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Monthly Archives: July 2008

A Marriage!: Soo Jin and Paul

I had a very emotional weekend. And I suppose I could say that every weekend. But this one in particulare bore the weddings of two very amazing, very in love couples, the first of which, were Soo Jin and Paul. Who hired me through Janet, their sister. I never even met Soo Jin until Janet’s wedding, and we did our engagement session soon after. 

Soo Jin and Paul have known each other since they were 5. I may have mentioned that before, but it astounds me with warm fuzzy feelings inside. They’ll be returning from their honeymoon in Italy soon, and they’ll be embarking upon a new and amazing journey together, moving to Indiana, away from their lovely families, to start a new life. Wow. Way to bring your family with you. Listening to the stories of their lives, and particularly watching the slideshow that their friends put together, was amazing. I see slideshows all the time of brides and grooms when they were babies, two lifes leading up to the bonding of two families… but seeing these images of little Soo Jin and little Paul playing together as children… just. wow. Love. 

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smooth as silk, lightweight as ripples on water yet heavy with emotion! this is a beautiful set! glad to see you posting more of your lovely pictures :)


I. LOVE. PUNAM. 😀 seriously, can you rock it any more?? thank you, thank you, thank you… :)

Just beautiful Poo.. wonderful work!

Engagement!: Courtney and Luke

So sorry for the gap in pictures. I’ve been aworkin’ day and night to catch up on work type things, while squeezing in some domestic travel here and there and making up for the absences with late night (note the time) work binges. I look through my photos and I cry from moments captured and enjoy my work. I take a crack at some albums. I obsess over my long lost (soon to be found) Husbone in my brain for a while, and find that I’ve been idle for an hour. I am really excited to make him a sandwich when I see him tomorrow, after many ages apart. I’m excited to give him a big kiss and smell his hair. I wonder what my next hairdo will be, and I research arbitrary notions. And I learn that bonobos kiss to express something very much like human love. And suddenly, it’s been weeks since my last post.

The busier I find myself, the busier my brain gets about other things. I suppose working for 12 hours straight amounts to about 8 hours in the end. 


They never thought they’d find each other in Baton Rouge. They are urban and stylish, and I can just imagine what it must have been like when these two laid eyes on each other in that town, New York City folks (to be), from way down in Louisiana. I had such a great time hanging out with these two… sometimes you meet some people, and you just want to sit and chat all day long. The nice thing about my job is that I get to do that all the time, and these two were just wonderful to hang out with. And not just because they so kindly treated me to a Sexy Red Velvet cupcake that made joyous celebrations in my mouth with buttery goodness. 

Thank you for sticking by me through my various evolutions, friends.

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[…] embosser) which I lined with a photo of us from our engagement session with Punam Bean ( see here I was going to do custom stamps but did not like the price so I was excited that the […]


love the intense, edgy vibe you captured with this pair

Ohhhh, these are good! Especially love the first one…

Ky Bae


A Monkey Engagement Session.

First off I’d like to start by mentioning that the image below was NOT taken by me.

Today I’ve spent editing and culling, putting some weddings together and getting some slideshows ready that you will see in a bit. When suddenly the question occurred to me… Where does kissing come from? I mean, it’s seems to me to be a very very nice way of expressing our love for each other, but who on earth ever started it? And so I was off to the internet, and stumbled upon this image, and I loved it so much I just had to share. It’s by fellow Flickr member collisionality:

No worries though, real weddings coming soon!

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Home sweet Humidity.

It was a nice time. It was a longer absence than I anticipated, but being surrounded by such a wonerful city, it seemed strange to seek my good friend the Internet when I could otherwise roam the pedestrian friendly city streets. 

And for those whom I knew, I came to know, and there were many wonderful conversations, and lunches by Puget Sound, and drinks in isolated bars that brought me joy. Melissa, Eliza, Dorene (and your lovely, lovely family), Jocelyn, Heidi, and Amy, it was wonderful getting to know  you better. I look forward to the time when we live near, and perhaps we could make our outings a regular occurance.

In the meantime, I’m happy to have returned home to my kitties, and my home town, The City of Long Island.

I”m a lucky girl, to call the places I do home.

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So great meeting you and hanging out by the water. I hope you come back to the Northwest soon!

Wow Laura!

Thank you so much for your amazing comment – I read it from time to time and it brightens me! I am so glad you enjoy my pictures – they come from the heart, and I take saying nice things really personally. Thanks for being here!

Have been visiting your blog fairly regularly, and just wanted to leave a comment to say that I think you have such a beautiful heart! My boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage and are very certain we will be getting married in a few years, so I’ve started perusing the internet, looking at all things wedding related. I stumbled upon your photography site and fell in love! You are soooo talented! And then as I read your blog I saw that your heart is just as lovely as your work! You are definitely on my list of top choices, and I may be in touch once the lovely boyfriend and I are engaged. :) Thank you for being a bright spot on the web!

with love from Pittsburgh…

To Oregon! (And other stops Northwestern Pacifica!)

Oregon is my most FAVORITE place. It is my future home, it was a Husbone requirement to one day live there, or near there. The light falls around things differently. The people are friendly. The breakfast is great. And every time I come home from Portland, I’ve made a new friend. The music, the bacon covered doughnuts, and perhaps a tattoo. Anyway, so this means I will be out of town for the next few days – but not out of reach! Email might be best, as along for the journey will be my trusty iphone, and my trusty iphone car charger, together relaying my trusty email. I look forward to internet friends turning flesh and blood friends, great music, and a very nice Husbone nearby my side. If anyone is around, I’ll be in Seattle on Friday, and Portland next weekend. Let’s do breakfast! Or lunch! Let’s take pictures! Let’s get a drink! Let’s listen to some Two Man Music!

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loved seeing you on monday ..
this beautiful city adores you . it told me so .

much inspiration to you, dear friend .


Dangit, I’ll be out of town when you’re in my neck o’ the woods (Seattle). Shoot.

Heidi von Tagen

I adore your work. I’m still building my own photography business and when I read your blog I couldn’t believe that someone feels the same way I do about wedding photography! I live in Portland and would love to meet you for breakfast when you are in town, look at my photos on flickr and let me know.

Warmest Regards,