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Christa + Tim; engaged!

I just adore Christa and Tim. Their love is laughter, and I love to laugh! I’m so excited for their super laid back September wedding in a couple weeks! Our initial meeting was one of my favorites, and we shared in the joy of being foodies together. There’s nothing to bring people together like yummy food!

Christa and TimChrista and TimChrista and TimChrista and TimChrista and TimIMG_9312

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[…] Photo by Punam Bean photographed by Punam […]

[…] Photo by Punam Bean photographed by Punam […]

i love that shot with the words…so awesome

Awesome! Loving the cool walls!

These look great Punam! Simple, clean, yet very creative

love that dress! and i must be photographed in front of that brooklyn painting

Beautiful! So glad I found you! Such lovely images!

Ummmm where was that never will be too soon wall?? I wanttttt it!!!

Oh my god! My day is now ready to go. Some like coffee, I prefer mind-accelerating blog posts.

Ashley + Bradford + Ziggy; engaged and a puppy!

Once upon there was a raffle. And soon after that I had the great pleasure to meet the extremely stylish Ashley and Bradford who brought with them two of my very favorite things. Champagne and a puppy. I so love people bringing their furry family members to shoots! Yay! Getting married is the union of a family, and sometimes our very first family members are animals, before you know, all the babies and stuff. Anyway, we had a great time on a cloudy, cool day in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Ashley and BradfordAshley and BradfordAshley and BradfordAshley and BradfordAshley and BradfordAshley and BradfordAshley and BradfordIMG_9022Ashley and Bradford

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Beautiful couple, cute dog and amazing pictures!I love the light!

Cynthia Q.

Love Ashley’s dress and shoes! The yellow umbrella, blue dress, grey sky thing works great! Lovely pictures Punam.

Gorgeous shoot! I love how the blue dress pops against the grayish background!

Lilian + Scott; engaged!

Lilian and Scott are so much fun! They just found out a couple of weeks ago that they’ll be moving back to their hometown of San Francisco (and also, my future home!), and so we did a session in their ‘hood as a nice keepsake for their time in this wonderful city (and my current home!)! Also! I’m trying out a new feature, so if you click on any of the images they’ll open up in a light box! Yay!

Lilian and ScottLilian and ScottLilian and ScottLilian and ScottLilian and ScottLilian and ScottLilian and ScottLilian and ScottLilian and Scott

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Beautiful couple! They look stylish!Love the photographs!

love the photos – and her outfits!

the new light box feature is very cool too.

When are you moving to SF? I live there now, and would love to meet you some time!

Lovely! They look so giggly and in love :) I *heart* the second picture a lot.

Beautiful shots, and neat light box feature! Too bad it doesn’t work in google reader though…

How exciting that you’ll be moving to SF, always nice to bring in more talent! :)

Lovely! I’m really enjoying the “twilight” coloring in some of these.

VERY nice series, as always Punam. Love the second shot! ;0)

Marissa + Alvin; engaged!

I think it’s pretty amazing that Marissa and Alvin met on the internet, through a mutual friend, and in the 2 and a half years that they never met, they already had a feeling. It was only hours when they finally did meet before they were together, and now I’m so excited to shoot their amazing wedding on the Isle of Maui!

We had such a great time shooting around the meatpacking district, and going to dinner after. Right now, it’s hot. And I’m going to go place myself in the refrigerator for a spell. Enjoy!

alvin and marissaalvin and marissaalvin and marissaalvin and marissaalvin and marissaalvin and marissaalvin and marissa

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Cynthia Q.

You can see this couple’s amazing connection in the pictures—they are glowing and gorgeous and adorable together! Great job Punam!

I love the last one! Gorgeous!

Beautiful images! The first one really made me smile! I love the connection you’ve captured between them!

love is so beautiful.

Mine and his.

I’m just going to speak plainly.

I have had the man named Husbone in my life now for five years. It’s such a short amount of time to have someone in your life who has had such an enormous impact. I can’t remember life without him. How lonely I was once is a notion I can no longer even relate to.

I went down to New Orleans to join my husband on the road just as he was approaching his last gig with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. The road is not my favorite place. The van is smelly like dudes, my schedule is at the beckon of where the band needs to be and when, and when traveling to all these wonderful places I really can’t jump out of the car and take pictures as I wish because we are on a schedule. Musicians, also, aren’t always the most gracious people in the world when taken in the late night bar music show context, as a general rule, and I am often cast aside in conversations as band-wife-who-knows-nothing-about-music-who-are-you-again-?.

But the road is where Husbone is much of the time, and Husbone is my home. The conflict occasionally makes me (more than) a little cranky.

That aside, something has happened to me this past year that I never imagined. I’ve become an exposed nerve of optimism, hope and joy. Sure, I get down, as we all do from time to time. But I marvel at things as if I’m seeing the world for the first time. Is it growing up? I wonder. But the more I think about it, it’s that I am so much in love that I’m bursting at the seams. More than I ever thought possible. It’s unimaginable, but its running through me all the time. And the more I fall, and I can’t believe after five years I’m really still falling, the more of the world I see. And every single morning, it’s as if I’m alive for the first time.

