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We’re hiring!

It’s true! As my current and trusty studio manager, Naomi, embarks upon her journey to become an LAPD cop – seriously, folks! I find myself with some changes brewing, and I think it’s time to get down to business.

I’m looking to fill a studio manager/assistant and associate photographer position. Last time I tried this was through Craigslist, and it didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. So I figure I give those of my readers in need of a job first dibs before I send my query out into the wide world.

I’m looking to fill both positions by mid July. You will find at the top navigation bar, there is now a link that says jobs. I won’t trouble the rest of you with it here. Yay!

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I so wish I lived in NYC! I love your photography. :-)

I don’t think I could ever find a more convincing reason to pack up my life in Oz and head to NY. Oh Punam don’t tempt me.

Oh man. I wish I lived in NY. I would love to apply though I live halfway across the world! My heart is sinking :( Somebody beam me to NY! :( Good luck though…

As a daily blog-stalker I have to say this is an amazing opportunity! I’ve always dreamed of working with a photographer as talented as you. If only I lived in New York…


if i wasn’t allergic to cats and lived in NYC, i would so apply for these jobs!

Lana + Phil: married!

Remember Lana and Phil? Well, I had a feeling that their wedding was going to be an awesome party, and I think I may have underestimated the situation. Of course, I do hold a special place in my heart for two people in love who hit the dance floor with epic enthusiasm. At one point there was even a mosh pit, and we hadn’t even made it to the Hora by that time! And though the rain that never quite manifested pushed the wedding indoors, the result was awesomely beautiful and intimate. I had such an amazing time at this crazy party of a wedding with these crazy in love people. In the morning, every time she mentioned Phil, she couldn’t help but cry, “He’s such a good man!”. I’m kind of in love with them, and I’m so glad I got to be there.

lana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phil

There were so many amazing details!!lana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phillana and phil

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they are so amazing….so beautifull…i love them!!

Love how you captured so many candid moments from the mom’s laughing to the little boy sleeping at the reception, the iamges are astounding. The color treament is great and I simply love the flow of the images. Simply amazing.


Simply breathtaking. You’ve captured these milestone moments perfectly.


very nice photos…

especially the sleeping little boy :)


gorgeous as usual punam. can’t wait to meet you.

was that “jung lee” the wedding planner. omg, i love her work!!!!

so gorgeous. im lost for words……..great job

All of these are gorgeous! I am in loooove with the second shot, and the one of the little boy sleeping under the table. Absolutely fantastic! The decor was so beautiful at this wedding. Awesome job! :)

I think I am going to get remarried just so you can take my photos, love them!


You can see the love beaming through from within them. May they have many happy years together in marriage. Your photos never fail to astound me, Punam. You are in a class of your own. I love all the photos but my favorite is the one where the tree looks like it’s hugging them. Gorgeous!

You did an amazing job capturing their day, Punam. You really caught some great moments!

gorgeous set!

Wow, Punam! So many amazing moments here!

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! It’s so amazing to see the works of art you’ve created after having been there in real time. Needless to say, you never disappoint me Punam. Thanks for an awesome day of experiencing and learning from you.

these are awesome! I love that first shot of them under the chuppa!


These pics are AMAZING! GREAT JOB PUNAM! I particularly love #’s 1, 2 (lovely artistic compositions on the mirror shots), 9, 11, 12, 13 (the tree seems to embrace them), 15, 17, 22, and 24.

When I scrolled down to the image of his hands on her back… wow… my breath got caught in my throat! Such a simple and yet powerful image. Excellent!

Love her flowers and the reception shots of them on the chairs.

I love em all, but especially the first ceremony shot — those hanging flowers are amazing!

Thanks my peeps! It really feels like cheating when I have couples as awesome as this!

Your work charms me in ways I cannot even describe. Beautiful, beautiful.

Breathtaking…..Colors, details and couple….very beautiful!


so beautiful! looks like a lovely party. I love the moments you captured, and the beautiful colors!!

hello all sorts of ossum. each one of these.

