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Betty + Kent: Hawaii Destination Wedding!

It wasn’t until the day before their wedding, that I finally met Betty and Kent. Betty has a smile that could light up a major metropolitan area, and Kent is the kind of man who reminds the world that chivalry is not dead. I so enjoyed my time with these two amazing people, their amazing friends and families. Betty is an interior designer, and in the short time I had the pleasure of being around her, I noticed how naturally it comes to her to arrange everything in a room in such a way as to make it look perfect, simple and elegant. And for her, it’s effortless. That’s how I would describe this gorgeous, detailed wedding.

I’ve also never been to a wedding where there was a dog who was like a child. I have rarely seen this kind of love and devotion between two different species. There is some kind of supernatural bond between them, and Kea was in Betty’s lap all night – it was so beautiful! I am so happy when I meet animals who have such wonderful and fabulous lives for the owners that love them so much!

Here is a list of the amazing crew that put this amazing wedding together!!:

Coordinator: Christina from Pacific Aisles

Lighting: Hawaii Event Lighting

Food (it was amazing!): Paradise Gourmet Catering

Venue: Puakea Ranch (this place is UH-MAZING! It usually serves as a Bed and Breakfast, and instead of a room, you can rent a whole house on the ranch!!)

Cake: Short-n-Sweet Bakery and Cafe

But wait till you see Betty and Kent’s day after session! Yummy!

Betty and Kent

Betty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and Kent31580003Betty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and Kent

I just LOVE this family photo!

Betty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and KentBetty and Kent

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pu, you are wonderful and these images were absolutely stunning! missing and thinking about you and mr. bones.

WOW. UH-MAZING!!!! (to say the least) your pictures bring a smile to my heart every time. i know betty and kent and these pictures do a beautiful job of capturing their true nature.

You captured the moments of the day so perfectly! This was an absolutely lovely wedding for so many reasons- all the lovely details were made even more beautiful because of the love Betty and Kent share. I’m so glad I got to be there in person, but these photos capture it all!

A Fabulous Wedding Portfolio !!

Punam, you have an incredible sense of composition and an eye for detail. I know Betty had been planning her wedding for quite awhile. She was so fortunate to have found you.

I would have loved to be a guest at this amazing wedding. The details are amazing. Congrats to the bride and groom, and to you Punam for capturing such lovely moments.

Those shoes. Fabulous. Wow. :)


what fun..omg. i loved every minute of this. you are truly gifted doll. i especially love the one of my family. i’m so happy you were able to capture that moment. that picture is aLL us.

Fabulous, I love they way you tell a story!!!!

Such a chic wedding. I love all the details.

Wow – some really amazing details here. Nice photos too! 😉

Gorgeous, Punam!

This is one of my absolute favorite weddings you’ve posted! Amazing pictures!

this wedding… it’s like anthropologie and hawaii got together and had a ridiculously beautiful child. wow. stunning!

a tribute to kitty.

I apologize for my lack of blog posts lately. It’s been a long week.

Walter is one of the best cats I’ve known. He arrived in the cargo hold of a plane, a tiny little blue thing, and when I went to the airport to pick him up, all the workers were wondering why someone had sent me an empty crate. With panic, I took a peek inside, there was no kitten. A search commenced, but only briefly. It was then that I noticed a small bump in the padding inside. I opened the little cage door and peeked under it and saw two glowing orbs blink back at me. He was so small and so quiet, he had hidden away and no one could see him.

It took him a while to get used to the sounds and the smells of our home, so I sat on the bathroom floor with the door closed, reading magazines. His crate was next to me, and I waited for him to say hello. When he finally came out of his crate, he settled himself up against the bathtub and gave a tiny little sigh. Then he just looked up into my eyes and stared at me, for a whole hour. He had me in such a trance with his piercing, sleepy gaze, I couldn’t bring myself to look away, or move.

RIP Walter

That’s walter. Always studying things, always staring. I would wake up and he would be sitting by my bed side staring at me. He was my family. I’m never going to meet another cat like him. I look at this picture and I feel like I’m still waiting for him to come home from the hospital.

A week ago, Husbone came home to find out dear kitty dying in the bathroom of a urinary blockage. He took him to the emergency room, he was on the threshold of death. They said we could save him with surgery, and they did. They thought he was getting better, and Husbone and I prepared the house for his return, anxious to have him home. And yesterday morning, the doctor called, and things hadn’t gone so well over night. He had to have a blood transfusion, he was jaundiced, he was having heart or lung problems, he wouldn’t stop moaning and crying, and the bill, by that point was so astronomical that there was nothing to be done. And I just kept desperately wondering, at what point do we have to say enough is enough? and Why am I having to make this decision right now?

