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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Christa + Tim, married!

Christa and Tim actually got spontaneously officially married a few months before the scheduled day. They won a free wedding at a pop up chapel in Brooklyn (no, no that one!), and made a mad dash of putting a surprise wedding together for all their friends. This was their other, preplanned, everyone knew they were getting married wedding. The details were phenomenal, as to be expected from Christa and her impeccable attention to detail. Also, I am kind of in love with Tim’s son, Oliver, who lives in Englang. There is nothing cuter than an already cute 10 year old in a bow tie with an English accent, calling things knickers and such. This wedding was so much fun, so entirely their personality, and Husbone and I felt right at home. The details were amazing, and I shot mucho film! Yay!

How cute are father and son matching Chucks!??

christa and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and timchrista and tim

This picture just cracks me up every time I look at it! It so reveals what some families go through when trying to coordinate group pictures!

christa and timchrista and timchrista and tim

Well. We were in Brooklyn, so of course some one would spot the crowd of wedding guests around the restaurant and start selling Obama shoes from the back of his van. It’s New York!

christa and tim

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Love the shot on the steps!! Good work

Hey Sarah! the venue was a little restaurant called ici in Brooklyn. So Cute!

Sarah D

Lovely. What’s the venue?

So light and lovely. xox

Great shots – what fun!


I would say something borderline reductive like, “you have the coolest clients,” but you do such an awesome job of setting a scene and working it that I don’t think anyone else would have seen things this-a-way. Obama shoes are a huge win – I hope you picked up several pairs. Keep on rockin’


It happens to the best of us, this falling behind on blogging thing. It’s almost the end of September, and this month has slipped by more quickly than any other I can remember. It’s not hard to lose track of things when you have three consecutive destination weddings plus a double wedding weekend in one month. But it truly has been one of the most spectacular months ever. I have felt it happening in the past few weeks, a reinvigoration and newness to my work as a photographer of people in love. This journey has not been a long one, being that I started this craziness only barely 2 years ago (wow! time flies!), but I can’t help but feel a little silly with thanks for the path laid out before me. And so, in the coming weeks, I promise you some very lovely posts about love as it occurs upon many different landscapes.

In the meantime, Can’t find a ladder in the chateau? Use a Husbone! (btw I am TERRIFIED of heights, but duty calls!!)


And Husbone and I have began an impromptu tradition of having a kissing picture in every continent we shoot on. We present to you, Europe (and a little preview of where we shot this unbelievable fairy tale make-you-drool-and-vomit-with-elation wedding!)! Also, that dress I’m wearing is actually a nightie from Anthro! I love it!

huz n wifey.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You want to see some weddings! At the moment, we are in Paris, preparing to eat ourselves silly until we return Tuesday evening. And then the great blogging of all my amazing September weddings will commence!! Tout suite!!

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um yeah, so you guys are officially the cutest ever. :) love you!

That shot of you up on his shoulders to catch a shot is one you should definitely print and put in a beautiful frame! Now that’s what you call teamwork!

Hey, I do the same thing for my wife when I assist her on wedding shoots. When there is no ladder or step stool around she just climbs up onto my shoulders…..hahahahahahahaha

I. Love. This. :) Great self-portrait! Love your work always. :)

So cute!! You two are adorable.


Adorable pictures! :) ohmygoodness, that Chateu looks INCREDIBLE. :) Enjoy Paris!! looking forward to seeing all the new posts when you get back.

susan stripling

i wore a nightgown from anthro to dinner the other night. it was blue and covered in deranged butterflies. it was awesome. :)

Punam! These are adorable! xoxoxo, e

i think you two are the cutest.


Sigh. My home away from home has always been the Kohala Coast. I used to treasure the weeks we would spend here every summer, and it was such a wonderful experience to return as a photographer of people in love. As I sit here in Honolulu airport reflecting on all the amazing weddings I’ve shot in the last couple of weeks that haven’t been blogged yet, I am so giddy I think I might drool. In the meantime, here is a little piece of why I love the Big Island.


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Ooh! i can’t wait to see! It was a pleasure working with you, and hope to work with you again soon! Aloha…

ooooh, I love the sky! And the silhouette of the cow with the trees, GREAT!

We can’t wait to see your pictures from Hawaii! We’re shooting a wedding there next week on Oahu and this sneak peak is getting us inspired!

stunning! can’t wait to see what you been up to!!

I can’t wait! :-)


This picture is my desktop background now! Who knew the color grey could be so lush?

Krystle + Eric; married!

I was really excited to shoot Krystle and Eric’s DC wedding. If ever there was a celebration that evoked the spirit of the town in which it took place, this wedding was so DC. They took their passion for history, and made it a part of this wedding. Krystle got ready in the Calvin Coolidge Suite at the Willard Hotel, where Emily Dickenson, Mark Twain, and Abraham Lincoln once stayed, and where Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote his I Have a Dream speech. Their amazing ceremony was punctuated with quotes from love letters from Abigail Adams her husband, John, and from Ronald Reagan to his wife, Nancy. They married at the Daughters of the American Revolution building, which is one of the most spectacularly historic places I’ve ever seen. Throughout the massive building, there were rooms fit for presidents, and period rooms from certain time periods long past. Paintings of important women from history, and a sculpture that I recognized from my home town adorn the hallways between these rooms. It was such a memorable, unique event, for such amazing, unique, in love people.

I’ve been shooting more and more film these days. It feels good. Many of the images below are film. Can you tell which? Enjoy!

Planner: Ritzy Bee Events

Video: Blue Sky Films

Venue: Daughters of the American Revolution building, Washington, DC

Krystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and EricKrystle and Eric

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Such great shots! And to think that you were so just down 14th street from Mike and I!! Next time you’re in town we must grab dinner or drinks or both!!


OH the little girls against the white. Their expressions and postures are from another time. So pretty how they fade in and out.

Gorgeous Punam! You beautifully captured such an elegant, incredible day. xoxo


gorgeous! the ones against the red background are absolutely stunning (are they film?). you make everyone look like rockstars! :)

The look spectacular Punam…you did such a wonderful job!!

You have the most beautiful photography! When I get married I am so flying you out to take my pictures and let’s bring Andy along too for the music!!!!
Love you!


Oh my gosh! These images are beautiful…and I love the bride’s dress. So gorgeous.


they are all amazing but the one on the red carpet is simple outstanding!

stunning images!