I think my favorites might just be the ones taken during the ceremony… and the ones of the couple by the tree! Just beautiful!


Love all the tender moments captured and everything else!

truly beautiful! I love the one of the little boy asleep on the chairs :)

Sydney + Jeremy: engagement!

I only ever met Sydney over the phone. Hiring your wedding photographer should be somewhat of an audition – not just for the photographer, but for the client, too. There are so many great photographers who get burnt out in this business. I refuse to be one of them, by booking too many weddings with too many clients that don’t fully appreciate and trust what I do. And that I so LOVE what I do. So I like to sit, get to know my potential clients/ future friends. If I can’t meet them in person, which is quite often, then we will both just have to work extra hard to get across to each other who we are and what we want. It’s a date. We are beginning a relationship that hopefully will last a long time. It’s just as invigorating getting to know beautiful people in love, as it is making images of the love that they have for each other, their families, their animals, the world. 

When Sydney and I spoke over the phone, we were so exactly on the same page about everything. She and Jeremy live in San Francisco, and since they were unable to have the wedding in their home town (it’ll be at a summer camp in upstate NY!), I really wanted to be able to shoot their engagement session there. I feel like I know what it’s like, to be connected to each other, and to, together, be connected to a place. So when I booked my Alaska wedding, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do some vintage shopping in the North West and hop on down to San Francisco to capture these beautiful people in love in their natural habitat. Looking through the photos, I couldn’t imagine having to do their session in New York City, without their amazing and beautiful dog, Kaili. 

Sydney and Jeremy live in the gorgeous hills north of San Francisco, and were very successful in convincing me to move there. As husbone and I are considering a life of living bi-coastally, I think that when it happens (that is, probably winter 2010 – can’t wait!), we are very likely going to choose our new, sometime home among those same amazing, gorgeous, crazy california seaside hills. Seriously folks, it’s a done deal. Little did I know when I was so eager to leave home in my youth that California would always hold strong and special in my heart. And these east coasters who transplanted there are a total picture of everything I love about that beautiful state, and the wonderful people (and animals!) who live there. And seriously, all you California photographers have it SO FRIGGIN EASY! Sigh. Beautiful light, beautiful country.

sydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremysydney and jeremy


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Jo-Ann Skiena Garey

Love these photos – love the photographer – so thrilled for Syd & Jeremy. And so glad we could connect the family with your wonderful photography. We treasure the wedding photos your took of our Nole & Andy.

i love all of this photo very romantic


as usual – you outdid yourself, Punam! absolutely beautiful pics.

this post pretty much sums up everything I love about california! :)

how funny, I know the exact street the second to last shot was taken… that’s one of my favorite parts of the bay area!
and, yes, we are very very lucky :)

this makes me want to do an e session with my little guy, how fun! :)

amazing! beautiful photographs! this couple and their dog…they are soo beautiful!

absolutely breathtaking!! I’m all about the west coast too!! can’t get enough of that sunny weather. 😀

I loved your images before and now I feel a very special connection to your photographs. My daughter, Sydney and her dear Jeremy are so amazing together and you captured them with romantic integrity.
They will always have these pictures of where they love to be and Ms Kaili by their side.
Thank-you and so pleased to have found you through Stephen Garey.
Mona Brody



Love CA. Love Pretty Pics. Love Pretty Pics By Punam Bean. Love Me Some Pretty Pics By Punam Bean In CA. (!!)

the time of day makes these photos amazing! great session!!

Judy Frumkin

Wow! Thank you for these phenomenal pictures of our children. We can’t wait for their beautiful wedding! You brought out the best of them, especially their love and love of fun together.
Judy (mom of Jeremy)

Andrea + Jack: Married!

Oh, Alaska.

