old and new! Plus we can talk about babies and how fabulous it is being a mom!

Yay! I’m excited for you and know that being with family will make having baby a lot more manageable. and thanks for the Joni lyrics! I’m now trying to hit the “will you take me as I am” high notes while one of the dogs watches in horror. xx


congrats on your new addition and your move…best of luck. so nice to grow up around family…can’t top that.

yay! hope to see you here soon!

congratulations on the baby! and on the upcoming move! (i have been reading for a long time but i am not sure if i have ever commented.) i love seeing your work!


YAHOO! congratulations on your little one to be and I am sooo excited for you to come to socal! I’ve also been a huge fan & I would also love to meet you! This is great news for a sad california!

Oh dear! I know how badly you have wanted this, and am so so happy for younguys and baboo to make this move! Can’t wait to visit you three in the sun! Xoxo

Glad to hear it! There’s such a great community of photographers out here. I’m in Downtown Fullerton and would love to make a new friend!


I have been a huge fan of yours for about 2 + years now and I’m from LA. I am like jumping up & down I’m SO excited, you’re gonna be in my city! Living there!
Will you let me know if you ever need an assistant of any kind? Or even a nanny? I’ve got experience nannying and with photography as well! I’m sososo excited and happy for you & your growing family!

Yay for california-bound beans!!!

Yay for you guys! California is the best state anyway…one I wish I could afford to live in. :) Best wishes in your move…excited to keep tabs on your new adventures. xo

califor-ni-ay is about to get 10x cooler. can’t wait for you guys to get here!

So exciting!! I’ve been following your blog for about a year now.. and I’m completely enamored with your photography. I live in Southern California.. and (shh don’t tell anyone) am pretty sure the boyfriend will propose in the coming months. You’re actually the first person I’ve admitted that to. My point is.. Please don’t fill up all your CA slots too quickly! You’re at the top of my list, and knowing you’ll be so close by has only gotten my hopes up! Also, do you have a baby bump yet? :)

CA is magic :) I’m so excited you’re going to be here!

Tara + Tyrone

Tara and Tyrone are already married. They are high school sweethearts, and you can tell because they are like kids together. They laugh together, and at each other, and all in good fun. I always smile when I think of the afternoon we spent together. Together they exude a warmth that is altogether irresistible. They came all the way from Cali to hang out with me in my old neighborhood. I made film pictures of their beauty.

Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone
Tara + Tyrone

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Tara and Tyrone you both look smokin hot …. love your sister :)

Tara & Tyrone

Its like Christmas for me today!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We love them!! You are SOOO talented and we wish we could hang out with you every day!

so so pretty!

Ditto what Ryan said. They are ridiculously good looking, and she is lovely and I love the colors and the light. So pretty.

It’s not even fair how gorgeous they are. Great photos.

Awesome shots! Love the colors!