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A Marriage (elsewhere)!: Jennifer and Jay (a preview!)

I can barely imagine what it was like, not being here in Venezuela. Jennifer and Jay’s parents have made us feel so welcome and comfortable, so much like home, that it’s hard to imagining we’ve only been here for a couple of days and we only have a couple of days left. I am exhausted. We’ve been going non stop since we got here, and I’m really excited to sleep in tomorrow. But I just had to post just one picture from this amazing wedding at Agua Sante, in a little town known for it’s ceramics and pottery, just outside of Barquisimeto. And also, Jen’s mom made that dress. And Jen made the veil. And Venezuela made the wonderful people (and Ecuador, too!)

Much, much more to come.

jennifer and jay

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cool picture!

A Venezuelan Thanksgiving!

It’s been a long, long couple of wonderful days. At the last minute, and I mean, the night before we were about to get in a Toyota Yaris and embark upon a 20 hour journey in two days over the most traveled highway in the east, right before Thanksgiving, Husbone and I took a nap before the 4 hour drive from Plymouth to NYC. Oh goodness, we thought. How on earth did we think this was a good idea? And so, before we embarked upon said journey, we booked two tickets to fly to Miami instead. And so we did.

And it was in our Miami motel room, that I searched the internet for some more information about Caracas airport. “There’s a 2 out of 3 chance of getting mugged at gun point!” said the Internet! “Avoid Caracas airport at all costs!” she cried! “Beware that the taxi drivers will drop you off in the barrios, steal all your belongings and clothes and leave you to fend for yourself on the streets of Caracas!” she crooned!

It was with a slight panic, that we prepared ourselves. But the flight was great, there was a hot meal, coffee service, newspaper distribution. We arrived at a clean, populated airport with friendly staff, Fridays and a Church’s Chicken (not called Iglesia de la Pollo!). And we waited a few hours for Jen, Jay and Gabriella to arrive with their friend Brooke. Their flight was late, and so we embarked upon the 5 hour drive to Barquisimeto in the dark of night, and though we traveled alone with Jen’s parents, I found out that I knew enough Spanish to carry a conversation with some help from my friend Pantomime. It was a long long day, and Jennifer’s family could not have been more kind, or more generous, or more gracious. Even though there is certainly a language barrier, we really haven’t felt it at all.

This morning was boisterous. I love the warmth of this family, and this extremely huge-cheeked baby named André Elijas. Gabriella insisted she hold his head in place for pictures. I don’t like to interfere.

Jay says in this family, it’s cheeks. I agree.


Jay and Jen’s mom:Thanksgiving in Venezuela

Gabriella helps make wedding programs! (That’s a Husbone hand to the right! He’s very helpful!)Thanksgiving in Venezuela

Husbone makes André laugh.IMG_8776

André sleeps.Thanksgiving in Venezuela

I am thankful for my Husbone and his niceness. I am thankful for the opportunity to be in South America. I am thankful I get to work with such wonderful families as Jennifer’s and such wonderful couples as Jennifer and Jay. And I am thankful for the amazing Ceviche and Salmon with potatoes that Husbone and I had for Thanksgiving dinner at our wonderful hotel in Barquisimeto. I am also thankful for the black market exchange rate.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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I love this! I want to visit Caracas so badly- my fiance grew up in Venezuela & spent a whole lot of time in Caracas. The whole gun thing is true, though. FI has friends that live up here but when they fly down to visit their families, the first thing passed out, after welcomes, are guns. It’s sad. I hope that you’re really enjoying yourself though! Your preview pick for the wedding is beautiful & I can’t wait to see the rest!

…and I am thankful to have a window into your amazing, exotic and wonderful life. If only a small one, to live vicariously through and aspire to. And YAY for Husbone & Wifey. What a team you two make, it seems. Happy Holidays (part I), Poo. :)

Assorted News! Various Pictures!

Assorted News:

Two more tour dates! Meet me in North Carolina!:

Charlotte – December 8 @ The Evening Muse

Asheville – December 13th @ Mo Daddy’s

Both shows are at 9pm, and I’m around before that if you have a ride and want to hang out!!

Various Pictures:

Being that over Thanksgiving, we will be adventuring the city wilds of Caracas and Barquisimeto at Jennifer and Jay’s wedding, Husbone and I had family time in Plymouth, with his folks. Since my family is sort of scattered around, my mom and brother are in Ca, my sister in Texas, my father in India, I usually spend the holidays with Husbone’s family. 

