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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Val, revisited.

It’s amazing how many pictures I have accumulated in such a short time. I can never keep a favorite, because every time I look through them a new picture speaks to me that I never considered before. Well, I wouldn’t say that it’s down time at the moment, but as this afternoon I find myself focusing on the non visual aspects of my business, I thought I’d share this photo that I’ve newly fallen for.

 The adjustments were actually a piece of cake in light room, with selective color. Enjoy!


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Go Punam and Go lightroom!!!

Hope everything is going well :)


An Indian Reception

No creative titles for me this evening folks. I just got home from a spectacular Indian wedding reception (for a ceremony that took place in India not long ago) and I was so excited to see what I brought home that I have been up making a very pretty slideshow until, what time is it? Oh. it’s 4AM. Anyway. Voila!



Enjoy! I’m beat. Happily so. -Punam

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thank you so much!

Hi there,
I love your slide show. I saw you peek at me on OSP, so I peeked at you and I’m glad I did!
Beautiful work.

always the fashion

My best friend and I went to Copa Cabana last night. I was surprised to find, I had a wonderful time. I’m off to shoot an Indian wedding reception today. This day would have been a lot more relaxing if I didn’t have to rent a car this morning because the transport service that is shipping my car from CA lied to me and said that my car would be here Thursday. Well. It’s Saturday, and my car is still in Tennessee. Oh well. Here is a picture of my friend Naomi that I liked from last night:

Indian pictures later!


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hahahahahahaha!! you capture my sister perfectly! you’re pictures are beautiful. keep it up Mrs. Bean 😛

Kitty Bones

Well, I am very much looking forward to this weekend, as I’ll be shooting an Indian wedding reception in Long Island! It should be fun! I’ll be posting a slideshow on Monday or Tuesday. In the mean time, let me wet your palate by offering you an introduction, to the Kitty Bones.



I made this with my new Canon point and shoot and imovie in about an hour. Enjoy! -Punam

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Bunny Bones.

I don’t know why it rolls of my toungue so, but I enjoy saying the word bones, hence the name of every memeber of my household. Kittybones. Husbone (usually lately though, just bones). And now, I’d like to introduce you to:



His name is Vernon. And I think this picture is not bad for a dinky little point and shoot digital camera. I just got my Canon SD1000 Elph in the mail today, and this here is the result.

 Yay gadgets!



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He or she (I really have no idea) is even more so when moving around my house and hunting for basil. I love him (or her!)

Holy Cuteness!!! That is the cutest bunny ever!