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Deryn + Tony: A Marriage!

And so, in this, the final step of a very, very busy two weeks, having had one night of rest in my own bed I was happily refreshed and excited to hang with Deryn and Tony. Never have I had a couple, so simple, so easy going. Deryn was a picture of calmness, she did her own makeup, it took her seconds to get dressed, and she was ready to go. I think it was the shortest getting ready I’ve ever shot, and she looked amazing. I love making pictures of her and her man, because they have such an easy grace in each others arms. A deep breath, a sideways glance, and voila! My job is so easy with Deryn and Tony!

They married at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Instead of cake, their caterer, Star Catering (my html editor isn’t working so here’s the link:, they had THE MOST AMAZING PIE I’VE EVER EATEN!! Naomi (my assistant/bff) grabbed a piece of Key Lime after the crowd dispersed, and I almost cried it was so good. Wow. Best. Pie. Ever.

deryn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tonyderyn and tony

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Awesome Pics!!

That first ring shot is just stunning. Gorgeous work!!

Very beautiful pictures that exude the warmth and sincerity of your love. Congrats to both of you. Keep the love alive!

@leah -wow! awesome! I’m on my way! @jeremy – pie is nice.

Fantastic. As always. I don’t care if it’s 10 AM here – you now have me wanting a piece of pie. :)

wow. the lighting during the ceremony/reception is great. love the ambient light shots! awesome.

Stunning as always Punam. Love your work and your blog. You are an inspiration. In fact, I wrote a little something about you today. Feel free to stop on by –

cedric bramble

I’m still reeling from the Nigeria post and now comes this post full of wonderful. Amazing, simply amazing…

amazing. they are beautiful!

Oooh, lovely pictures, and lovely people as always. :) Hey, isn’t that the model for the Shiseido Rouge collection (the first picture)!

Reading your blog always makes me happy. :) You really manage to bottle up the happiness of your couples in these photographs. Oh, and I love that first detail shot!


Wow–you are unstoppable! Beautiful pictures Punam :)

these are so beautiful! i’m crazy in love with the first one. and now i want pie!

That shot in the alley is so awesome! Beautiful shots, as always.

Boomie + David: A white wedding!

It’s cold here in Santa Fe, and it just might snow. It’s funny how much weather I’ve passed through. I can barely remember how very sweaty I was on Boomie and Davids wedding day. And though I said he didn’t have to, Husbone was a real hero and wore his suit jacket, despite the heat. There are many interesting things that happened on this wedding day, but at the end of it, there is one overwhelming notion. These two people love each other, so utterly and completely much. It’s nice to observe the internationality of wonderful love. It’s the same across the globe, people find each other, they connect, they are enriched in each other. It’s such a great honor to be the one to preserve this love in photographs, and I’m honored to have been chosen for the task. This one, specifically.

In my contract, just to be clear, I’m the only professional photographer that can be hired for any event that I am comissioned to photograph. In Nigeria, however, it’s a general tradition that many family members hire their own photographers. In this particular case, it being Africa and all, I was happy to be flexible, but I must say, I’ve never worked so hard in my whole life. Seriously. I thought it funny that the mob of photographers and videographers surrounding all the action at close proximity at all times were often referred to off-handedly as the paparazzi. Seriously folks. I think that this is what it must be like to be a paparazzi photographer. Never before have I so employed all my limbs, knees, elbows and all, to fight my way to a photograph. Good thing I’ve got New York in my bones, because my formerly timid California Girl self would have been no match. But, between Husbone’s manliness, and my squirminess, we made it through. We fought for this wedding like we’ve fought for each other. And in all the chaos, amid those one thousand plus people, Boomie and David were the beating heart of the giant beast. Let me just say, I barely removed my wide angle lens all day.

I just want to say, to Boomie and David, thank you so much for this opportunity. Husbone and I have come to care for you both, and it seriously was one of the best experiences having you both to lay on couches with, in your hotel room, exhausted together, and looking forward to a new friendship in America. As overwhelming as it may have been at times, I’m so glad it was the two of you that we were working so hard for. You guys are so beautiful! See, people??

Boomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and David

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Hello Punam, very spot on post here.
Being a Nigerian wedding photographer myself i feel your challenges concerning having other photogs covering the same event. Not only does it wear you out but it also tend to limit your options creatively. While my contracts stipulates the same conditions as yours if one will work in Nigeria, you will have to bend a bit. It’s difficult but am beginning to get used to it. I have however devised ways of managing this though.
Lovely work with the imagery, excellent work.

I want to say – thank you for this!

You are so simply amazing. I have been folling your blog for awhile and I’m in AWWW of your gift.

Dulcie O'Dwyer

Wow…Punam…you did an amazing job and these are only a quarter of the shots, can’t wait to see the rest…You are truely talented and i’m most definately a huge fan of yours. It was lovely meeting you x


Absolutely unbelievable. The energy in these photos is amazing.

I am dumbfounded by that gigantic hamburger. My mouth is watery:)

Kristi Klemens

WOW!!! I bet this was such an AMAZING experience!!! Great work Punam! :)

my keyboard is covered in drool.

Oh man….these images make me want to experience the life going on inside of them. Amazing, Punam.


LOVE your dress, Punam. Such a gorgeous color on you. The vibrancy of these people is awe-inspiring. Beautiful, the happiness shines through. :]

Perfection. What a beautiful celebration! God bless the marriage of Boomie and David!

I ADORE all of the photos in the church! Just perfect! And that cake is awesome!

Awesome, awesome!!!!! The last photo tells it all. I simply love it. Punam, thank you so much for this. God bless you real, real good!!

What a great experience. It would be awesome to witness another culture’s wedding traditions. I love the little moments you captured- like the ladies shoes. Adds the overall feel of the wedding.

Saw your works from and I can tell you are truly talented! love your works!!


wow–WOW—these photos are M A G N I F I C E N T!!! The 3rd pic down of Boomie-spectacular! i LUV the sea of hats with the ceiling fans overhead, the monkey, the beautiful children, the intricate and colorful outfits, and Boomie kissing the child in white…you took us on an international love fest, a virtual visual tour—and the expressions of joy on Boomie and David’s faces (the beating heart of the giant beast) are priceless. You made me feel like I was there because I can feel the emotion through your pictures! Fantastic work–especially for having to *fight* for your pictures! Love the picture of you in purple-great dress :)

Punam!! These pictures are awesome!! I miss Lagos so much!! Wow you I couldn’t help but to be at awe with the pictures you captured. thanks for taking me back memory lane. I haven’t been back in 15 years. The couple looks happy wishing them a very long and wonderful marriage.

That last shot– WOW. So timeless and beautiful and colorful. You did an amazing job with this wedding!

what an amazing, crazy experience! I can just imagine that flock of papparazi (please tell us you have a photo of them to share?) and elbowing through the crowd… yikes. This seems like a mind blowing, once in a lifetime opportunity!
That last image is just gorgeous, love it.

This wedding must have been a beautiful wedding to be a part of. What an experience! I admire your work!

Wow Punam (and husbone!). Amazing! Glad you had a great time in Africa! These images are all so wonderful – and that last shot is so incredible 😉

Beautiful! All of them!

Wow Punam… I absolutely LOVE what you did with this wedding. Amazing amazing work. You captured the spirit of community and celebration. And if you had to fight through all those other photographers to make it happen, more props to you!

I’m so happy that KISS has made an impression on Nigerian youths. I miss that kid.

Damn, Punam. DAMN. I am totally at a loss. You have reached a whole new level with this shoot. Africa did something to you, I can see it in your shots…you rose a notch on the ladder. Man. I’m thrilled for you.

Each post from Nigeria has eclipsed the last…how is that even possible??! I don’t even want to know how many memory cards you & Andy filled…

I agree — they’re all great, but the last shot is AMAZING.

Love that last shot…

Last image = perfection

oh i adore these photos just so much…
so much verve & energy & excitement & love in them!
so much JOY!

Boomie + David: engaged!

