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Hello everyone!

I came home this morning from helping Emma (see below) shop for her wedding dress (for her wedding, in, yes, people – a week (and a half!)!! It was totally the fastest wedding dress shopping I think, in the history of the world. We moseyed from store to store on Madison Avenue, regretting our decision a little bit about deciding to shop on the fancy part of the Upper East Side. We are talking Madison Avenue, friends, among Ungaro, Oscar de la Renta, and other various, expensive places. When happy we came upon a BCBG store and made out like bandits. I should at least say, that the woman bought 2 wedding dresses. No, not white.

 And so, I returned home after this very exhausting journey to find a box in my foyer. And I couldn’t imagine for the life of me what it could be for… until Eureka! Or should I say, Kambara!!

 Kambara is an album company based out of Portland, Oregon. Which, by the way, is situated in my most favorite part of the country – the Pacific Northwest! Seriously, it was a Husbone requirement to consider living there one day. So if any of you who are reading this now are from the Pacific Northwest – I would love to do your wedding! Anyway, I discovered Kambara at Photo Expo, because I walked by the booth and saw this very unusual shiny pretty copper cover:



And I thought… yummy. not only that, but these albums were really built to last – they are rather heavy, the pages sturdy, and when you flip through it you get a sense that this is not your mother’s wedding album (Unless of course, your mother’s wedding album is from Kambara). It friggin rocks! Here are some more pictures:




2073869295_b816fad3bb_o.jpg Look at that tiny but effective gutter!!


24 pages (12 two page spreads) in all! And this is really a rather short album!


But really, there is nothing like holding it in your arms. It feel so solid and yummy and I just want to rub my hands all over it.I am so excited now that I have something to show from this amazing company. They are awesome! 

Check back tomorrow evening for pictures of Halleh and Geoffrey! I am very excited to meet them – I don’t even know what they look like yet! They are coming up from DC for their Engagement session, which, by the way, at this time, is included in every package. I can’t wait! 

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Hi Ashley! I designed it myself, with InDesign – which I love!

I LOVE this album – wow! so different and beautiful. did you design the spread or do they have designers in house? I’m gonna check them out cause it looks scchhweeeeet!! By the way, we lived in portland and LOVED it – it is everything you would hope and dream it to be…and I miss it terribly every time it is too sunny here!

Emma and Geoffrey

It’s so right, and sometimes, so strange, to see this love that has occurred between Emma and Geoffrey. We all started school together, I left, they stayed, and apparently realized that they were made for each other. It’s so funny, because I’ve known them for a few years now, and we were all good friends for a long while, before I started hearing vague rumors that Emma and Geoffrey were dating… and as it dawned on me, it seemed like they could make the perfect couple… but the funny thing is, today was the first time I ever saw them hold hands or kiss. And I was truly moved, and we ended the day and I felt a general sense of happiness for them. I am so so happy for them.

They are getting married next month, and I am attending as a guest/photographer, and they are getting married as the sun sets, in front of Bethesda Fountain. It’s going to be beautiful (and dark – quite a challenge to light – but it’s going to be an awesome challenge!). They were telling me the story of Bethesda, how all paths lead to her and she is the guardian of the park… and I thought how fitting. Their paths led them to each other. And I am truly so happy for them. And so was the sun, because there was BEAUTIFUL light today!

Foliage Fight!








And my personal favorite.  


Congratulations guys! You two are so wonderful together, and I would like to thank you for sharing with me your goofiness and love for eachother.  

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wow! You’re photos are amazing! I love your fave one too. So sharp and beautiful colors!

+1 for what Frank says! AWESOME stuff Punam!

Great images Punam!
Your favorite is my favorite too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I find myself walking around these days utterly thankful for everything. I feel very blessed to have in my life the things I do, to have the direction I have, to feel like I am doing something with my life that gets me excited. When I first started out, I thought people would always question my sincerity – a habit I’ve gleaned from too many years in New York City, a city I love, but when you don’t love New York, it can easily bring you down. Especially a smiley kind of girl from California. But as this year has unfolded, I find that there is no need to worry, because I am sincere about everything I do, and people will just know.

 So, I’m thankful for my Husbone, his support (and investment!), at the moment, I am very thankful for hammers and Sam Cooke, I am thankful for the love I have and the love I have to give, I am thankful for the wonderful couples I’ve met, and the love they have for each other that they are kind enough to share with me. I’m thankful for speaking from the heart, and for my very own personal family. And so I am so filled up with love and thanks, I thought I’d share with you my Thanksgiving Day.

Husbone and I always spend Thanksgiving with his family, as mine is many miles away. We woke up late in the morning to head on down to New Brunswick, for Thanksgiving (lunch) in the neighborhood.

