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The best! (and other news!)

I found myself to be tickled with surprise the other day when I found a letter in the mail from the lovely folks at Project Wedding. Real mail? With paper and ink? Amazing! It’s been so long since any one told me anything worthwhile (Husbone love letters not included) with ink (or toner) and paper. How nice.

And so, without further adieu, I just feel so honored to have been chosen by Project Wedding as one of the top 5% of wedding vendors in New York City. It’s a big city, and I feel grateful and honored to be:

Best of Project Wedding 2008

So, Yay!

In other news, I will be out of town on the following dates:

April 29th – May 4th – St Maarten for Emily and Bobby’s wedding

May 8th- 11th – Loading film and other tasks for Jose Villa in Mexico

May 14th – 17th – Alaska

May 17th – 18th, 21st-22nd – Seattle

May 19th-21st – Portland

For the latter half of those dates, if anyone is in Anchorage (on the 14th only), Seattle or Portland I’d love to hang out! If anyone has a couch or a small space of floor in which a small person (meaning me!) can curl up, that would be great too. It’s always more fun to visit places staying with people instead of hotels, and if anyone else is of the same mind, let me know! Dinner will be my treat!

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Argh…my in-laws-to-be will be in town or else I’d love to host you in Portland!
(and coerce you with good food and wine to take a few photos for us!)
I’ll let you know if plans change and our comfy guest room (in a hip area of town!) becomes vacant.
Enjoy your travels,

Congrats on your honors! And more exciting travels ahead — I’m so jealous. Can’t help with the Alaska accommodations, but Ed will have a rental car. If you won’t, just let us know your Talkeetna travel plans … maybe he can help!

Amos Chen

Congrats! How have you been?

CONGRATS!!!!! You TOTALLY deserve it!! You are one busy lady. Safe travels and see you when you get back!! 😀


Sweet news! Congrats Punam :) Well deserved!

My sister lives in Anchorage, I’m sure she would give you a spot on the floor! If in Amarillo, I can go all out and give you a guest room!
Congrats on having your photo skills recognized!

oh and if you’re ever in jacksonville, fl… i have a whole bed.. not just a couch that is open for use 😉

loading film and other stuff for Jose Villa???? lucky girl!! and all that traveling you do!! enjoy it

Ada F

Congrats Punam! You totally, totally deserve it. Looking forward to capering around NYC taking pretty pictures soon!

Melissa + Paul, engaged!

Love is MY MOST FAVORITE THING on warm spring days. Melissa and Paul are planning their wedding in New Jersey, from their home in London. We had a briefer than usual interlude in some West Village frolicking, as they were kind enough to squeeze me in among their feverish wedding planning!  AND it was SUPPOSED to be 62 degrees, but I was definitely breaking a sweat, which excited me to no end. SPRINGTIME! It felt like a party outside! See?!

Melissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and Paul

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[…] Beautiful engagement shot. Really pretty. Another fantastic one. […]

[…] Beautiful engagement shot. Really pretty. Another fantastic one. […]

love (LOVE) those last two. can’t help it, I’m an emotion junkie.

Oh Punam, the one through the bike is amazing! Of course they all are, but your eye for detail is pure genius. Well done :)

Love these! Gorgeous as always. :)

Wow! I lovvvve the last two shots… and the one through the bike spokes made me say “wow” out loud! I am a photographer just starting out in portraits, and hopefully soon weddings… and I love your work!

This is a beautiful set of photos! I love all your angles – quite the eye you have :)


ai yi yi! your use of architecture is amazing girl! you have such an amazing eye! i love the buildings/bike, the trees reaching for the sky in a lacy tangle, and the up-close intimate moments! it’s all amazing! you are inspiring!

Your “through the bike spokes” shot is amazing!

Lana + Phil, an engagement! (with Jewish Yemenite Awesomeness!!)

Whew! I suppose from my schedule it seems that I’m a little nutso lately, but when I find myself in between exotic locations, I am without much to do but read on my new Kindle (it’s awesome!), re(and re and re and re) watch this weeks episode of Lost, and go to the farmers market so I can pretend to be French. Well, I suppose it’s only really been the weekend that I’ve been lazing about… maybe it was only just yesterday, but I’ve been going for so long that when I stop to rest, it feels like my wheels are still spinning. 