It was bad all around. We had already spent so much money. His preexisting condition isn’t covered by insurance. And Husbone had left that morning, thinking we’d be bringing back a kitty and it would be no big deal, and we had to go through this horrible day from miles apart with bad reception.

We lost a member of our family yesterday. I lost one of my best friends and closes confidants.

I’m blessed to have a job where working cheers me up a bit. This afternoon I spent with Alia and Bill, and looking through their photos was the first time I’ve smiled all day in my apartment. It’s a blessing to have to be around joyful people while going through this difficult time. I miss my kitty. Slightly delayed blog posts are coming soon, I promise!

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So sorry to hear about you loss. Its so hard to loose a beloved kitty. Last year my Blaze had to be put to sleep because she was also very sick. I feel lucky to have had her for 14 wonderful years. Walter was a lucky kitty and so were you to have him in your lives. Hugs.

thinking about you.. hugs!


Thanks, everyone for all your kind words and support, and for sharing so many of your experiences. It’s been a difficult week, and I feel blessed to have a whole community to turn to. Thanks! :)

Hi Punam,

I’ve been a blog stalker for a while, but thought I’d make an appearance and pass along my condolences to you & your Husbone. I’m so sorry for your loss – Walter was a very lucky cat indeed to have been loved by you.

I also lost my Jasper 2 weeks ago, so I share in your grief. There will never be cats quite like them…ever. I’m not too sure whether time will ever fully heal the wounds they’ve left behind in our hearts, but I take comfort in knowing that our cats were loved deeply and unconditionally until the end, and there’s no better send off than that.

Please take care and a warm hug is given to you from Toronto….

Emily Tong

aww sorry to hear that! big hug from me and bobby!


I’m so sorry for your loss. Walter was a beautiful cat and I’m sure a dear friend, best friend, child. I know how much Bella means to Mike and I and the thought of losing her one day is unbearable. Please know that Walter’s spirit and memory will forever live on and that our thoughts are with you right now.

emily griffith

I am so sorry to hear about your sweet kitty. They are more than pets, they are family. Thinking of you…

sweetie(s), i am so so sorry for your loss. i know exactly what you mean when you say “i’m never going to meet another cat like him” because i say that about mine. sometimes you just KNOW when they have chosen you, and you-them. the same bond that is the reason why i refuse to leave my kitty here when i move to europe this year–she is coming with me. she is as much a part of my life as any friend (and sometimes, MORE so). it is a great blessing to know how much your “Kitty” was adored and appreciated…more than he could ever verbally thank you for, but i know for certain he was grateful for every day spent with you.

(actually, i didn’t get anything done for a few days…lots of crying.)

oh i’m so sorry! i lost my cat last year, and i didn’t get anything done all day. here’s the post i wrote about him:

My thoughts are with you and Husbone. Take care of yourselves.

that breaks my heart for you – so sorry for your loss. :(

Hi Punam…sooo very sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. I can completely understand the situation you were bills and all. It’s a very tough thing to go through and I’m so sorry to hear your hubby wasn’t able to be there with you during this horrible time. Your baby is no longer suffering now which is a wonderful thing and with time..your hearts will heal. Hugs from CA! Trista

Cynthia Q.

So sorry for your loss (((hugs)))


our thoughts are with you at this time punam. kent and i lost our kitty kiani to a urinary infection as well a couple years ago. i can’t remember when i actually stopped crying. if i could i’d wish your pain away..take care.

Aw, so sorry. Ed and I have FOUR cats, and yet we will never get over the two we lost a few years back. Each is so special in his own unique way, and utterly irreplaceable.


i’m so sorry to hear about your loss, punam…i remember the time wye and i met walter when we came to your apt for a consultation… as we headed back home, we talked about how adorable your kitties were. our thoughts are with you… <3

Ugh I’m so sorry for your loss. This is a beautifully written tribute and I could feel the love you had for your kitty. I have a 2 year old toy poodle/bichon got when he was 4 months. I’ve never been an ‘animal’ person and now can’t imagine not having him.
I’m so very sorry for your loss.