As we are all packing in the car, Husbone shows off his $80 outfit, complete with suit from Minnesota, shirt from Tennessee, shoes from Oregon, and cap from Ireland, all of which were purchased at a very nice price. 


Andrew’s Grandfather expresses his feeling about the 12 days of Christmas song…


The foliage was stunning in a way I had never seen before. Usually all the leaves have fallen by this time, but it was raining foliage down on us and the colors were more brilliant than I had ever seen. I’m not one for formal family portraits, but look at the color – that’s what it really looked like – this picture is straight out of camera! (Except for some removal of the red reflection from my Caucasian families face…)


Bones and I escaped to the basement for a short while. He played nice songs on the piano (I love being married to a musician!) and I sang off key for a while, until I found the key, and then I got tired and just listened to the nice music.


A birdhouse!


My nephew in law, Liam, and his brother Jack, are the two brightest kids I’ve ever met. Liam wrote a couple of brilliant songs, my favorite of which was something like- “You better watch your step- my room is a pig sty!” It was hilarious! We just couldn’t keep it together!


Waldo the cat belongs to Bone’s grandparents. I think he was taken away from his mother too early, because he never washes himself – he is filthy and gross and cranky all the time. He is declawed, but sometimes if you pet him, he’ll just turn around and bite and snap at you! He is a quirky and mean but charming cat, he’s 14 years old, and evokes the spirit of a really grumpy old man you can’t help but love. Here is a picture of Jack testing the waters…


Well! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have much to be thankful about! Thanks so much for dropping by! 

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Headshots!: Helen

I had the great pleasure of making headshots for my friend Helen, a friend of mine from the Neighborhood Playhouse. It’s funny. I took her pictures a bit over a year ago, and I’ve grown so much since then, a time that was really my very beginnings as a photographer.

Anyway, she’s gorgeous. She has stunning red hair and porcelain complexion – which was a challenge shooting in light that was coming straight down on us! It was like it was raining shadows today – but we did our best. And Helen is so gorgeous anyway that it’s hard to take a bad picture of her. Though we got some goofy ones!

 By the way, she is an amazing actress and singer! I’ll be doing her website as well, so come back soon for updates!

In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite, appropriate headshots, followed by some inappropriateness…




And… Goofiness!!

She seemed very upset about this oil barrel type thing which was labelled: TREE, though it was not a tree!


Helen Flies! Spooky Eyes! 


 The whole watermarking process is definately a work in progress at this time. Writing an action for this has been extremely difficult, so now you can tell which photos I edit at different times of the day by their inconsistencies. Notice?

 Thanks for lookin’! Stay tuned for Emma’s afternoon of Wedding Cramming – my good Aussie friend just arrived from down under only to plan a wedding in but a few weeks! We are going dress shopping tomorrow! Woo hoo!!

I feel. Cheerful. Times are good.  

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Canon in 1.4

My very sweet Husbone is very supportive of me. And today he made an investment in my business so that I could switch to Canon equipment. Up until now, I’ve been shooting with a Nikon D200, which, while not a bad camera by any means, did not have available the kinds of lenses I crave to use. So today, we bought a 5d, a 24mm 1.4, a 85mm 1.8, and a 70-200mm 2.8. And I AM IN LOVE!!! I know this isn’t new to many photographers out there but WOW! Look at these colors in my dark living room at 3200 ISO!!!

Also, my subject isn’t so bad to look at, too :)…


WOW!! Also, he is so handsome, and so intensely watching Heroes as I enjoy my new and various equipments (toys!). I can’t wait until my headshot session tomorrow to try this thing in some good light!

And so it is, that the Nikon will be placed in the honorable position of backup camera until the 5d upgrade comes out, and perhaps I’ll trade it in for a Tilt Shift Lens!!

PS. This picture was taken of my lovely Husbone with a 24mm 1.4 at 3200 ISO, for those of you wondering…

I’m happy….

Also! Notice my new (tentative logo)… I didn’t know how I felt about it until Husbone saw it and exclaimed – “It’s perfect! It’s like a bean stalk! like, BEAN!” and so… I agree and I love it now! We’ll see.

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I am so glad you made the switch to Canon!! You go girl! Your blog is such a treat to read, I just love it.
It was wonderful meeting you in Mexico, and I’m glad to see you are doing well!

Rob Munroe

Congrats Punam, LOL That new equipment can only help enhance the great skill you already possess. I’m looking forward to working with you soon. Bring Husbone to the December get together.

Hi Ashley!I just cancelled the noise in camera and when I go up high I over expose – because yucky noise lurks in the shadows!

seriously, 3200 ISO??? I don’t think my 5D does that…am I missing something?
SOOOOOOOOOOoooo jealous of your 24mm 1.4!!