I met Jack and Andrea at my very first i-didn’t-have-to-beg-for-the-job wedding (I can’t believe that was only last year – so much has happened since!). Some of you may know Mrs. Tulip from WeddingBee? Well Andrea is Mr. Tulip’s sister. And when I met her, and she told me that she was in love and living in Alaska,  not so deep down inside I really hoped she called me when wedding bells came a ringin’. But NOT just because she lives in the foothills of Mt. McKinley, which I can finally confirm is the most amazing place I’ve ever seen in my life, but because from the moment I met her, I was so deeply struck by the open and deep sincerity she beams in her easy smile. And I was further struck by the sincerity of Jack and Andrea’s love for each other. I took a picture of them looking at each other fondly at Tara and Ed’s wedding. Whenever I went through the photos, I found this simple photo always striking. It always made me pause and smile at the love they so obviously share.

I often find myself lucky enough to shoot weddings all around the world, often my couples are of those places. This was a wedding in Alaska at it’s finest. For a state inhabited by less than 630,000 people, the whole vast and beautiful state is a small town. The sun doesn’t set until 11:30 pm, and then it’s merely dusk until 4:30am. Andrea mentioned she fully expected people to arrive with their side arms, that the reception would be nothing more than hanging out – no toasts, no dancing, just chillin’, catching up with neighbors, and enjoying the amazing weather. A little girl even brought her fishing pole, and people sat on picnic tables and talked about camping. I also have never seen so many injured wedding guests in my life – even Andrea had tore her ACL the week prior in a skiing accident and was wearing a pretty insane knee brace under her wedding dress. But it ain’t no thang. It’s Alaska, and we are in the wild. And in Talkeetna, most people live off the grid, and a lot of people don’t even have running water. It’s a remarkable place where everybody knows everybody – to the point that people driving by saw the tents set up for the party and stopped to see who had gotten hitched and what time they should come by. Hell – I even picked up a hitchhiker – the day of the wedding! When I asked about the schedule and about what time things would be wrapping up, I was told that since the sun takes its sweet time going down, things just kind of end whenever. Dinner was ribs and salmon (ah-hem. best ribs ever!!). I had dinner at Andrea and Jacks amazing house the night before and ate fern sprouts they picked from the river side. Amazing. Oh, and Alaskan salmon is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Also, King Crab legs. I love food.

Having a little free time to myself the day before I decided to take a small plane up to the base camp on Mt. McKinley. Unfortunately it was cloudy and a fog sat over the camp, making it impossible to land. So we detoured our way over to Ruth Glacier, to my surprise – that’s where the wedding was supposed to be! And in that light, the first few images here are from that trip. It was cloudy that day – the wedding day was a cloudless sky. It looks amazingly unbelievable either way. And I have to tell you it’s REALLY hard to tell how big everything is, but just know that every mountain, cliff, snow capped peak is miles away in the background.

andrea and jack

The first thing I thought was… ummm… why am I doing this??? I am TERRIFIED of heights!! Like, trying really hard not to pee in my pants, can’t breathe, can’t move until it’s over terrified. I didn’t think about this until I was on the plane, and there was a considerable amount of jostling, in my opinion. But I forced myself to relax, thinking, if the plane crashes, there’s just nothing I can do. So just relax. RELAX!! But the best thing for it was when something like this caught my eye, and for a moment I was floating forever with no thought of the ground 2 miles below.andrea and jackandrea and jackandrea and jack

And a quick self portrait. That mountain is about a mile away from me. Insane. (please forgive the dust bunnies!)

The ground was so white that I didn’t even realize that we lifted off until I looked out the window.

andrea and jack

To the wedding!andrea and  jackandrea and jackandrea and jack

In the copilot seat!! My fear provoked many thoughts of preparing myself if the pilot has an unexpected aneurism. I kept looking for possible runways – cause I would know what to do (shakes head at self).

andrea and jack

The bride arrives! Now, I am a shallowest depth of field kind of gal, but even shooting at 50 iso, 8000th of a second, I still had to shoot at f/8.

andrea and jack

Since you can’t really bring supplies to the glacier, you just kind of land there and stand somewhere, so there’s no aisle, no runner, no altar. Just people. It doesn’t get simpler than that. SO beautiful.

andrea and jackandrea and jackandrea and  jackandrea and jackandrea and  jackandrea and jackandrea and jackandrea and jackandrea and jack

Suddenly over our push to talk headphones we heard some people singing “Goww-ing to the Gla-cier and we’re — Gonna get ma-a-arried.” Andrea got a kick out of it.

andrea and  jackandrea and  jackandrea and  jackandrea and  jackandrea and  jack

When I get the film, there’ll be more to come!!