Dear Punam – altough many will tell you they know how you feel, nobody can take the pain from you. But neithertheless you can share your thoughts with people who experienced the same, which makes it sometimes easier somehow. We have lost our siamese cat Tati years ago during a routine operation – and my sister and me where even watching the operation as the doctor said it is no big thing and so we stayed, when her condition suddenly got worse and nothing could save her. At least she was not all alone even we could not help her. Remember Walter often and keep him in your heart – Yours Gabi

I’m so sorry, Punam. My cat, Rupert, has urinary crystals, too. We discovered them early, after he had a partial blockage, and got him on prescription food. He had a full blockage later that summer, and had to go to the emergency vet to be catheterized. They thought it would require surgery, and we were looking at $2k+ in bills, but at the last moment he peed all over the vet tech. I don’t know what I would do without him, even if he did keep me up all last night. I hope you feel better soon.

celia f

Punam- We just went through the same thing with one of ours. It is so painful. We’re sending you our thoughts and lots of love.

What a pretty kitty. I’m sooooo sorry for your loss. May he have lots of tuna, ear scratches, and comfy blankets to snuggle under in his next destination.

Many hugs going your way!!!


I’m so sorry for your loss. :( He was very lucky to have such a loving family. My heart goes out to you and your husband during this tough time.

Ada F

I am so sorry, Punam. I know the deep, deep tug of sadness of losing a pet. I went through a similar thing with my childhood puppy, Snowy, and sometimes when I think about how she was closest confidante and my best friend in my awkward teenage years, I still cry (and that was 6 years ago). Lots and lots of hugs :)


Punam, I am so sorry for your loss! I don’t know I i’ll do if I were to lose my Sasha (puggle), so I am sure this is really difficult for you. Take solace in the fact that he is no longer suffering. Call me if you need someone to take to.


So, so sorry Punam :(

Teri, I’m so sorry for your loss. This is the first time I’ve ever lost a pet and it’s more painful than I imagined.

i am so sorry to hear this. i am with you. i, too, lost a member of my family yesterday, our 16 year old puppy, yoda. thanks so much for sharing your story.


Naomi is one of my best friends. We met our first year of college in New York, I was a hot mess, and she had it together. We are very much an odd couple, and we started out by naming our differences. But years pass, and you find that there is always one person who is really there for you, without prompting, who is automatically at your door with a bag of greasy food, the 6 hour long pride and prejudice, or cleaning supplies during every single life crisis. Over time, when you have a person like that in your life, they become family. Naomi is my sister, and she hates it when I photograph her. Jerk.

Naomi has just left New York to become an Officer of Law Enforcement in Los Angeles. She’s going to see what she’s made of and become a gun wielding, hand to hand defensive combat trained bad-ass. I’m so proud of her. (But of course, part of me just wants her to come back to New York!)

New York is a lonely place with out my dear friend. My parting gift to her was a session for her puppy Carter, who I also love very much. To be truthful though, I thought Carter was an annoying little brat when I first met him. But he grows on you. Kind of like Naomi ;).

This was my first ENTIRELY film session! The anxiety waiting for these to come back from the lab was unrelenting! Shot with the Contax 645, Fuji film.


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These are amazing… looks a bit like one of my Mums dogs too!


The fourth picture makes my heart happy! It looks like he is smiling so big, his eyes are shut. :)

wow – these are absolutely stunning! the colour, the tone, the yummy yummy bokeh – i love it all.


i want tito and carter to meet! they are obviously both bundles of energy and love! I LOVE the pic where he is on the couch!

Puppies! (film)

I just got a few rolls of film back from many various shoots in the past month or so. Way up in Alaska, at the home of Andrea and Jack, I was invited to share dinner with them in their home, with their dearest friends. We ate Salmon and fern sprouts they picked from the river behind their house. Ed was there, and we decided to go down to the lake with the dogs. I made pictures with the Contax. 


I thought my film had spooled and I opened the film hatch and oops! I burnt it! But I like surprises.


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Amazing shots of Flurry & Zora. You’d never know the trouble makers they are.

These are gorgeous portraits of the dogs! Looks like they have very stoic personalities.

I love all of these! The colors & angles are just incredible… and how cute are the puppies??

Hm. I have taken photos of those exact dogs in that exact spot, but the results were nowhere close to that lyrical. I’ll tell myself it was because I didn’t bring my Contax…. 😉

Ed was so excited to see Flurry Monster. Thanks for sharing!