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Headshots!: Stephanie

Every now and then.

I feel like I’ve been running a marathon. Correction. I’m currently pounding the pavement as we speak. Between the Carribean, Palm Springs, and a voyage tomorrow that will take me to Alaska, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, I am thankful for my full plate while Husbone whiles away days with music in the United Kingdom. It’s good to keep distracted during these lonely times. And friggin Alaska! I’m so excited!

Anyway, this is Stephanie, and she strikes me as one with presence enough to be one hell of an actress. I like her hair and I think she should be in the reprise of Braveheart.

headshots: stephanieheadshots: stephanie

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Hey Stephanie! Check out my Q&A post!:

stephanie k

why do you never reply when asked what equipment/lenses you use?

stephanie k

SO excellent!

what lenses do you use for headshots?

and which ones for the weddings???

your photos ROCK!!!!

The second one is awesome!!! She has the best emotional connection.

I have a drink in seattle with your name on it if you’re up for it!

just beautiful…

Punam, you blow me away. All the time!

Anna! (headshots!)

More headshots for Anna! Anna is so beautiful, that any super minor photoshopping I do to any of her pictures ends up looking super airbrushed. But no people, she really is that radiant!

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Lovely picture, lovely Anna.

She is radiant… her spirit shines in her eyes! :)

That’s a pretty inspired headshot! :)


beautiful headshot! I can see how the rule of thirds was applied here. haha Ever since you taught me that, I’ve been googling it and trying to shoot with that in mind. THANK YOU…for that tidbit of knowledge amongst the many knowledgeable things you taught me in that one day!! :)

I am agree…she is just a beautiful!!!Love the colors and her smile!

Ask me Anything (and also, Helen!)

This being a slow time in the biz, at least around here – which I am very thankful for because there are definitely some crazy times ahead – I thought I might institute a new feature on my blog.

Ask me Anything!

Put it in the comments, and I’ll give you an honest answer. It can be about my business, my life, my husbone, my kitties, my photography – seriously folks, anything. I’m just dying to divulge… 

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you, Helen, at our 10 minute headshot session. This was what we called, “happy mom.” Her evocation of this character was pretty on target, I think. Happy, certainly. I was happy too, because the sun was out and I didn’t have to wear a darn coat!

Helen Highfield

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Hey Punam!
As someone who recently purchased their “first” camera, I was wondering what you would suggest as an investment in my first lens?
And since you are self taught, what would you suggest to someone who knows just about 0 about photography but is dying to learn? What should or shouldn’t I invest in?

Your images are impeccable – did you go to photography school or are you self taught?

galaxie andrews

Helen is a natural beauty. Love her curls! :)
I have a question for you, I love shooting in outdoor and in natural light but i’ve recently been trying out indoor and it’s not turning out to well. =[
I absolutely loved your photos from the event with all the light bulbs in the ceiling… what camera is best for this type of lighting? and with what settings?
Thank you! :)

PS: what are your kitties names?!

Punam, I forgot to ask you while you were in Charleston, but how do you have your camera set-up in the menu?

Things like color temp and picture style?

I am also interested in post production for your images on your blog and website.


wow, great questions already… also adding a question on getting the final look… do you always have the final look in mind and go for that in post processing or do you sometimes try different techniques to see what is most flattering?
=) @andy. that was a cute pass at wifey


Love, love , love your pictures and love your blog even more! I was wondering if you find yourself doing more artistic effects in the post process than just the beauty of the shot. I soooo wanted you to shoot my wedding in October (you were booked–sad me–and as I look at the work of other photographers I wonder how often “its all done in post”.

I’d have to agree: I want her hair :-) As far as questions, I’d love to hear the answers to the ones already asked; I think everyone else just about covered it.

Two questions. What are you doing later tonight? And how do you feel about the television show Lost? Thank you.

you take incredible images, but do a wonderful job editing them too. what actions do you use (if any)? what do you do to give your images that distinct, sharp POP they have?
any lighting tips? how best to use natural light… and what kind of flash/accessories do you use?
last but not least, how did you get so awesome?

Hey! I have recently added you to my “stalk blogs” bookmark and just saw your recent post about asking questions :D. What has been the most beneficial form of advertisement (if you do any) or way to grow your business? And have you found if specials (like Christmas Special Sessions) work?

Thanks so much!

Beautiful shot and wonderful to see this new feature! Can’t wait to see some of the answers to the questions asked! :)

I just started reading your blog/following your photography. I am no professional photographer – just a humble little amateur. :)

My question:

– How did you get into photography? How did you improve?
– Does your husband always help you? Is he a photographer as well?
– If you could give an aspiring photographer just ONE tip, what would it be?
– What is your favorite tool in Photoshop?

Have a great day! :) I adore your work.


lovely offer! What are your fav lenses?
who do you use to process prints? do you design your own albums or outsource?
do you mix all your own post-processing? did you take a class on photoshop? Is there a book you recommend for starting out in photoshop?
and yes, what do you use in dim lighting situations?
could you possibly be any more adorable and enchanting–you and your husbone?! seriously!
looking forward to all kinds of illuminating bits and pieces from the one and only Punam.

Beautiful!! i want her hair. :-)


Hi Punam! what a great idea for a post! I agree with Kim that there is so much I want to ask – I’ll start with the story – how did you and husbone meet and fall in love? Where is your favorite place that you’ve shot a wedding? Hope all is well forward to your answers!

Woo wooo !! I was so excited to see this post. There is so much I would love to ask you. Where to start ?? Well I would love to know your preference of lenses during the ceremony, and any positioning tips you may have of where to locate yourself for certain parts of the ceremony. Also, any advice you have on difficult lighting situations, especially during the ceremony, would be greatly appreciated. Orrrrrrr, any tips on how to direct more traffic to your site / blog, or just more business in general. I am having a difficult time determining where to spend my $$$.

THANKS !!!! I will truly appreciate any info you share :)

Nora Jane.

A lovely young woman, from another time in her music, her wardrobe, and her spirit. She is Americana and planning to take Nashville by storm, via LIC bar, in my very own home town, this freezing evening. Trooper, is one word to describe this talented young lady, other than, of course, amazingly beautiful.

A video light has come into my posession. It likes to eat battery, and we had to plug it in every two minutes. But, that being said, and this being a very different session than most, Nora Jane and this tungsten bulb were in harmony with each other. Her 50’s curls didn’t hurt. She came to me to evoke some shadows as seen in old Veronica Lake portraits. “You ARE Veronica Lake!” cried her cousin and session assistant! I agreed, and pressed the button from which my living is made.

I love what I do. And I love what Nora Jane does, too. Check out her MySpace page!

Random Fact: Nora is my country name, in which Husbone may fit me into his country songs without making impromptu visits to India. One such number was called Hindquarters, which is unfortunately, out of print. But you can imagine.

nora janenora janenora janenora janenora janenora janenora jane

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Hi Punam, I don’t usually comment on blogs unless the images truly move me. I must say these are superb!