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Naomi is one of my best friends. We met our first year of college in New York, I was a hot mess, and she had it together. We are very much an odd couple, and we started out by naming our differences. But years pass, and you find that there is always one person who is really there for you, without prompting, who is automatically at your door with a bag of greasy food, the 6 hour long pride and prejudice, or cleaning supplies during every single life crisis. Over time, when you have a person like that in your life, they become family. Naomi is my sister, and she hates it when I photograph her. Jerk.

Naomi has just left New York to become an Officer of Law Enforcement in Los Angeles. She’s going to see what she’s made of and become a gun wielding, hand to hand defensive combat trained bad-ass. I’m so proud of her. (But of course, part of me just wants her to come back to New York!)

New York is a lonely place with out my dear friend. My parting gift to her was a session for her puppy Carter, who I also love very much. To be truthful though, I thought Carter was an annoying little brat when I first met him. But he grows on you. Kind of like Naomi ;).

This was my first ENTIRELY film session! The anxiety waiting for these to come back from the lab was unrelenting! Shot with the Contax 645, Fuji film.


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These are amazing… looks a bit like one of my Mums dogs too!


The fourth picture makes my heart happy! It looks like he is smiling so big, his eyes are shut. :)

wow – these are absolutely stunning! the colour, the tone, the yummy yummy bokeh – i love it all.


i want tito and carter to meet! they are obviously both bundles of energy and love! I LOVE the pic where he is on the couch!

Pia + Micah; married!

Ok. So Pia, and Micah, are amazing. First of all, when I met Pia, a quick lunchtime meeting turned into a 2 hour lady date. I didn’t get to meet Micah until last week at their engagement session, but then again, when Pia met Micah, she met him over email. For the most part, I think of Micah as the elusive Micah. And when I finally met him I was struck by the way he made her laugh. It’s so easy and beautiful to be given the giggles by the one you love the most.

Second of all, when I met Pia, I knew it was going to seriously be a stylish affair. The shoes, the dress, the venue, everything. I was kind of having a freak out over the shoes. I got to the hotel before she was there, and I think I took 100 pictures of the shoes before she even got there. And the W hotel in Hoboken, is one of the most photogenic hotels I’ve had the pleasure to make pictures in. And when you meet someone out of context, like I do quite often, you get a sense of a person. I knew that Pia and Micah were so very loved before I met all the lovely people who were with them on their wedding day. So glamorous, and so laid back. It was a pleasure and an honor to shoot this fabulous wedding! And a big, fat, juicy THANK YOU to the fabulous Julia Newman for second shooting with me!

Plus! I was so excited to meet the face behind Human Story Films, William Gaff. William is a Wedding Bee PRO blogger like me. When I first saw their work I was moved to some serious tears. The way they convey the real, basic, unique and amazing love that people have for each other is no less than breathtaking. William rocks!

Planner: Polka Dot Events – Tracy Goldstein

Videographer: Humanstory

Venue: Stage 6 at Steiner Studios

Hair: Lorraine House of Styles

Makeup: Jackye Piquion of Chanel

Dress: Romona Keveza

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

IMG_6323shoe-collageIMG_6374IMG_6395IMG_6415IMG_6490_MG_6087pia and micahIMG_6921IMG_7166pia and micahIMG_7194IMG_7229IMG_7250IMG_7224IMG_7170IMG_7361IMG_7592IMG_7512IMG_8003IMG_8004

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Hi Pia, finally had a chance to look at the pics. you look beautiful!!! The photographer was amazing!!! I love every pic!! CONGRATS & GOD BLESS!!! (p.s. Hope you don’t mind I copied & paste 2 pics of my work couldn’t resist hair looked to good :) I never get a chance to look at my work after it’s done & gone. I love it!!! xoxo

I love this wedding you shot! You’re detailed pictures are amazing and I love love the pic of the bride and groom in the window.

Love those shoes… and the dress!

Awesome images Punam!


Quite simply, this wedding was was so elegant, and this album is just beautiful. Pia and Micah – all the best to you both. I am so happy I was there to celebrate with you. xoxo


Wow. Absolutely beautiful photos. You really were able to get their true personalities on film and the spirit of the event as well.


Fabulous, as always with the details and the couple. Those last two frames are so killer…

seriously my favorite wedding images of yours… love love the feelings your captured!

magnificent…! everytime i look through your wedding photos, makes me want to redo my wedding. lol


OMG, the pictures are beautiful! I’m sitting here wondering why I’m crying looking through them though :-)


Love those shoes! Love that ring! Love the brides maids dresses! Such a classy event!

wow! beautiful! you captured this wedding, perfectly!

Pia + Micah; engaged!

Running a little late, we found ourselves fighting the setting of the sun at Coney Island. Pia and Micah are so gorgeous, and so at home with each other, that our being pressed for time really had no bearing. Afterwards, we shared some messy Nathan’s hot dogs and marveled at the gift that is Coney Island not being torn down (technically speaking). Seriously, my brides and grooms are all so lovely. I’m finding myself shooting one thing after the next and just thinking, wow. I get to work with some beautiful, joyful, amazing folks!!

pia and micahpia and micahpia and micahpia and micahpia and micah

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Micah you two look great together and I wish you all the best…

Love the new blog! Awesome last shot!

Dana + Rob; engaged!

I’m thankful for the awesome people I get to work with. Dana and Rob invited myself and Husbone to take some pictures of them in their home town of Hoboken, and then, they cooked us an amazing dinner! With ice cream! We had such a great time, and I so look forward to the beautiful pictures we’ll make this October!!

Dana and RobDana and RobDana and RobDana and RobDana and Rob

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Cynthia Q.

lovely love!

oh how beyooooooooooooooooooooootiful!!!

Nice shots, my fav is the third. I love green of the lawn.


wow, stunning pictures!! you really captured the LOVE here :-)