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Caroline + Sungho; married!

It’s always so sweet when I get to shoot weddings within a family. Sungho, Donna’s brother, and Caroline are amazing together. It was pretty much the most laid back and relaxed wedding day I think I’ve ever been a part of, and believe me, that’s really saying a lot. Most of my brides ad grooms are pretty laid back, and for that I am thankful. But even on this Saturday, there was a lot of time to relax, and also, for hilarity to ensue in the form of goofy mustaches.

caroline and sung hocaroline and sung hocaroline and sung hocaroline and sung hocaroline and sung hocaroline and sung ho

caroline and sung hocaroline and sung hocaroline and sung hocaroline and sung hocaroline and sung hocaroline and sung ho

Luckily it only rained for a few minutes, but yikes!

caroline and sung ho

There is one mustache here that I think is a little borderline WWII.

caroline and sung hocaroline and sung ho

Sungho’s Mother is one of the most glamourous mother of the Groom I’ve ever met!caroline and sung hocaroline and sung ho

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love the angles and the smiles, they really make this wedding amazing. I am sure your bride was in tears of joy after seeing this wedding.

Love the green!!!

The mustaches crack me up. What a beautiful wedding! Great work, Punam!

Wonderful wedding photography. You really captured the day for Caroline and Sungho. Nice work!


There’s a lot of laughter and a lot of love in these pictures! I love them! You’re captured a radiantly happy bridal party with a killer sense of humor! Those ‘staches are HILARIOUS!

these are beautiful. i love your colors~

Jennifer + Mark; engaged! …then married!

You may remember Tiffany and Jared. Well, Jennifer, Tiffany’s sister, and Mark, her man, got engaged just days after Tiffany’s Jamaica wedding. I’m so excited and honored that they chose me as their photographer, too, for their wedding in the Riviera Maya in a couple of weeks! Time flies!! 

Their union last Monday was a perfect example of the extremely efficient process of getting hitched in New York City. I was supposed to meet them in the morning and it turned out that they forgot to get the marriage license! Woops! So the first item on the list was to take a number, and Mark’s sister was kind enough to wait in line for our number to be called while we went around and took some photos. Then it turned out that they had to petition to a judge at the courthouse next door to get married on that day because Mark’s sister was in town from Chicago, so they wouldn’t have to wait the mandatory 24 hour period. And so, while I took a nap sitting up in City Hall Park (I was a little tired – I had just shot Cailen and Sean’s engagement session that morning and had woken up at 5am), they managed to get everything taken care of in a surprisingly short amount of time. And as cranky and cold as many New York City officials can be, you really have to hand it to them that they run a tight ship. A tight, and cranky ship.

In any case, it was great to get out with these lovely folks – and I’ll be shooting their wedding on 4 of July weekend, and I’m so stoked to see Tiffany and Jared again, and to hang out with their lovely and fashionably well dressed family!

jennifer and mark

I was completely salivating over Jennifer’s AMAZING shoes!!!

jennifer and markjennifer and markjennifer and markjennifer and markjennifer and markjennifer and markjennifer and markjennifer and mark

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~I am always inspired by your use of landscape. Love the Bride and Groom ducky details!

Jen and Mark

I love the photos, we are so happy that you were there, I look forward to Mexico!!

PS for those wondering about shoes. . .they are Miu Miu.

Vu Trang

Hi Punam,
Could you please please please tell me where Jennifer got her shoes?



i am fun of your work since you were at the start.your photos,your work,your style are getting better and better.i love your images and last year i also made a post to my old blog about you.thank you for your inspiration.thank you for everything that i have felt from your images.


love the shoes and the bcbg runway dress and the photos=)

amazing photos!! they are such a beautiful couple..congrats to them! and her shoes are killer!! Im just as jealous of her collections as i am of Tiffanys! xoxox


Beautiful pictures!!

Cailen + Sean; engaged!

First of all, Cailen and Sean are great sports. They flew in from Chicago for their engagement session, and with a limited window we were able to make do with a (sort of) sunrise session last Monday morning. Unfortunately, when they arrived at my place at 6 am, it was a downpour so torrential that I wasn’t sure I could make do, and so we decided to start the day off at my local diner for breakfast, with the hopes that the skies would clear. I was so glad to share the early morning with these two lovely people that Husbone and I will be spending a lot of time with, when we shoot their wedding at her uncles AMAZING chateau in France, this September. And ok. France is my favorite country, and I’m pretty much having seizures of excitement that we get to shoot a wedding there. And now, I think I might vomit, I’m so excited that Cailen and Sean are up for my vintage inspired day after shoot through the wiles of France!!! And NOW I am vomiting, having seizures and passing out while doing jumping jacks with excitement that these two are so amazingly awesome, in love and fantastic, and will be so in my favorite country, as I make pictures beside my favorite person (that would be Husbone!). So yeah. Awesome.

Cailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and Sean


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[…] engagement shot. Really pretty. Another fantastic […]

[…] engagement shot. Really […]


Wow – I love these! And can I just say that she has the most perfect eyebrows I’ve ever seen? *jealous sigh*
Can’t wait to see the photos from the wedding!

wow! they look like models and these photos look like they’re straight out of a magazine! amazing work!


Randy and I have not had the oppotunity to meet Cailen but must say she is absolutly gorgeous. Sean we are so happy for you and we can see by these photo that you both are truly in love. Enjoy the wedding but charish the marraige.

You did a wondeful photographs for this beautiful couple….I like every singl picture!


Seriously? My friends are soooo gorgeous :) And the amazing photography only enhances their awesomeness!!


Amazing photos of amazing people!! You guys look beautiful can’t wait for France! Xo

oh these photos. just gorgeous. how it should be.

Cailen Corrigan

Punam, We are thrilled with these pics, you did such a great job! We cannot wait for France, it will be an incredible trip and we are so lucky to have you there with us! Thanks again…

Beautiful shots, I love the depth of field, my friends have chosen wisely on their photographers! I can’t wait for this wedding and it will be cool to see you shoot some more amazing shots in France!

i am absolutely in looooove with these images. seriously. they are soooo awesome.


I stared at the first three in awe. (in a non-creepy way, of course) :-)

a. I’m so jealous of your fabulous France wedding that I could vomit! It sounds awesome!

b. these people are gorgeous

c. these photos are fantastic – the first one is my favorite :)

Lovely set of photos!! Really great shots, and great couple too! Great job Punam!


Love the second picture! It looks like an image for a safari magazine. There’s something very eco about the image.
Have a delicious pastry for me in France!

These are beyond stunning – if I didn’t know better, I’d think they were models – the photos are perfect! AMAZING job, and I cannot wait to see the shots from their wedding!

Melissa + Paul; married!

Melissa and Paul. They met at a bar in London, and little did Melissa know that it would make her into a Londoner. Melissa and Paul are a couple of extremely beautiful people, and their wedding was a blast. And umm.. GORGEOUS, with amazing views of Manhattan glittering over the river all day long, on a rare lucky sunny day in this rainy rainy June. I’m so lucky that I get to shoot these beautiful weddings among all these beautiful people!!

Melissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and PaulMelissa and Paul

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Amazing Photos!! What is the name of the Church????

Jen Nathan

Oh my gosh, Melissa…these pics are FAB! Your photographer did amazing shots – soooo not the ‘typical’ ones. Love it! You and Paul were both gorgeous. Congratulations on your new life together and hopefully I will get to see you soon!!!


Which shots don’t I like?! Girl! Your work is eye-candy for the heart! Speaking of which, I heart 1, 6, 10, and 11-oh my! That moment is perfect!
Plus I also love the close-up shot of their faces in color and the last shot w/ the night skyline.

Gorgeous! Such an inspiration! :)

Hi Punam Big Fan. My favourite shot is of the indoor view of the church with the sun glare…absolutely beautiful. And I’m sure the church appreciated the picture as well.


What a beautiful wedding! You did an amazing job capturing it all, Punam!

Punam, these are incredible. Truly Awe-Inspiring. Keep it up! Your work is beautiful!

I am in LOVE with this wedding! Fabulous job as usual :)

I LOVE those shoes!

Gorgeous photos. Your images make me feel as if I was there. Really lovely.

what a gorgeous series! Love the dress shot – very quirky and unique.

Nina + Mark; married!


Nina and Mark. Sadly, we never quite had the time for an engagement session, but I look forward to their friendship in the future. What lovely, in love people. It was one of those, where we just hit it off completely and found ourselves a few drinks in a few hours later than planned. And that was just the first meeting – they hadn’t even hired me yet! They are the best kind of couple I ever get to work with, and I feel honored to have been a part of this emotional, beautiful day.

Did I mention Nina is GORGEOUS!!?

nina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and marknina and mark


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JUST BEAUTIFUL!you captured amotions in every photograph!


Once again, I am so very impressed. Such warmth and vibrancy! I love this, I wish we could have seen more photos. Also, I simply adore the bridemaids’ bouquets. What kind of flowers are those? LOVELY indeed.

Punam, as always SUPERB photos, how you manage to take such great candid photos is an inspiration as a photographer! ;0)


swooon….the amazing punam

Steph Garvey

Amazing job. Loved their accent colors.


sweet! these are beautiful pictures! full of beauty and emotion! Great job Punam!

Gotta love Battery Gardens and beautiful couples. Great set.

lovely lovely lovely miss punam! AS ALWAYS! dude. i want to lick those grey chucks with mustard socks! LICK EM all over! 😉

these are beautiful. i love the colors! and the bride is beyond gorgeous. :)

Yes. So much joy and beauty in these, as with all of your images. Thanks.

pretty purty! love the cash grab face. your images are so crisp without being over crunchy.

Oh these are gorgeous! I love the colors, the birdcage veil, the expressions. love it!

this is just lovely. oh this brings me so much joy.