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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Marriage!: Yelena and Wassim

I had the rare pleasure this last weekend of not being the one in charge. Ryan Brenizer invited me to join him at Yelena and Wassim’s fabulous wedding this weekend, and I had a blast! I had just enough time today to fancify some of my favorites:


Yelena and WassimYelena and WassimYelena and WassimYelena and WassimYelena and WassimYelena and WassimYelena and WassimYelena and WassimYelena and WassimYelena and Wassim

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Very cool shots here … I like the creativity!

shane snider

Some brilliant and unexpected work, here, Punam. Beautiful.


beautiful pictures!

more stretchy ear shots! those should be your trade mark.

These are so dramatic-looking and fun :) I love the ear-biting shot and the one above it. Awesome job!

Punam, these rock so much!

Engagement!: Lauren and Desaray

By the end of the day, I knew for sure that this would be the longest post of engagement photos I’ve done so far. I will, unfortunately, not have the pleasure of photographing the union of these two, but I was really excited to have the opportunity to photograph them, together, in amazing sunlight. Their passion for each other was so rich in the way they touched each other and looked at each other, and made fun of each other, that my job was very, very easy. Of the many reasons why I totally fell in love with this couple, they brought their dog, Butter, who I also fell in love with. 

We hadn’t been shooting long, when a request was made to finish off the session perhaps at some scandalous store front of a purveyor of explicit props, I suggested the East Village. So we packed in the car, (I got to sit in the back with Butter – we were best friends by that time), and suddenly there was talk of tattoos. And it was decided! Lauren and Desaray would have their names tattooed on each other, and would I mind so much sticking around a bit longer??


And so, it was off to the empty tattoo parlor on St. Marks. Among the galleries of glass “tobacco” pipes and rolling papers, a commitment was sealed. It was like watching a marriage and a birth at the same time. Hunched over the chair in pain, a grazing hand over backs and shoulders for a soothing effect, this was more than wedding rings. It was a stamp. I’m yours, your mine, and no amount of soap or time will wash that away. It was beautiful and moving and so intimate to watch. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing amazing love with me!


desaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and laurendesaray and lauren

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WOW!! I just discovered your blog and you have a new fan! I love your work and these photos are just gorgeous!

These are fantastic. Like I said to you before, I’m requiring all of my clients to get tattoos after this.


Gorgeous photos. #3, 4, and 5 are my favourites too.

how awesome and sweet, LOVE #3,4,5 :)

A Marriage!: Rupal and Tanuj

It was hard to take my camera off these two. And it wasn’t only because they were done up real nice in pretty colors, that they were absolutely gorgeous, but because of Rupal’s amazing laugh and the way they looked at each other. This is such a special day, she kept saying. I know Indian weddings have the general propensity to be rather large in their attendance… but what a sense of family… the sense of joining two families together. And 300 or so people had mostly to say about these two about what great hearts they have. It was an honor and a pleasure to take part in it, and to do my part in capturing it. Pretty…

Rupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and TanujRupal and Tanuj

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Vibhooti Chaitanya

I connected with Tanuj during my stay in Chicago for two years and I would vouch that he belongs to the rare group of genuine gentlemen and beautiful human beings.

Now that he has forwarded these most expressive and vividly detailed photographs of the wedding I am most delighted and congratulate the wedded couple as well as the ablest of photographers!

So many of these pictures portray Rupal being joyful as she is laughing away! Tanuj and Rupal are truly lucky to be each-other’s life-partners and I pray with all my heart for their ever-lasting, happy partnership.

Vibhooti Chaitanya

Donna H

What a stunning couple!!!Congratulations!

Kiran Agarwal

Terrific insight in to the marriage. Inspite of attending the marriage i did not see so much! I need password to get into the other site of Poonam.

Beautiful, gorgeous job, Punam! Absolutely love them all!!! If you ever need a second shooter, I’ll fly/drive/swim/whatever over from Iowa any day! :)

What a beautiful set of photos!! The colors are amazing. You captured the energy perfectly!

Ellen Carsch

Great PictureS! They provide the close-up view of a wonderful occasion.
Thank you.

Lots of luck and much love from


Vaishali Mankad

Punam, I was at this wedding flanked by the ladies in blue and yellow saris in the last of the preview photographs of the reception and I have to say that your photography is brilliant!! I’m in awe. Rupal and Tanuj: you feltl amazing I’m sure because Punam has certainly captured it!

Sharon Covington

Rupal and Tanuj, what a glorious and beautiful wedding! We so wish we were there to celebrate your union. We wish you every grace and blessing from the God who invented marriage and great celebrations! Much love! Sharon and David

Wow!!! What beautiful photos!! Your look so beautiful and Tanuj looks
very handsome. Lots of luck to both of. Thanks so much for sharing these
photos with Wally and I. Sincerely, Debbie Nowosielecki

Rupal: Christy had forwarded your wedding day photos to me and I looked at them with my jaw dropped in utter amazement!!!! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL COUPLE the two of you are! I am so very happy for you and send you my blessings and congratulations. Much Love and Happiness, Darlene Hudson (Christy Hudson’s mom)


Modeling is a tough but Rupal makes it look so easy. I bet this was the photographers dream couple to shoot. Cant wait to see the rest of the gorgeous moments

firstly omg! omg! what a stunning couple!!!

absouletly amazing pictures .amazing bride and groom as well may they both get all the happines and blessings in their life.

very gr8 pics i must say

amazing bride and groom……may they all get all the blessings in there life….what stunning pic omg!i swear ment for each other types really great

Absolutely amazing photographs! I am so excited to see the full album. you are the best, Punam. :-)

AMAZING, Punam!!! Your beauty and creativity in creating art continues to have NO BOUNDS. Hope all is well with you!!!

I had to comment too, what a stunning bride…. your images are perfect, in color and feeling. I stalk this blog often and it never disappoints.

Mel O

Amazing, I so much love all of your work. One of my bridesmaids and I are addicted to your blog!
If I lived in the US or if my budget allowed I would want you to photograph my own wedding.

What lens do you use? I just love the depth it gives to all of your pictures!

Miss Laura



Okay I just had to say something. This is so so Beautiful. Keep on the good work.

What an incredible wedding! Such fabulous ornate details!

Engagement!: Davina and Bobby

I was really looking forward to this session. I met Davina so long ago, and had never met Bobby before – and we had so much fun, we took a break to grab some food and chat for a while. I had a great time guys – I can’t wait for the big day!!

davina and bobbydavina and bobbydavina and bobbydavina and bobbydavina and bobbydavina and bobby

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Your pictures are so beautiful. I love looking at your work!

Hello Punam, these are great, I really like the 1st and the last one. Beautiful job capturing this couple.

Engagement!: Donna and David

I thought August was going to be slow. But, to my pleasant surprise, that seems to not be the case. I had the fortune of hanging out with a different couple almost every day of last week – so now it’s time for the onrush of photos!

Donna and David and I just barely missed the storm. They introduced me to awesome Corn concoctions, and we just chatted and had a great time shooting into the early darkness of the evening. I love doing these sessions, because it just makes me that much more excited for the wedding day!! Enjoy!

donna and daviddonna and daviddonna and daviddonna and daviddonna and daviddonna and david

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WOW is all I can say about the reflections shot.


The reflection shot is one of the best water shots out there! =) I like!

Agreed—-that last one is uber-cool.

I love the last one! So sweet….