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I await the return of my husband, whose been on safari in Wyoming. I miss him. I’m happy to have him home.

I have an engagement shoot tomorrow, and I have a wedding on Sunday, both of which I am very much looking forward to. I think about prospects, and though a little terrifying, I very much look forward to what I have to look forward to.

Sometimes when I listen to Jack Johnson, I remember that summer of 2002 that I spent in that small room with my old friend Kandi and our tiny little phones from China. And I recall the smell of mildew from the air conditioner, the mold I found under my posters, the walks up broadway to central park from Fulton St., sunning myself in Shepards meadow, walking slow and long, having four hour conversations with strangers along the way, and running in to those very strangers all over the city.

Evenings in Little Italy with my Spanish Sister. She takes care of me, and I’m pushy.

So yes, My strategy is to live off of Grilled cheese sandwhiches, and leave my wallet at home on long walks, take pictures of all the wonderful people who I come across, and accept fraudulent checks from Nigerian schemers. (I don’t deposit them :))

People love me and I’m happy. A new website is coming soon, and pictures are getting clearer. And the more I do this, the more I love it.

 Just thought I’d share the glow.

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Jessica and Craig

Wow! I didn’t realize I’d been away from my beloved blog for so long! I’ve been so busy putting things together, that I didn’t realize it had been a few days since my last photo session. Well, it was a very nice and relaxing break, but I am really excited to sink my teeth into September, in which I find myself pretty packed!

Well, I’d like to start by saying that all engagement sessions are FREE with my basic package! I love to do them because its a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better, which I think is pretty important as you may consider me to capture the moments of on of the most beautiful and important day of your life. But that’s just me…

So, I am shooting my very good friends wedding in Florida in a couple of weeks, so we did (a relatively last minute, I suppose) an engagement session in Central Park! At first I was a bit hesitant to go to the park, and I wanted to go to the beach, but we got such beautiful shots that I kind of glad we didn’t go to the beach. Perhaps another Engagement Session, some other time.

Jessica and Craig are good friends of mine, and watching them through my camera, I found myself a bit choked up from time to time, it was the best. For the most part, they forgot I was there, and every now and then I would interject with a direction, and it was so fluid and such a beautiful experience. I was so excited about it, that upon my return home I got straight to work with some simple, and some experimental editing. And now I suppose it’s 4am, and I’ve just narrowed it down to a handful I’d like to share with you here today. I hope you like them! This was a work of heart!





 Good night (morning!),




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Well. I thought I would have some time on the road to post up some nice things, but I was sorely mistaken. I have just recently returned from a wonderful tour of the western part of this country, as a groupie to my husband’s band. My husband and I have been together for three years now, and I still love to watch him play music and I never get tired of old songs. It was a great adventure, as I flew to Los Angeles to meet them (They drove from NY, over the course of a couple of weeks), and we drove up to Oregon, Over Idaho, through Utah and Wyoming, and onto Colorado. Wyoming looks like the moon. I have a polaroid but it’s still in the tour van, and the van is currently being driven by my husband to Omaha Nebraska.

My husband played as part of the Pickathon Roots Music Festival, and it was great fun! SO Many great bands, I just whish I could even capture in a photo the amazing music that occured there, and the wonderful people we met. Particularly, my new favorite band, Sassparilla, and my husband and I danced as no other husband and wife team I saw there. (It’s one of our specialities!) They were very talented and gracious people, and next time I go to Portland Oregon, I will be arranging my travels with their playing schedule. Here is a picture from backstage!


If you are in search of some great live music, I must tell you that Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band and the musical and theatrical stylings of Jason Webley created for the people of Pickathon some of the best live performances I have ever SEEN! If any of those who I’ve mentioned are in your town go see them! You’ll have a great time! 

Let it be noted, that I took this picture with my new backup camera, a Nikon F5. After looking at the faboulous Jose Villa’s fine art wedding photography work, I found myself wondering how he attains such rich and beautiful color in his work. And I learned that he shoots film. It’s been really wonderful, it forces me to take my time with an image, because I can take a hundred digital photos and have room for a thousand more, but there are only 36 exposures on a roll of film. I am so used to my D200 though, I find myself looking for  the digital screen and am always disappointed. Anyway, speaking of rich colors, here is a completely unedited film scan of Angela, who’s session I did a few weeks ago.

Don’t you just love that super rich color! I love it!


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