I just adore Boomie and David. And the more time I’ve spent time with them, the more I absolutely adore them even more. I was so excited when we got to spend the whole day with them the day after the traditional ceremony. They picked us up and we frolicked on the beach for a half an hour, and it was awesome! I shot some film, too, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait, as I’m in Santa Fe with no means of developing any film. As David lives in Nigeria and has never even been to the states, and as the Yoruba ceremony was insanely chaotic (though amazingly vibrant), the Bones and I were very excited to make some pictures with no distractions in that special engagement way that I love so well to do. Yum.

boomie and david, beach in Lagosboomie and david, beach in Lagosboomie and david, beach in Lagosboomie and david, beach in Lagosboomie and david, beach in Lagos

Every now and then, I have a bride or groom that insists on making pictures of husbone and I in return. We don’t have many pictures of our selves, so we likey.boomie and david, beach in Lagos

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[…] a great job on telling a great story about the couple so you have to read and see for yourself at Engagement and wedding , i was going to copy and paste from Punam’s blog about the couple, but she tells […]

I love the moment you caught in that second photo. So sweet. And you and your husband look sweet as well!


This e-session is AWESOME! Your work is beautiful! And cheers to the pic of of you and husbones.

very lovely shots.

Beautiful photographs……This couple and you both….I just love your work!


Wonderful photos, they look very much in love. So do you and your husband. LOVE your hair, btw! 😀

LOVE these, especially the second and third one – you are so talented!!!

I really love the third one. Great job, once again! I hope you have a bast at the Blend workshop, can’t wait to see your posts on how it goes.

Punam. Another great set of pics. I love the pic of David and Boomie, right before you and your hubby’s pic. The pic of the two of you is also awesome. Can’t wait to see wedding pics!

Gosh I’m so jealous! For 2 reasons: #1, because I want to be there right now, on the beach!! and #2, b/c you produce such colorfully vibrant and energetically CRISP photos that I can’t seem to do at all.

Hmm, I think Jay has some competition there. That’s an awesome picture of the two of you! I love seeing pictures of you guys. We don’t get to see many of them and there is definitely lots of love oozing out of the Bean duet for the camera to catch.

Punam these are so beautiful. I love the 3rd one…such great laughter and love in their faces.

Cute pic of you and your hubby as well :)

LOVE!!! the hues are gorgeous and so unique. wish my beach shots would come out like yours. hehe :)

Punam ~ I’m so grateful I fell upon your website yesterday… it’s totally reinvigorated my passion for making images of love & soul.
Bless you woman!
These photos are just so oh-exquisite…
you document beauty:love:connection:magic so deeply & truly,

Ah! The light is gorgeous there. Love love.

Boomie + David, part I: Ijoba, Nigeria

Husbone and I are at Charles de Gaulle Airport (my most favorite airport ever – gourmet cheese, fresh baked bread, various cured meats of the duck variety which I pine for a long while after I’ve left this place), and I am so excited to finally present to you, the first of a series, about Boomie and David, and Africa.

Boomie and David met over the phone, about a year ago. She was in Maryland, and he was in her hometown of Lagos, in Nigeria. They spoke on the phone quite a bit, and for quite a while, before Boomie decided to surprise David. She had her uncle meet him at Barcelos (an amazing made to order fast food chicken extravaganza), to give him a gift. The gift was her. She was hiding in the car. David had said to her in one of their talks, that when he finally sees her in the flesh, he’ll pick her up and spin her around. He was so shocked when he saw her emerge from the car that he totally forgot. And after some time, he told her to put down her things, and he delivered as promised. This, their wedding week, is only the third time she’s ever seen him. But the love just oozes from them. So much for each other, and for everyone else around them. Arriving at Murtala Muhammed Airport was the first time I ever (and finally!) met Boomie, and I was so taken with her brightness and sincerity that it feels like I’ve known her for a year.

David has never been to America, but he’ll be moving here next week, to be with his new wife. How awesome is that?!? Husbone and I look forward to having them as our dear friends.

