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Monthly Archives: June 2008

A marriage!: Mubina and Andrew

In an expression of flirtation, Andrew passed Mubina a note during assembly. No, they were not school age, but teachers, and passing notes. 

You look nice. Sort of.

Mubina laughs when she tells the story. Well, apparently, it worked, because here we all were. And I seriously could not get enough – thank you guys so much for being the reason why my job is so awesome!!

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for some time. Mubina is just one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and it wasn’t surprising that so many people were in the bridal party for this relatively small wedding. So many different people helping out, sharing memories and saying wonderful things. I was a little nervous, because we never got a chance to do an engagement session and I never had the chance to meet her Andrew until Thursday, for the Henna Party (pictures to be posted in the coming days.) I was just so excited about these images that here I am, it’s 3 am (don’t read that post time, it’s two hours behind for some reason I have yet found the energy to investigate!), and I’m currently having to rip myself away from gazing into my monitor. 

Thank you to Emma for helping me out today, and to Steve, who took some great pictures.

Hair: Stacy, Styles on B 

Makeup: Laura Nadeau

Caterer: Real Food Catering (soo yummy!)

Ceremony: Central Park

Reception: The Goethe Institut (closing on Monday forever! So sad!)

Mubina, by the way – is GORGEOUS!!

These were the “cake” toppers! (though the cake was a tiered thingie of cupcakes!)

This was the coolest thing! For those of you familiar with NYC you may also be familiar with the double decker tour buses! They had their very own to take their guests all around New York after the reception! And Mubina arranged a very nice message for which Andrew was very excited!

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I love your work. I found you through Style Me Pretty. I am so happy to find your blog!


amazing, lovely pictures! so beautiful that i can feel them!

Punam, did I mention you are my hero? These 100% rock.

I love her dress. So romantic! You get better and better with each shoot girlie! I can’t wait till Sept!


Punam! The pictures are AMAZING – I love the “old world” look they have. And I can’t believe some of them are up already. What a nice surprise as soon as I woke up. I can’t wait to see the mehndi pics too. And yes Mubina looked amazing – thank you for capturing her so beautifully.

Nabila (one of the bridesmaids)

Husbone and Jose Villa

Jose Villa is one of my most favorite wedding photographers ever, and by some random chance The Two Man Gentlemen Band just happen to find themselves at the same wedding in the Bronx. Check it out!

(Thanks Aruna, for the heads up!)

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it is such a small world! My nubby has breakfast with jose a couple of days ago on the mammoth men trip. Nice new look to your blog, by the way! Hope all is well for you.

National Geographic!! (vote for me)

Woo Hoo! Well, that was quick! Thank you very much to my friend and faithful blog reader Shannon for pointing out That I was in National Geographics Daly Dozen Yesterday! My image was picked from thousands!!! She was even kind enough to send me a screen shot!

The best rated images are chosen for publication, so pretty please go give me a good score!

It’s under June, week 4. You have to vote for a few other images before you get to mine!

I uploaded the image under an old account, so it’s under my real name, which is Punam Bhattacharya. You can imagine why I changed it. I had NO idea they would use the picture so hopefully they’ll change it to my new (and slightly unofficial until I can afford to pay a lawyer cause I have no time to do it myself) name. 

The image was featured for yesterday’s daily dozen, but you can also view it here. You have to scroll to the end, though. 

Thanks so much Shannon, for the tip! 


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Hey Punam! I looooved that picture the second I saw it… I hope it does well.


Very cool!

Yay guys! Thanks so much! It’s so exciting!!

Wow…congratulations Punam..that’s an amazing picture!! I just cast my vote!

Punam! That is so awesome, congratulations! I am on my way to vote…

No problem, love. I think I may have even been more excited than you to find your image on the home page! :) And doubly surprised to see you credited as Punam Bhattacharya…ahh, HS memories. :)

So, SO proud and stoked for you! :)

Engagement!: Jennifer and Jose (and a trip to Coney Island!)

I have lived in this great city for about 8 years now, and I’d never been to Coney Island. I’m not sure the thought of it even ever really crossed my mind… I mean, I’ve seen it in movies, I’ve heard about it, I always knew it was around. But it wasn’t until Jennifer suggested we do their engagement session there that I thought DUH! That will be awesome! 

And so, the young woman from Long Island, who found herself in Peru, and the Young man from Peru who found himself in love, are getting married, and I found them to be delightful. And beautiful. And we took so many photographs. And I seriously was salivating when I came home, so excited to post these, only, I just couldn’t make a decision. When I went through and marked the winners, I had more images than one post can swallow. So I just started attacking at random (kind of how like the mosquitoes are attacking me right now.)

And speaking of mosquitoes, I just have to say, that my house is filled with them at the moment. My little kitty, Walter, he’s the shy, not very smart one, ripped a whole in the screen window that keeps our home ventilated. He ripped a hole in it and crawled out on to the deck, and waited there, convinced that he couldn’t get back into the house the way he got out. So he just sat there, and cried, and waiting for rescue. But the mosquitoes were much smarter than poor Walter. And so I replaced the screen when I came home. All by myself (mostly). And I am like a proud momma. Of a screen. And I am also a T Bone steak. For the mosquitoes.

And now! Pictures! (We’ll start of with the delightful couple, and finish it off with some pictures my Husbone and I took in this colorful place).


Husbone and I got there about an hour early. We had planned on being early, but we didn’t expect the unusual phenomenon of Brooklyn barely having any traffic. And we learned on our drive that there’s an Ikea in Brooklyn!! Woo Hoo!!

Best. Hot Dog. I’ve ever. Had.

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Love is in the air… definitely!
Muy buenas fotos!
Salut! ^_^

your work is AMAZING. i found you through someone else’s blog. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


FABULOUS! LOVE the EMOTION, LAUGHTER, AFFECTION, WIND, ENERGY in the pics-especially in the beach pictures.

Gorgeous shots, love! What an awesome location! You could shot every engagement session there, and still have new fodder for images! What a perfect sunset. And about the Nathan’s…ooohhhh yeahhhh. They were my first hot dog. I was born in Atlanta, and my Mom used to take James and I to the mall when we were little and the Nathan’s crew would cut up dogs into little toddler-sized pieces for us to eat. Apparently (according to my mother)…this pleased us immensely.

A Show of Slides!: Sara and Andrew

How much I love.

That’s right people, the bulk of the magic is done right here, at 4:22 in the A. M., with a little bit of Grey’s Anatomy (where do you think I get my song ideas) and a box of peanut butter puffins. It’s nice to be an obssesive kind of person, unless you have to wake up in the morning… which I dont!

Anyway. Amazing wedding. Amazing families. Amazing couple. Thanks for making me feel like part of the family. Also a special thanks for Muriel for her help. It was her first wedding and she totally rocked it!!

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