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Daily Archives: October 21, 2008

An Engagement!: Somi and James

It’s just been too long since I’ve had the opportunity to frolic in the park with some in love people, and get them to bend to my every whim! I had such a great time with James and Somi! They will marry in late March on a yacht, sailing some waters in the land of Korea. I’m so sad that I don’t get to be there because I would love to photograph these two in that exact situation. They wrapped arms around one another and they fit, in just the way I love to observe. And make photos. See?!

Somi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and JamesSomi and James

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Wow, love this set.

That first picture is especially AMAZING! I love your work!


Love the feeling in these pictures Punam! Beautiful work! Love your perspective.


OMG! They look like you’re inside a dream. Sooo beautiful!

Hey Alexandra!

Thanks so much for your wonderful words! I used two lenses on this shoot. The first three and the last two images were with (my favorite!) the 50mm 1.2 wide open, and all the rest were with the 24 1.4 (my other favorite lens!)

Hi Punam! I’ve been following your blog for some time and every week can barely wait to see what you’ll post. I must say all your work is amazing and you inspire me! This last entry is so romantic, surreal and I can feel how much they’re in love. Especially in love with the first two, just amazing. Do you mind sharing what lenses where used to accomplish them? Thanks and best of luck to you! Alex