Lagos is Probably one of the most vibrant, chaotic, visually rich places I’ve ever seen. And I have to say the same about their various wedding ceremonies. The first of which, was the traditional Yoruba ceremony. I am weary with travel, and I have three more flights left today until I arrive in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the Blend workshop, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Boomie and David

Yams!Boomie and David

Boomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and David

An awesome tradition in Yoruba wedding ceremonies, and many other West African cultures, is that every one on a side of the family gets a fabric, and each person gets their outfit custom made. There were 1000 people at their Christian wedding, about 400 people at the Yoruba wedding. This way, you can look out onto a sea of people and know how many people on your side are there for you.Boomie and DavidBoomie and David

You might be able to spot me there in the back. And as you can see, I was very happy to be there. No matter how sweaty.Boomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and DavidBoomie and David

I love this shot.Boomie and David

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fred e friday

it”s was great

[…] a great job on telling a great story about the couple so you have to read and see for yourself at Engagement and wedding , i was going to copy and paste from Punam’s blog about the couple, but she tells […]

these are absolutely incredible! it would be a dream to shoot a wedding like this. :)


These are so lovely!

What I would do to photography a wedding like this! It makes me want to go back to Africa NOW! You did such an amazing job… way to not get lost in all the happy chaos!

Beautiful! Lovely work that really captured the excitement of the day!

Lovely shots, thanks for doing a great job for my lovely Sis. I wish I made it down for the wedding, I can’t wait to see more shots.

these shots are beautiful! I cant wait to see the rest! You have captured the mood very well.


Awwww….. great story and nice pictures…

emily griffith

Punam, it was so great to meet you tonight and get a glimpse of some of your work. It’s beautiful! I’m your newest fan! :)

These are amazing!!!! So beautiful, I feel like I am there! My favorite is the one of the groom kissing the bride’s chin :)

Amazing, Punam! The color is so gorgeous and the expressions on everyone’s faces are so joyful. It must’ve been amazing to witness!


You did it again Punam! Love all the details and intimate moments that you captured so beautifully! These couple is gorgeous and so are the pictures!

Wow, absolutely gorgeous! The love they have for each other is written all over their faces. Amazing images!!

Punam, these pictures are awesome! I have been so eager to see them and am so blessed by the beauty. I love the next to the last photo. It captures them perfectly. I also the love the black and white with you in the background. I have never seen a photographer have so much fun while working simultaneously. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see more. God bless you!

Whee, how exciting to see these (and what a wonderfully memorable trip for you)! Can’t wait for more!

Amazing photos, totally stunning couple….Their love story so touchable! I wish them long life in happiness and love!

Love it! Awesome, awesome! What a great opportunity for you both! Show us more!

Art Lowe

Incredible work, Punam!

Oh. My. Word. Poo.

You knocked this one out of the park.

It would have been easy for most people to get overwhelmed, but as always you stayed true to yourself with the newness of the place, people and experience only inspiring you more.

WOW. I am impressed. :)

oh my goodness. such beautiful images of a beautiful wedding. just stunning.

Wow Punam! What beautiful people! And I thought Venezuelan weddings were colorful… boy they got us beat with all those vibrant hues! Love it Love it Love it!

Beautiful and inspiring.

Punam!!! soooo beautiful! I am so proud of you! what a neat experience you had!

*stunning* images, Punam!

Gorgeous Punam!!! What an experience- amazing work as always!

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can just feel the excitement of the ceremony through these pictures!! LOVE the colors!!

You’re so lucky to have been a part of this!! What a beautiful people and culture! Great work – amazing photos!

Incredible what comes alive in your creativity when traveling in new places. Can’t wait for more.

These are awesome. I especially love the second to the last picture. Loved the yam pictures and glad you rocked it out in the heat :)

Talk about my dream wedding to photograph. BEAUTIFUL!!!

AMAZING!!! i love these! so vibrant! you did a fantastic job!

Absolutely amazingly gorgeous! i cannot wait to see more

Amazing!! And what a cool tradition to have everyone from one side wear the same fabric.. that must have been quite a sight!!


BEAUTIFUL. This is a beautiful celebration!

pictures, part ii

I didn’t get good grades in high school. I was one of those kids that the structure of your typical public school just wasn’t meant for. I would get so bored in class, I hated doing work that I thought was irrelevant, and if someone didn’t explain things to me in a way I could relate to, it went in one ear and out the other. But I did have my acting. That was really the only asset I had in getting into any kind of college.

Fortunately for me, Pace University was so desperate for students in 2001(I hear they’ve raised the bar since then!), that some of my class mates in college were still working on their GED while going to college full time. And I just wanted to get away from California, and go to New York, where everything was shiny and glamorous. And so, after taking a year to chillax and do some local theatre, I applied and was accepted to Pace. First day of class? Monday, September 10th, 2001. My first class wasn’t until that Tuesday.