And so we made a less than 24 hours trip to the FREEZING COLD up north, but inside, family was warm, and I made dinner with much help from everyone. I spent so many years trying so hard to be a New Yorker, only to find, I’m a California girl. I have no idea how to dress when it’s cold. And in the spirit of the easiest shoes in the world to put on – the flip-flop, my winter shoe is the rain-boot. I don’t have to bend over to put them on, and besides a raising of the leg, there is as much effort involved. And so, rain, shine, whatever, I am forever in my rain boots. And this year, my tie-die dress from Oregon. And a pashmina I found in the hamper. Every, single, day. This is what happens when you work from home and you don’t go outside in the winter (for the most part). At least jobs keep me going. But at the moment I’m mostly editing photos.

So, first off, Lilybones is gigantic. It’s scary. Don’t you find her terribly frightening?

bean and co.bean and co.bean and co.

And Husbone looks nice against the woods around sunset. It was about 19 degrees outside.

bean and co.

Ruby misbehaves.

bean and co.

Husbone takes pictures of wifey.

bean and co.

Ruby and her one ear.

bean and co.

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Nice post u have here 😀 Added to my RSS reader

гляди! Я ржал – – тема дня :))
Фото на тему кризиса..
да, и спасибо за пост) добавил в избранное


You look amazingly beautiful! That photo is amazing.

Christina New-Watling

Punam, it’s so very nice to see you in a photograph. You are stunning even in your winter rainboots. Don’t leave NYC before Mike and I move back :)


LOVE husbone’s pic of wifey

P.S. Have fun down South (America)! :)

Wow, Punam! It looks beautiful there in the woods…albeit, I wasn’t the one in 19 degree weather. And might I just say, you look gorgeous! What a great portrait: YAY HUSBONE! You’ve taught him well, Grasshopper.


It’s almost Road Trip time!!!

Our Journey:
New York City >>> Miami >>> Venezuela (Caracas >>> Barquisimeto) >>> Miami >>> Georgia >>> South Carolina >>> Tennesee >>> Alabama >>> New York City

We’ll be out of the office from November 24 until December 15th.

We will have no access to any email, internet or phone from November 26th until December 2nd.

We can still get print orders out by Christmas for all orders shipped to the US, as long as you order BY December 15th. 

When we return from South America, I will be traveling with the Gentlemen. If you are in or around our various points in the South Eastern region of our great nation, let me know! Here’s where we’ll be and when:

12/4 Twain’s Brew Pub in Decatur, GA

12/5 Jazz’d in Savannah, GA

12/6 House Party – everyone is welcome! in Savannah, GA

12/9 Sylvia Theatre in York, SC

12/11 Barley’s Taproom in Knoxville, TN

12/12 Flying Monkey Arts in Huntsville, AL

All shows start at 8 or 9pm, and you can get more info at The Two Gentlemen.

If you are in these areas around these dates and want to meet up for coffee or lunch or dinner, come to an old timey music show, or do a photo session, I’m around!

In the meantime, I dug something buried, and here it is for Valerie’s birthday. Happy (belated) birthday, Val.


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yeah! party time in knoxville!

wha wha WHAT?? You’ll be in Knoxville?? That’s my stomping grounds! I’ve shot so many sessions around Barley’s. I may get to meet you Miss Punam!!

Seriously? THE Punam Bean is coming to lil’ old Knoxville, TN!? I am such an adoring fan of your work- I’m gonna have to come watch you in action! I love Barley’s- they have great food, a great beer selection and always have great live music. I’m pumped!

Funfun! Next time y’all head to N.C., we’ll have to get together; it’s been too long. I’ll be moving there around the beginning of Dec. (Greenville area), and hopefully by the next time you head down my way I will have discovered some fabulous locations for us to go have a fun day of shooting. :)

And I love that one from Val’s shoot…gorgeous; that was always one of my favorite sets of yours; so inspiring. Val @ Bonelli Park. :)


Oh man… I almost wish I was coming back with you guys to hang out at one of those cool spots! I can’t wait till the trip! Have a fun (and safe) road trip!

Oh heavens, that image is gorgeous. It’s almost enchanting. LOOOVE it!

A new website surprise!

This song brings me great joy, as does my profession. And it is with that spirit that my new website is up! As much as I loved the jazz number, I am a creature of change. And so, I’m really excited about it – though it really is only an intermission before the real, custom, knock your socks off, never seen anything like it before site is up. I expect it to be a long process. In the meantime – enjoy the dance party!

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the new website is fun & fresh. Great job!

betty lee

hi punam.
loved the new site. it’s so cute.

OMG, I love Michael Jackson.. and your new site is fifteen thumbs up for using their song!!! and the pics are nice too : )

Yay Punam! Your new site is awesome ; ) Congratulations!