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2009, so far.

I can’t believe sometimes, how amazing 2009 is shaping up to be. And busy. Very very busy. And it is on that note that I say, we are only booking 12 more weddings for next year. And according to last year, all or most of those spots should be snatched up by March (just as a heads up – it’s booking season! Time to get cracking on picking your photographer!).

If I’m booked for your date, let me know and I’ll send you a list of my favorite local and non-local but willing to travel photographers who are awesome.

 Here’s when I’m not available:

January 2 NYC City Hall Wedding
January 28,29 Charleston, SC speaking at Step Up with Shane Snider
January 31 NYC Engagement Party
February 14-19 WPPI Las Vegas
March 16th – 22 Nigeria Wedding
March 28th Alexandria, VA Wedding
April 28 – May 3 St. Maarten Wedding
May 24th Long Island Wedding
June 6 NYC Wedding
June 13th Tarrytown, NY Wedding
June 21 – 24 (tentative) Grand Cayman
July 12th I actually get to be a guest at a wedding!! woo hoo!
August 15th Queens, NY Wedding
August 22nd DC Weddingl
September 5th (tentative)   Bethlehem, PA Wedding
September 11th – 13th Adirondack Wedding
September 18-21 Big Island, Hawai’i Wedding
September 23rd – 29th Loire Valley, France Wedding
October 3rd Jersey City, NJ Wedding
November 13th NYC Wedding


Notice the new “availability.” link at the top. This schedule will be updated on that page from now on as weddings are booked. Yay!

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Congrats on all your accomplishment. I see you are shooting a wedding in Nigeria. I just got back from shooting one. Should be fun.

Yay! I’m excited about it too. Cami: wow! thanks so much!

you are my new favorite photographer.. love it all.


Bravo Punam! This is going to be an amazing year! You deserve all the good that comes your way!

woah, awesome schedule, September is gonna be really amazing for you, very cool!

Family Time!: the “S” family!

I had such a blast with this wonderful family! Ania and Chris got married last year in Poland, where most of Ania’s family is from. The day was so busy that they didn’t get a chance to grab some photos of their families, and so Ania’s Chrismas gift to Chris’ parents was this family session! We arranged everything over email, so I really had no idea to expect as I waited for them in front of The Boathouse in Central Park. The S’s had so much wonderful personality, and were so impeccably dressed! And to boot, Lauren (the youngin’) apparently has an obsession for Idina Menzel, which by itself is kind of random, but I happened to have been obsessed with her when I was Lauren’s age too! 

When I was in high school, a freshmen, I was a bit of a weirdo circus act. I was a theatre kid and obsessed with Rent (the musical), and I would loudly belt from my podium at lunchtime the Over the Moon monologue from Rent – originally done by Idina Menzel! Every single day. I drove everyone near me crazy. I was actually really excited to meet a fellow fan, though I’ve really pushed my love for Rent down deep to make room for other things, like Husbone and photography, and my kitties. It made me happy to reminisce. 

Also, Chris works as a diplomat, and he and Ania are moving to Vienna next month. It was really lovely to take  part in this wonderful gift before they leave for a while. But I hear Vienna is unbelievably beautiful!

Anyway, here are a few shots from this lovely and lively family!


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Just stopping by to say I love your spunk. While it wasn’t RENT (that was my sister’s fixation), I used to sing every word from Les Miserables to anyone who would listen – at lunchtime, recess, in between class, in the shower, on the bus… people thought I was nuts. In high school it was Otto Titsling from the movie Beaches. They REALLY thought I was nuts then!

Anyhow, I’m a wedding photog based in Seattle. One of my fellow NW photogs tipped me off about you and I cruised over. If you’re ever in our corner of the states I’d love to buy you a drink. I think we’d get along.


ahhh…what vibrant happy pictures—even in the midst of cold mind freezing winter! you make the sun shine! :)

Lauren S

In the picture with my grandma and grandpa, my grandpa was trying to be Humphrey Bogart, and yes i am obsessed with Idina Menzel.

cool pix

the little girl is actually one of my friends! I was so excited when she told me she went to a photo shoot

cool pix


Lauren S

That’s Me!!!!!

cool pix

these pix r really cool! The little girl look so happy in every pic

Love these! What a great looking family :)

Jubilant Ruby and Christmas at the Beach.

Yes. I am from California… and so East Coast beaches seem a little strange to me. Many of them are not swimmer friendly, and often times, they are way over crowded in the summer, when they are. I come from a place where you can go to the beach any time of the year. The Beach is my preferred siesta place, in which to celebrate friends and various holidays, especially New Years. And so, this Christmas in Plymouth, we found our selves at the beach… but it was so cold I could only snap a couple of photos before I felt so cold it seemed as though all the warmth had gone from the world. I had a large black shawl wrapped around my head like a bedoiun, with freezer burn creeping into my brain through the freezing wind in my ears. 

Everyone else seemed cold, but they took it in stride. I was having a rough time. But then, I saw Ruby. What jubilation, the dog, and the beach. it was maybe 2 degrees with the wind chill, and here was the happiest creature I ever saw, jumping into the arctic waters as if she needed to cool off, basking in the freezing wind like she was getting a tan. Oh Ruby. Many things, but at the beach? She warmed my Christmas.


I hope all your Christmases, Hanukkahs, Kwanzaas or general Snowy or Rainy Holi or un-Holi-days were warm with family and friends, and perhaps some jubilant animals!

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Hi Punam,

Happy holidays! Both my sisters’ (and my new brother-in-law’s!) dogs have kept me warm this holiday as well :)

I just wanted to let you know that I finished my sister’s Jamaica video. A whole section is dedicated to the day shoot. Thanks for letting me tag along and steal all your great compositions and poses! Your work really helped my video out. You can watch it here:

Best wishes,

It’s my birthday!!


Husbone thinks his workmanship looks like bird poop, but I think it’s perfect. I am thankful for you, bones. Thank you for my ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins just how I like it, and for my Garden in which to grow various herbs and things. I love you.

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Yay! Thanks everyone, for all the birthday wishes! 27 ain’t bad so far!

Happy Birthday!! I’m really regretting missing you in Kville–hope you had a great tour.


Happy Birthday Punam!


happy b-lated b-day! keep the celebration going! & Merry Christmas & Happy new Year’s!

Happy birthday and happy holidays!!


Happy Birthday and many happy returns. God bless

lucy & phil

happy happy happy birthday to you!!!!!! party like it’s 1999.

Happy HAPPY Birthday!! That cake looks delicious ; ) Hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Birthday Punam. Big fans down in VA!!! Have fun eating your yummy cake.

Happy birthday! Can I have some cake? :)

Happy B-DAY !!! and to all your success!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and kind words everyone! It was a great birthday!

Happy birthday Punam!

I just started following your work … you are amazing. :)

Happy Birthday Punam!

Happy Birthday to you!! How fun that I just happened to stumble upon your lovely site on your birthday!!! I found your site thru Unveiled Bridal Designs…breath taking images! I’m a photographer too, and I just got engaged to my best friend Paul (whom happens to be my business partner as well). Have a fantastic day….next time we are in New York (or you are in Connecticut) we’ll have to meet! You and your husband sound like our kind of peeps : )

Happy birthday, hope it’s a fabulous one!

Happy birthday to you! May you have the best of best days!