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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Inspiration(a preview)!: Ashley and Andy

I awoke one morning in recent days, and I was moved by how quickly time has gone by. This year has been one utterly amazing, unbeleivable blur, and I am in a constant state of awe at the state of my life. It’s been a while since I’ve shared. It’s been a while since things got personal. 

I’m a west coast girl in my heart. (ps. I don’t charge for travel for ANY weddings in the 48 states) because I enjoy seeing the country… wait!… I so very and deeply long for it. I like change. I like to photograph many different people, many different loves of lives, many different places in which to celebrate such pinnacle joys. Once upon a time, I drove through the most beautiful land I’ve come to know in this beautiful country of ours. And being a photographer of amazing people, I felt a bit of that longing for some amazing love to place in rectangles among the forests that are too beautiful to believe, here in the home of my heart. The great state of California. 

These are my friends Ashley and Andy. I’ve known Andy since high school. I’ve known Ashley since yesterday. And what joy their various expressions for each other have brought me. Theirs is a sweet, warm, sincere and passionate love. And as I write this barely holding up my sleepy head in Petaluma, I am immersed awe. This is what I get to do. AND I have the best Husbone in the world (I miss you!). So I bring to you the first (second – though I hereby dub thee!:) Inspiration: Andy and Ashley (a preview).


ashley and andy


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Punam, I just discovered your work today and I am IN LOVE with your style. You are so incredibly talented, you should be at least 10 times more famous than you already are. I’m going to go ahead and call it now, you’re going to be the next big thing. Hopefully a year from now I can say I told you so. I adore your work, you are without a doubt one of the most talented photographers I have ever seen, and I am not easily impressed at all. I wish you the best of luck :)

Wow, I love these pics Punam! Esp the second one – so creamy and the DOF is wonderful. I was told to check your work out by Ryan Jensen and I’m so glad I did! You have lovely style…and shout out to another NYC photographer :) Thanks for the inspiration.


great pictures-they have a magic, other-worldly feel to them! enchanting and romantic!


Wow Punam! I can’t wait to see the rest. I absolutely loved the redwoods when I traveled to Cali. It has such an amazing energy flowing through it.

Engagement!: Emily and Bobby

It’s been a great pleausre coming to know Emily and Bobby. This engagement session is something like what I imagine an engagement session would have been like with Husbone and I, had we had engagement session photos done. It was so awesome! They picked me up at noon on Sunday, and we made trek across Long Island to frolic in fields found by the side of the road. We emerged from the expressway in a land frought with corn mazes, vineyards across the street from shopping centers, and great expanses of flat fields, punctured in the distance by cauliflower shaped trees that have not yet assumed the full characteristics of the fall season. After a lazy lunch of red wine and spanish cheese and the GORGEOUS spanish hacienda style Raphael Vineyards, we made our way around the area (someone get married there so I can shoot it!), jumping out of the car at our whimsy. Mostly goofiness, and a little bit of violence ensued. There might have been some name calling, but it was all in good fun. There occurred cartwheels, ear pulling, air attacks, grape throwing, and a little bit of sighing and kissing. And now, I am so excited to see what these two will bring when we frolic the Isle of St. Maarten for their wedding in May!

Bobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and EmilyBobby and Emily

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I especially like the picture of Bobby actually being taller then Emily for once! Congrats guys.


yaaaay! i love the photos!


Ahhahahha… the spirit of bob and em captured! Looks like a fun filled field trip! nice work!! when r u free to do our day *err* half year after? hhahhahaha

A Marriage!: Natascha and Jeremy

The weather was torrential. The wind blew in violent bursts, and rain poured. It was Saturday, and Natascha and Jeremy love each other so much it made my eyes wet to watch them devote themselves to each other (indoors). I am constantly fascinated by this amazing love that people share. Not just couples, but friends. I spent the morning with Natascha and her sister and her very best friends. When I first spoke to Natascha, she said she was going to keep the bridal party small, with her sister as maid of honor, his brother and his best man, and no bridesmaids or groomsmen. But when I met with them on Thursday, Jeremy said that for all the deep and intimate relationships they have with all these amazing people, they decided include them all. And then there were 10 bridesmaids. And 8 groomsmen. 18 people you want by your side when you marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. I find that pretty awesomely amazing.