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They were custom made by friends of the couple!


I loved the two rings…could you tell me the brand of them?

[…] is the way of these things, Punam Bean posted Sister-in-Law’s wedding photos on a day I didn’t make it online to see […]

What a wonderful and romantic shoot!

[…] AMAZING WEDDING. EVER. How awesome is […]

um….AMAZING??!!! Wow, that’s the most entertaining wedding blog post I’ve ever read. I love it!


I especially like the B&W where Jack has his eyes closed. Jack – I have never seen you look so happy and content.

this might be the most AMAZING shoot I have ever seen! GORGEOUS images, the location is pure ONE in a MILLION!!!!

Michelle and Aaron

These are so beautiful! Your love for each other is so clear and your hapiness shines through! I cant wait to see you soon!

Seriously, this raised the bar, Punam. You are so remarkable. Truly: well done.

Beautiful Punam! What a coooooll wedding! Great job capturing a happy couple as always!

Oh my. These are fantastic and moving. I loved the two ring shots and was taken back by the couple walking away from the camera toward the range. Amazing. You’ve got an incredible story here. Share it!

dear friend,
you inspire me. these are beyond-words breathtaking. SO overjoyed you got to experience this amazingly unique wedding and couple!

beautiful Punam… not only are these photos breathtaking but you my friend have a gift for sharing your heart with the world… I feel so blessed to have you as a friend and to spend some time with you in Seattle this week. you are one of those rare souls that makes life richer… much richer. xoxox, Sarah

You rock like NO ONE else Punam! Seriously… A GLACIER?! I don’t mean to get all technical but MAD PROPS on your exposure… shooting in the snow is not an easy task…. and you did a PHENOMENAL job! Miss you friend…


Punam—these photos are exquisite perfection! You NEVER cease to amaze and inspire me! I am in AWE! Your pictures left me breathless and moved me to tears! The pictures of this wedding are so unique and spectacular that they seem unreal–except they aren’t! 10 thumbs up!!!


Forget Brooklyn I am getting married in Alaska! Punam these photos are amazing- my bridesmaid dresses are the same, hope they look as good at BAM! See you in a couple weeks.

Wonderful.. I always wanted to fly on top of a Glacier and always wondered about weddings on Glaciers.. You did an amazing job Punam

WHAT A FREAKING AMAZING WEDDING! That’s such an awesome experience and such an amazing location for a wedding. Wow! Great, great photos!

Gabriel Mora

Simply AWESOME! Breathtaking views! Professionals like you brings the difference between mere pictures and these PHOTOGRAPHS!

OMG….. I never saw such an unusual location for Wedding…..WoW!!!!! You are lucky to travel a lot and capture love in amazing places on planet! Breathtaking photographs! Love your self-portrait :-)

Wow, Punam – these are gorgeous! What a backdrop for their wedding!

WOW! Your photos are amazingly beautiful! You are so lucky to have shot a wedding in Alaska. It looks like a wonderful place! Kudos to you! You just earned another fan! :)

Punam, they’re gorgeous!! Ed says even though he was there, he had no idea the photos would turn out so beautifully…. (And he hopes you get your camera back soon.)

So stunning! You are a truly talented lady. I wish I could have been there to lug your gear around for you! I feel sure, however, that Alaska will lure you back again someday!

[…] Bean got to shoot a wedding on Mt. McKinley. How cool is […]

Alaska is absolutely the most incredible place I’ve ever visited. I loved all the people, the incredible scenery, the relaxed attitude and the connection to the earth day to day life has. These images are breathtaking.

