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I made some nice pictures of my nice friends very nice sister on Friday. Ryan Jensen from joined in and showed me – I really need to get a bounce! (and a canon), and it was a blast! She was such a trooper! We made her lie on the grass, hang off a cliff, splay over a railing. She really was a joy to take pictures of, I got so many great photos, i don’t even know what to do with them all. I figure I’ll post a few now and maybe some later when things slow up a bit. Enjoy!








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An unhappy kitty,

And I look like swiss cheese with all the various punctures he so kindly placed in my skin with jabbing motions. But I would say we are even, wouldn’t you?


I always find it so funny that my kitties are just such fatsos, it seems, and they get a little wet, and I find they actually have little chicken legs. Poor kitty.



I shall go now and tend to my wounds!


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When my very good friend asked me to do her headshots, I was very pleased. Long ago, she sat for me while I tested out my lighting kit when I first got it, and I was really excited to do a session with my 85mm 1.4 in hand with her, how do you say, photogeniality. I just downloaded this new sharpening action, too and it’s amazing! It was only $10 (as I recall) and I got it  from

Here are my favorites (from this very short session!) –(these are rought edits, so please forgive any stray hairs – though some were intentional!)






This one, below, I really loved (Obviously this and the previous image above cannot be used as headshots, but I had fun!) 



Anyway! I have many more that I’d love to share but the internet is slow do to the fact that I am uploading an event to Pictage. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by! 


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wow Lisa is so beautiful, she was my camp bravo counselor last summer. these pictures are amazing, great job!
love, lexi



Beautiful images – wow that lens is awesome! greta job.


Yay! I am very proud happy to announce that I have been accepted into the WPJA! It was through them, that a couple of years ago I found my wedding photographer  (who was amazing and I highly recommend her – Tamalyn Lee at I am very proud and excited to be a part of this association.

 Here’s a little blurb from their website:

"The Wedding Photojournalist Association grants membership to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the industry–photographers who focus solely on using their photography skills in documenting weddings."



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Congrats on joining!
It was a pleasure to meet you at the Pictage PUG meeting in NYC on 7/11. Hopefully I can emulate some tricks of the blogtrade here! Be sure to visit the Brightcove site I told you about:

I’m back!

I must say, first of all that I am very excited to attend a preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this evening!! I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, and this is a big month!

 Anyway, I thought, also that I would just share some pictures from the last three weddings I did in the past two weeks. It’s been an honor and a whole lot of fun to shoot these weddings, and I find my self blessed to have in this short time, experienced first hand different cultural events. So here goes!


This bride was kind enough to provide me with loads of light everywhere I went. There was daylight streaming through windows everywhere we went. Except for in this picture. It was dark, and there were pink curtains coloring  the available light. I love this picture. It was a moment of graceful excitement. 


I checked this picture in my camera right after I took it and I thought I’d be deleting it when I got home for it’s blurriness. But  after taking a good look at it, it became one of my favorite pictures from the day. I find it to be very peaceful. 


Waiting to get married. This started out being a posed shot, but I enjoyed more favorably the ones where she was sitting on the couch and not really paying attention to me. I like to pose a bride so she gets her posed shots, but I like to take pictures while she thinks about other things, and those usually end up being my favorites. 


The brides little girl was no match for party time. 


Hop three times! 


This was taken at an Orthodox Jewish wedding. There was a dress code at the synagogue, and she had to wear something to cover her arms. She was beautfiul and bright and easy to take pictures of. She was always smiling with her whole face. This captures a moment of calm before the storm. 


I like this photo because it looks like the forties to me. 


I loved this bride. She was so simlple and sweet. I loved her shoes. They punctuated her girlishness. 


Red. :) 


This was a Sikh engagement ceremony. The (future) bride and groom sit beside eachother before the alter while family and friends feed them sweets and adorn them with gifts. I have been to similiar events before in my childhood, and they have always been very formal. I like that she is holding his arm with both of her hands. They seemed a little overwhelmed from all the attention, and it was like they were a team. 


During the engagement ceremony, both men and women are required to cover their head when entering under the tent. Even I was wearing a scarf on my head, and also, all the non sikh men. The women sat on one side, and the men sat on the other. All the colors were really beautiful. 


I really love this picture. Everytime I look at it it makes me smile! 


The woman here is the grooms great grandmother. She is 102 years old. It was really amazing to be there and watch them commence their traditions between four generations! 


This was really an interesting experience. As he prepared for the evening reception, he was kind enough to allow me a peek into the daily ritual of putting on his turban and matting down his beard. 

 I hope you’ve enjoyed my past three weeks of work. Thanks for stopping by!


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Groovy colors! Thanks for sharing! Hope to see even more!