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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Jessica + Farzam – An Engagement (party!!)

This was one of the best parties I’ve been to! Kicking off my 2009 with the fabulous Jessica and Farzam, at their super swanky engagement party at the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan, I finally got to understand what they meant when the told me how awesome their families were. And what a great group of dancers! Dancing is my most favorite part of every wedding (in this case, engagement party!), because it’s such a complete joy to see people who love each other be so… free together. Free. That’s what a gentlemen and party guest said to me in the elevator. I love to dance because it’s the only time I’m free, he said. I whole heartily agree. And to share that utter freedom, with some alcohol, amazing shoes, amazing music, with the people in the world you want to share this tremendous occasion. And the view was not bad.


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You are fantastic. We just added you to our blog. Wowza.

Amazing night and equally amazing pictures!!!!

wow – that party looks like tons of fun – awesome job as usual Punam

LOVE these photos! perfect night/low light photography – something i need to learn more about. :)
your work inspires, punam!
– mandy xo

you. are. awesome. the lighting in all of these is amazing. really original compositions.


i can’t wait punam.
i can’t wait to meet you.
i wish it were here already=)
these images are so fantastic.

The workshop of ALL WORKSHOPS!!

Umm… yeah. If I were to put together a dream team, this would be freaking IT! And I’m all signed up and ready to go, and you should get in soon (i mean, if you are in to wedding photography, anyway) before it’s all sold out (click below)!! Go forth, and good luck! And see you in Santa Fe!

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you and your husband are the two cutest people in the history of the planet. :) Yeah, that’s a big damn deal. Anyway.. I can’t WAIT to hang with you at this workshop, it’s going to be so amazing. CHECK AND MARK!!!!


wow, this is going to be neat!

The Road, Shane Snider, and Kazoos!

This time of year always feels a bit like a drought. It starts with the fact that I am a.) not a morning person, and b.) not a winter person. These two things together create a situation in which a.) I get 2 hours of day light most days, and b.) I am always freezing cold.

In that spirit, I find myself longing to frolic in other parts of this great country of ours. Usually it’s some spur of the moment at 3 am because I can’t sleep, trip to California to photograph the beautiful people I know. This time, I decided to visit Husbone on his Florida tour. Ahhhh, Florida. Warmth, I thought. But no, it’s freezing. And we started with an outdoor show, and Jennifer and Jay came by (it was so great to see you guys!!!), and last night, I had a wonderful time shooting the sh** with the super talented Heather Ahrens(she taught me some cool tricks with her new 5d MkII I can’t wait to try on my next shoot!) That’s the great thing about being a photographer. I have friends everywhere. And if I don’t, I can make some real easy.

So far, I would have to say, the highlight of this trip has so far been a trip to the Kazoo factory in (New) Port Richey! I love to learn about how things work and how things are made. is a Two Man Gentlemen Band sponsor, and we took a tour of their small factory/office, where three young ladies put together some kazoos. Stephen, the president of Kazoobie Kazoos, is passionate about the instrument the way I’m passionate about photography. That’s the thing about people who own their own businesses. Their work is their baby, and I totally related. Stephen said, unless your a fun-hater, you can always feel a little bit better humming with a kazoo in your mouth! I agree!


In the meantime, I’m getting ready to speak at the amazing Shane Snider’s StepUp workshop in Charleston, on the 29th! I am so excited – it’s my first time speaking (first of many, I hope!), and I have lot’s of notions to speak on!

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Darrell Brock

Punam…you knocked it out of the park at Shane’s workshop. Thank you for the insight and inspiration!!!

tina b

I am SO bummed I missed you when you came down here to Florida! Maybe one day you will host a workshop (hint,hint !)

Break a leg, Poo! Wish I could be there to lend support (& fervently take notes). :)

Southern Weddings Magazine!

I’m a little late posting this, but so super excited about it! As most of you probably know, I’ve only been in this business a little over a year (feels like 5!), and I’m so excited to announce my very first publication, in the very first publication of Southern Weddings Magazine! That’s my little old picture of Tiffany and Jared’s fabulous rings, atop a fabulous mushroom I found growing on the patio of their hotel room (bottom left!). I suppose Jamaica’s pretty far south!

Congratulations to the lovelies over at Southern Weddings Magazine! It’s so exciting! And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out their blog. It’s one of my most favorite wedding blogs!

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wow. Punam. I like you my dear. Our photography stories are similar and so is our taste. I’m so thrilled to have met you and look forward to the inspiration and fun I know I’ll get from coming back to visit your blog over and over!

Congratulations!! What a great accomplishment.

Love it! Congratulations to you, Punam, you made my wedding such a special occasion and captured some amazing moments. It is so good to see you recognized, you are so young and talented! I really am so happy that I found you. In a way, with the fabulous way that you found a passion and stuck to it professionally and are excelling, you are living the dreams of many – including me! :-)


Sweet! Congrats!