I consider myself completely and insanely lucky that I get to do some gallavanting around the world, photographing the cultural wonders that are weddings as set against so many vast and worldly backdrops. Today, Lana and Phil brought some of those cultural wonders to New York City. Hey! They cried! Want to shoot our Jewish Yemenite Henna Ceremony before our engagement session! (ps. a Jewish Yemenite Henna Ceremony is really just the amount of time it takes for the bride-to-be to get dressed. I mean, once you see the outfit you can understand that it in and of itself is quite an event!) Sure! I replied! Frakking of Course!

When I met Lana and Phil, it was a late evening in DC, and they invited me out for some drinks after. They hadn’t even hired me yet, but we threw back some rum and cokes together and had a grand time until about 2 am or so. It was awesome. And I have a feeling that their wedding is going to be one awesome party. In the meantime, here are a few shots from today. I feel very privileged to have been chosen by this beautiful, wonderful, open, in love couple of people. I mean, they certainly know how to get dressed for a party! (even though there was no party but the one in my camera!)

Lana and PhilLana and PhilLana and PhilLana and PhilLana and PhilLana and PhilLana and PhilLana and PhilLana and PhilLana and PhilLana and Phil


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Wow…these are awesome. Good job.

Wow. Just…wow.

Unfreakinbelievable opportunity! Well done, Poo. Images 1 & 4 blow me away!!!

love them all. beautiful culture.


How do you manage to outdo yourself every.single.time? You astound me, Punam. Total rockstar!

genius!! the colors, the outfits, the shots and the couple – all just supremely perfect!!

Amazing, beautiful, breathtaking! The details on their outfits are just unbelievable. Love all of these!

wow! Their outfits are stunning!

Oh they are such a cute couple and they sound so warm and open. Can’t wait to see how their wedding unfolds.


OH!!! These photos are perfect!!! That was some party in your camera! :) U R 2 cute! I love how you captured the details and the intimate moments. A great tribute to this couple—without knowing them it feels like you really represented them well.

Oh man– this could be one of the raddest things I’ve ever seen. I’d hang that first shot in my living room.

Wow! Gorgeous!

Yelena L


I love the ornate clothing they are wearing! You did such an aweseom job with their session!

Diane V

The photos of Lana and Phil are amazing! The shots reflect the mutual feelings of love and affection they share for one another. Strawberry fields forever…

Deborah Vahab

You had great subjects!

Beautiful photos! and I am glad I am not the only one re re re watching lost lately. :)

OMG! Their outfits are gorgeous!!!! You did amazing photographs for this couple!

That first shot is like National Geographic! And that last shot in the flowers just melts…sooooooooo sweet! Great looking couple as well!


FABULOUS!!!! It was all done so nicely. We all really enjoyed the photos – keep them coming…..

Killer daffodils! They’re a wonderful couple you’ve captured.

This blog post is pure eye candy and inspiration Punam!

Africa, on film.

In our mad dash to catch our flight, I grabbed a couple of rolls of film that have been rattling around the house for a while. After only a couple of rolls, and some advice from Jose Villa via Blend, these are my favorites.

Ok, seriously? What could be more awesome than shooting an engagement session on a Beach in Africa with horses galloping around us! Ack!

I love the look of pushing black and white film up a stop. So old timey!

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AHHH Beautiful film, so gorgeous!!

Thanks so much all! I heart film!

wow. these are seriously gorgeous. i heart your work so much. :)


Wow! These are fantastic :)

I love the pictures, espcially the last two of her getting ready and them together. Their outfits are amazing!!

I lovethese “film style” photographs….and color also….these colors on their outfits just amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Schneider

Punam! The film shots look amazing! I dusted off my old film camera from my high school photography class and have been getting back into it. You should shoot film more! You are a very gifted photographer (I have no basis for this claim, but I know that I really like your pictures).

I hope to see much more film work from you! These are lovely!

Wow, I love the look of film so much… those last two pictures are stunning!

I’m loving these… looking forward to seeing more of your film work as it blooms Punam :)