My phone rang at 9am Tuesday morning. It’s college guy I just met at some drunken party the night before.

Ummm, look out your window.

I’m a silly one, and I used to sleep with a disposable camera under my pillow. Seriously. And I turned over, and this:

I never fully realized the life and world altering moment that this was until years later. I felt so, normal that day. Like it was a Tuesday, which it was. As if it was perfectly normal that we should jump into this strangers car and go to Poughkeepsie and let them clothe and feed us. Look at that sky. I remember, that very morning, I shared a strange moment with my roommate. It was 6 am, and we were sleeping, and we both woke up and just looked into each others eyes. The room was filled with this utterly vivid pink light, which was the rising sun reflecting off of everything.

I said, “It’s so pink in here…”

And we feel back asleep. When I awoke, she was gone, and this angry black cloud scribbled itself against the most shockingly blue sky I ever remember seeing.

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Hello – Can you please share your Camera, Lens and any gears you used?

wow, thanks for all your stories, everyone!

Sept 11 2001 was my first day of high school and I was living in New York at the time. I can just remember us being in my class, someone pulled my teacher out the room, he came back and said something happened to the World Trade Center and went on teaching. Everyone went on about their business, some people talked about it at lunch – that was it. I got home and turned on the news and it was then that I realized what happened – my dad worked in Brooklyn, I couldn’t get in touch with him…my sister and brother in law worked in Manhattan and I couldn’t get in touch with them either…finally I started to panic.

In the end my daddy made it home to me safe – my sister was one of many who had to walk over the bridge to make it out of Manhattan…the man who I am now going to marry (who I didn’t know at the time) was currently working for the army and had to transport soldiers back and forth to Ground Zero. He can’t speak of that day or even look at a picture of the buildings on fire. He described the things he saw, the smells and the sounds…and cries.

It was a powerful day – I’ll never forget it.

Hello Putnam,
I am touched by your writings from this day and can feel the shock and awe you must have felt when you looked out your window. So awful, just so awful….

I just discovered you on Flicker… I am in love wtih your style of photography. I know you said you were self-taught, have you ever thought of hosting a workshop to teach other aspiring wedding photographers like myself. I live in Albany, NY.

Hope you’re shoot in Nigera is going well. I just photographed a Nigerian family here in the Albany area and they were so wonderful. They dressed in their native dress for a few photos. Just loved that shoot.

Happy 1st day of Spring!!!!!!!!


christina new-watling

There was a long time when a day didn’t go by that I didn’t think of 9/11. Recently I haven’t thought about it as much, but every now and again something reminds me. Today, it was this post. Being a true New Yorker (born and raised in Queens, NY) I feel like this is an event that has somehow become a part of me. I remember the sky was so blue, and the day was so perfect….so still. I think we all have memories of where we were and what we were doing. All I know is that NYC is the best city on earth and I will never forget driving home from college and seeing all the American flags in every car, in every window, on every house front door. We all came together and it was beautiful. Thanks for the memory, because really, we should never forget…

This is just incredible… both the photo and your telling of how it came to be. I can almost see you there that morning barely awake, disposable camera to your face… thank you for sharing that moment!


What a story!! Do you still sleep with a camera under your pillow? I find that remarkable! But what was the impetus to do so? I loved your details about color in this story-vivid pink, to angry black cloud, to shockingly blue sky…
You are so awesome to write posts in advance and have them set to pop up while you are gone! Love it :)

I remember this day, even at my side of the world. I remember being awoken by my mom (it was about 11 or 12mn here, then) and all the TV’s were tuned in to CNN. Although the video doesn’t seem as poignant and heart breaking as your photo.

All of us–your friends in Theatre back in CA.–were freaking out, not just about the situation, but about you specifically. We knew how close you were to Ground Zero; had anyone heard from you?! Did anyone have an update?! Someone; call Punam!! We were desperate for news. It made the entire situation so real and that much more frightening when someone we knew and loved was involved.


For as simple as the story was that was a really, really interesting recount of that day through your eyes.