But this in no way means we are always perfect people or a perfect couple. The more you love the more you can hurt each other. And we had one of those fights that suddenly comes out of nowhere and is a sudden raging fire that is burning houses down. We were mean to each other, sarcastic, spiteful, angry, cold. We who love each other so, can be the worst of ourselves to each other. And we still love. Even more than before. Forests must burn so new things can grow from the earth.

Husbone and I like to do something we call Hugging it Out. I’ve met a few people who employ this method. But at the offering of forgiveness, when the fire is still licking at our insides and it’s hard to settle down, we take one another in embrace and squeeze it all out until we are once again, Husbone and Poo. Sometimes it takes a few tries. The last one is always the best one. 

My eyes were puffy with the weight of our heavy morning, as he took my hand and we walked through the unusually (I imagine) empty streets of New Orleans. We passed by a tattoo shop and I mentioned in passing, what matching tattoo shall we get, dear Husbone?

Suddenly I was being pulled into the shop. Even when I entered, I never imagined I’d be leaving marked. Even as we perused the books of tattoos, considering elephants, geckos, stars, words, compasses, victrolas, I did not imagine this would be the day I would be getting a tattoo. Perhaps I always thought of it in theory, but I never thought of it, really, really.

Something simple, we decided. The helpful tattoo parlor attendant brought us to a small area of simple designs.

The telephone!

Speaking of which, in the spontaneity of the moment all I had was my iphone to document our adventure.

Husbone went first, because I am very expressive and I make things look painful. I was so nervous. I don’t like pain.

matching tattoos

matching tattoos

The telephone. I love this man all over the earth, as far as the distance grows between us, my love never falters. I feel so blessed to live in a time in history where the world is the smallest it’s ever been. Because that means he’s never really that far away. And to think about the mark on my arm, and the mark on his arm, feels like a great cord between us, bonding us together over landscapes. Now, we come in a matching set. And we plan to convince our children that we can actually use it as a working telephone to communicate with each other. It’s gonna be awesome. “Hold on child, let me ask your father on my arm telephone!”

matching tattoos

The pain subsided as soon as he took the needle out of my arm. And in the end, mostly, I felt an overwhelming sense of connectedness to this wonderful man. We went out for a celebratory drink afterwards, and as he stood to my left, I was swept up in the echo of our matching symbols. He is mine, and I am his. No amount of fires burning will separate us, because we are each others constant, no matter how far, no matter how much things change. Matching tattoos are like vows.

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You brightened this dreary day with a beautiful tale of love – I had to read it outloud to my fiance and his response, “See baby, I told you that matching tatoos are powerful”. He may convince me afterall … :)

Hi friend! I love them!!! They are beautiful portraits of love and I always love hearing about glorious commitment and marriage. I cannot wait to hear how your future kiddos respond to the arm telephones, brilliant. They will always fear both of you even when only one is present.

I’m so sorry about kitty. I hope your heart is healing. And that your passion for your work and husbone is pulling you through.

images look gorgeous as usual :)

love & hugs from the other coast,


i loved your story and the images to go along with it. and i’ve never seen a tattoo of a telephone (let alone one that darling and old-fashioned)!

Wow – I loved reading this! You are so talented in so many ways…I am jealous! Love the tats!


beautifully written. and although the photographs were taken through an Iphone, it has more than enough emotions.

My husband and I have been together for thirteen years, and I never had a term for “hugging it out” before, but it’s a technique I know very well. For future reference, I’ll have you know it also works really, really well with children. There’s no better elixir for flared tempers and patience-at-the-end-of-the-proverbial-rope than a tight embrace. It’s like holding on when you feel like you’re momentarily falling apart. :)

Thanks so much for sharing such poignant and personal reflections on your love. It really resonated. And I love the symbolism of your adorable tattoos.


love hearing this beautiful little story “again, again…” thats what i imagine your lil pudrews will be saying when they’re old enough to hear it. =)


This made me cry. So very much this morning. I love it!


This is so cute!!! I love your blog — your photos, story and view on life are so inspirational! Love, love, love!

friends, you are pure joy! lots of love. :)

Lovely, lovely. Just so lovely.

With a baby on the way so soon after our wedding, Ed and I never really got to be just married people. With an infant demanding 100% of our time and attention, sometimes it feels like we never will. So it’s extra inspiring to see you two 5 years in and still so much in love, still traveling a journey that brings you ever closer together.

emily griffith

I LOVE IT…you are a beautiful photographer, a beautiful writer, a beautiful person.

My wife and I got matching tattoo’s about 2 years ago. Ours say “Nous Sommes Amoureux”, roughly translated says “we’re in love”. We are geeks. We know this. She got hers on her wrist and I got mine on the upper part of my forearm. Best decision we ever made. No joke. Love the tatts by the way!

Love, love, love. They look great!

I LOVE this. Punam, you inspire me in so many ways!

Beautiful story about LOVE!

Such a great story, makes me fall more in love with love itself. And I looooove the future plans to mess with the kids :)


That is so pretty and perfect. Thanks for sharin…