natascha and jeremynatascha and jeremynatascha and jeremy

natascha and jeremy

natascha and jeremy

natascha and jeremynatascha and jeremy0520natascha and jeremynatascha and jeremynatascha and jeremynatascha and jeremynatascha and jeremynatascha and jeremynatascha and jeremynatascha and jeremy


natascha and jeremynatascha and jeremynatascha and jeremy

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Kristen Weinstein

These are the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen!


Splendiferous! I love the photo of the bride singing. Cuteness.

Punam, you amaze me. So beautiful.

An Engagement!: Somi and James

It’s just been too long since I’ve had the opportunity to frolic in the park with some in love people, and get them to bend to my every whim! I had such a great time with James and Somi! They will marry in late March on a yacht, sailing some waters in the land of Korea. I’m so sad that I don’t get to be there because I would love to photograph these two in that exact situation. They wrapped arms around one another and they fit, in just the way I love to observe. And make photos. See?!

Somi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and James

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Wow, love this set.

That first picture is especially AMAZING! I love your work!


Love the feeling in these pictures Punam! Beautiful work! Love your perspective.


OMG! They look like you’re inside a dream. Sooo beautiful!

Hey Alexandra!

Thanks so much for your wonderful words! I used two lenses on this shoot. The first three and the last two images were with (my favorite!) the 50mm 1.2 wide open, and all the rest were with the 24 1.4 (my other favorite lens!)

Hi Punam! I’ve been following your blog for some time and every week can barely wait to see what you’ll post. I must say all your work is amazing and you inspire me! This last entry is so romantic, surreal and I can feel how much they’re in love. Especially in love with the first two, just amazing. Do you mind sharing what lenses where used to accomplish them? Thanks and best of luck to you! Alex

A Marriage!: Christina and Mike

This was a very special wedding for me. I hadn’t ever met Christina before she was the first person ever to book me for 2008, my very first year in this wonderful business, but it turns out, not only are she and Mike gorgeous, their love of each other runs so thick it’s tactile. I was in LOVE with her Monique Lhuillier dress, and he looked unbelievable in his Ralph Lauren suit and opera pumps. The Atlantica was amazing, and they married among the soft serene sounds of the nearby ocean, buffered by a small field of tall growing grasses. It was so picturesque, so obscenely perfect and lovely, so unbelievably rich between these two seriously amazing people that I felt I barely had to look through the view finder, because whatever was there was what I ached to capture. So. This is a long post. Thank you SO MUCH, Mike and Christina for entrusting me with your amazing day before anyone else did. Thank you for being amazing, and for sharing your amazing families with me. Thank you for being you!!

Christina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and MikeChristina and Mike

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oooo, the hanging dress shot made me gasp! Thanks for the photo love! You’re now on my blog stalk list! GOR-GEOUS WORK!

Gail Streiner Stadle

The photos are terrific,they look like they could be in a venue book.

Angelina Tso

I think photo #2 is rather inauspicious in that it looked liked someone hanged herseslf. Everything else looks great, though. Beautiful couple, and the bride looked especially gorgeous!

I absolutely love your work. These images are exceptional!


Stellar work!

I just adore these images. I love the one of the geese and the one of her solo in b and w~ its to die for! I also really really reallllly like the one of her and his lips. Poetic. It should absolutely be made into a huge canvas for their walls!

Juliana Carter

Kudos to the photographer! You did an amazing job. Just absolutely fabulous. I agree these could go in a magazine.

We had a fabulous time and these pictures really reflect the beauty and joy of the day.

Melissa Zinker

Hi Im Emily Goodmans friend and these pictures are amazing. Christina you are beautiful and you looked so amazing! Great looking groom!

emily goodman

Unbelievable day, amazing photos. The pictures belong in a high fashion magazine or something, they are tooo surreal. You were great!

Wow, Punam! Perhaps my favorite wedding of yours! Absolutely stunning work!