Wow. Just wow. The amazingness of that wedding and its surroundins was unreal…and the way you captured it was fantastic. I love that the simplicity of the wedding was reflected in your photography, what seamless execution!

WOW!! amazing images and what an incredible wedding!

pardon this for a first comment on this blog… but, un-freakin-real. i got tears in my eyes… at the shots of the mountains. breathless halfway through. what an adventure, and what beautiful captures…

WOW! Punam you did an outstanding job! These pictures show the perfectly beautiful simplicity of this wedding!

Lovely photographs, what a great idea. I particularly like the ring shots I would have to say. The rings look like something you would find elvish writing on.

Wow these are just amazing!!

WOWzers! What an amazing story! The images are so immediate, and the landscapes are breathtaking!!

oh. my. word.

i’m telling everybody about this. absolutely incredible.

So very very amazing.

Oh my goodness, there are no words! Such a phenomenal opportunity! An amazing wedding and equally amazing images of it all!

I’m so glad they chose you Punam. These are just so real and so beautiful. They are just beyond words. No one else could have captured this like you did. Congratulations on another spectacular wedding, captured magnificently.

Oh the places you go!!

Wow… what a backdrop!! These are all incredible!

Amazing! That is one heck of a unique wedding :)

These images are out of control – they’re so beautiful, I feel like I’m there. What a blessing to be able to see the world and enjoy love at its finest moment

Awesome adventure Punam. Great wedding.

Absolutely stunning, just as I expected it would be. As soon as Tara posted on her personal blog and said you were shooting this wedding in Alaska I started stalking your site waiting for pictures, and they do not disappoint!


oh my cannoli! stunning! these shots are gorgeous! beautiful job–as always.

You captured the day beautifully! I love the shadow of the plane and the shot of the bride and groom walking away kissing.

Punam these are just lovely! what a wonderful wedding!!


Oh man… the rings on the leaves… amazing. Tons of great shots, here. Looks like a great wedding!

Punam these are so awesome. What a great idea for a wedding and so wonderful for you to be able to capture it. Just awesome. I adore the ring shot!

Ada + Ben: engaged!

Please forgive me. Travels to the north west, though refreshing and warm, have not been internet friendly. Until this evening, as I sit in my little hotel room that’s like a small apartment in the Pearl, in this my future home of Portland, Oregon.

Ada and Ben. I think it’s safe to say that they are madly in love. They light each other up like the sun lights the moon. It’s so rich to be near this connection they have, that I think I can also safely say that I’m a little in love with them myself. It doesn’t hurt that our first meeting turned into a veritable all-nighter filled with drinks, good cheer, and in salivatory in-depth descriptions of amazing food across the world. It also doesn’t hurt that they were kind enough to treat me to skewers of fried chicken skin, whole smelt and beef tongue. Ada said it best – we three are culinary kindred spirits. If there is anything in this world that I love as much as love, it’s definitely food.

We embarked upon our photographic journey at the Strand Bookstore in Union Square, took a break to stuff our faces with all sorts of amazing meats on skewers, and went to frolic in my home town of Long Island City at night time. So, it was pretty much the perfect day. I had so much fun with you both and I can’t WAIT until your wedding!! It’s so soon!! Yay!

ada and benada and benada and benada and benada and benada and benada and ben

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These are just so melty and beautiful.

And I think I’ve just worked out where I need photos:

in a bookstore.

Nothing says love to me like a bookstore :)

I love that third shot… they are all great, but that third shot :)

Linda R.

One is more beautiful than the next! Gorgeous!

These are beautiful Punam – My fav is the third book store shot! Really awesome!

Ben's Dad

These are gorgeous! Brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait for the wedding.

Ada F

I love the photos, Punam! Thanks for making us look so pretty :)

This is the most interesting and creative session I ever seen! Beautiful work!!!!!!


Whee! Thanks Punam, for being a whiz at photography so we can have beautiful photos of us :) You rock!