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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Headshots!: Celia

There were many photos to be had of many lovely people in my great home state. Celia’s headshots. Yay Celia! Celia, by the way is an amazing actress. We took a workshop together, ages and ages ago, and she was my favorite actress in our class. This girl is going to be famous!!!



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Hey! I know her! She was in a production of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" I directed two years ago. Yeah, she *is* talented and wonderful.

And she’s beautiful! I always love the headshots you do, Punam.

A Show of Slides!: Corinne and Colin

It’s big, people. You know what to do.

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I don’t even know the bride and groom but tears came to my eyes as I watched this. The outstanding music is the perfect match to the slides. I can’t wait for you to photograph my daughter’s wedding this fall. You are truly an artist!

Holy Hell…how many people do I know in that wedding party?! Wow, totally different when it’s people you know…

Amazing shots, as always, Poo. And (from another who knows the attendants) there are so many shots where you captured the subject’s character perfectly. :)

And, BTW, they cut their cake with an axe?! LOVE IT.

FoB (Father of the Bride)

Dear Ms. Bean,
Based on the quality of the engagement pictures, I couldn’t wait to see how you’d handle my little girl’s wedding photos. Believe me… you didn’t disappoint! Every time I look at the slide show, the special emotions of that special time wash over me like a wave. Your artistry is amazing, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Punam…… how do I even put into words….. my mind is blown. I am in love with every image you captured. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Oh…. and thank you.

Impromptu! (sort of): Marsha and Brian

There was a bit of confusion the day after the wedding about picture making… And so Marsha, Brian, Jen and I ended up with an impromptu session with Marsha and Brian in the Jamaican wilderness – and the Jamaican wilderness is amazing, and Marsha and Brian wore the jungles well around them.

Marsha’s father was kind enough to arrange a taxi for us to leave the resort and go see some real Jamaica. We didn’t go far, but we didn’t need to! AMAZING!!! We were driving up this windy road, headed to a park that was highly recommended by every one we asked. It turns out that they wanted to charge us each 10 bucks, which we thought was silly, because there was this amazing beautifulness all around us, so why pay $10 to visit one small portion when the majority of the island was at our feet! And my most favorite part of the journey, was driving by this tree:


It’s difficult to convey in an image the mass of this amazing tree that looked like it just popped right out of Fern Gully (the movie. Anyone?)! And even better – it had SWINGS!!!! Now, how many of you had a swing on a tree like THIS




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Gorgeous location! These are so cool!

A Show of Slides!: Marsha and Brian

In no particular order. I am so excited to share this wonderful and fabulous destination wedding in Jamaica with the beautiful and gorgeous Marsha and Brian! I am swimming in images from this wedding, and also from Marsha and Brian’s day after session on the beach, with lots of sand and getting wet. (Coming soon!) Thanks again to Jen Davis for making the trip out to Ocho Rios with me. Enjoy!

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Minister Payne

This wedding was a first rate "Romantic Wedding" starring Brian and Marsha:-) God’s blessing to both for the remainder of their lives.
Lot o love

Minister Payne
"No weapon formed against me shall prosper;"

With child!: Melissa

Melissa is the most drop dead gorgeous woman with child I have ever seen. She carries little Jaqueline Jay inside her. Do not call her Jackie. This mother is fierce, and amazingly beautiful.



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Wow, these are so gorgeous. You totally rocked the tilt shift.



Fantastic!!! I love the parallel with the fruit! Amazing! In fact the last three posts are all inspiring!

I love the last shot! Beautiful work!!!

LOVE that first image of her in the maroon dress. What a stunning beauty. Her daughter is going to have beautiful eyes just like her mom!! Beautiful work Punam :)