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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Why I’ve been absent lately

Hello friends!

I know it’s been a little slow around here lately. I think that in all the time I’ve kept this blog, this is the longest period that has passed in which I haven’t posted anything. Usually this time of year, as things start to wind down and I find myself with a good chunk of time to spare, I’m posting blogs almost every day. But this year, not so much. I promise, I have a good excuse :).

I’ve been busy, creating this little one.


Her name is Uma Vivienne. She was born on February 13th, after 4 days of intense labor. She was 9 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches the moment I pulled her to my chest, and she was worth every moment my body gave over to create her. She was 2 weeks yesterday, and I’m getting back the the office work in a limited capacity. She’s a big girl, and I had a rough delivery, so I’m still recovering, and spend much of my days doing work in bed with her wrapped in my arms between me and my computer.

I look at her and can’t imagine she was ever inside of me. 9 months of pregnancy suddenly feel so surreal, and this little creature that I’ve been left with feels like she’s always been right here singled next to me in bed. I suppose she has been for quite some time, though I couldn’t see her, or smell her hair, or nuzzle her face. Mostly she could poke at me, and sometimes I would poke back. She has his nose and lips. She has my hands, ears and eyebrows. I think she has my eyes too, but it’s too soon to tell. She has long eyelashes. She has long fingers and toes and big feet. And this morning we discovered her belly button!

But without further adieu, I’d like to introduce to you, my daughter. Uma.


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welcome to the world, Uma! Congratulations Punam, she’s a doll :)


Congrats to you and husbone! Uma is so sweet and precious. I look forward to you blogging about her as she gets older…ahhhh so sweet!!! :)

I stumbled on this! Cute!! Thanks for posting! – Jessica

Ada F.

Congrats to you and Husbone, Punam!! She is so sweet and gorgeous. And I know she will be full of love and fanciful thoughts, just like her amazing parents.

She is beautiful Punam. She is truly a gem.

congrats on your bundle of joy. she’s perfect… absolutely perfect!!

she’s beautiful and you’re both gorgeous parents – enjoy every moment!even the tired ones…

She’s perfect. Congrats to the three of you; enjoy this time, and don’t work too hard!