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Life in California: At home with Uma

Life at the office these days:


Yesterday eve, my dear and wonderful Husbone departed for the Road. It’s always hard, that first time of the year that he packs his bags and his instruments, after having been by his side for the past 4 months. It’s the longest stretch I can remember, never having to worry about saying good bye, never having to worry if he’s safe, wherever he is. And now we have a daughter, and I think this time it might have been harder on him than me. It’s always hard being the one to leave, at least Uma and I have each other. But we are all best friends, we three, and it doesn’t feel quite the same with just two. Though I don’t mind having the sweet babe all to myself.

And so today, I thought we should embark upon our first outing together – just us two. What an adventure! We went to Target, and then we went to pick up the mail. Plus I have a two door Yaris, and we don’t have a stroller – just the Ergo baby carrier. Despite our obstacles, she was a peach. But when we got home I discovered a poop explosion in her pants! Ack! I rushed her to the bath – also the first bath she’s taken by herself and not in our arms. She was NOT. HAPPY. I don’t think she’s ever been so angry in her life. O! To be 5 weeks old! To have the biggest problem in your life be your disdain for solo bath time! How I love this little nugget and all of her problems. I nursed her back to a happy and calm state at my first chance.


Back to work!

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Jennifer Jones

I completely understand how you and little Uma feel with the man of the house gone. My husband also works out of town. Every ohter week he leaves for work and it has always been hard on me and my daughter, but last year when we had our son Drake it seemed so much harder. He hates being away from the babies, and it was so hard to be without him and to still be the happy mommy my kids are used to having. But we muddle through, and I’m glad to see you have too. And your daughter is beautiful.


That picture of your “office” with the napping sweetie, laptop and kindle is pretty much the most adorable thing, ever. Talk about a snapshot of modern day motherhood.

welcome to the world of pooplosions! they only get bigger from here on out. Uma is adorable and enjoy the time just the two of you – it’s special and rewarding (and draining) in its own way. she’s gorgeous!

husbone files.

Remember our old apartment in Long Island City? It feels wierd to call it our old apartment, we lived there for so long. It was our first place together, blocks from where we met and from where we married. Remember that park across the street? They changed it now, but it used to have a concrete soccer field. There were latin leagues that used play there with a deflated soccer ball.

There are a few scenarios in which I remember always having the time of my life with you. On a good dance floor is one of them. Swimming in swimming pools is another. And snow days. Remember snow days? The snow would pillow in high form over the concrete park by our house. We would frolic there and mar the freshly fallen snow with out childish antics. We’d fall and jump, we’d get on the swings and fly off, I’d worry about your bad knee and you’d worry I’d injure mine. But usually, no one got hurt.

Remember this day? We made a video about snow, and about fun, and about our love. You collapsed in a pile and I put the timer on the camera up on the tripod and I came to kiss you, and instead you made me laugh in your face. We live in California now, and there are no snow days to be had. I miss snow days with you, though I don’t entirely mind being warm most of the time in the strong desert sun. But sometimes, I wish it was cold outside, sometimes I wish that the snow would drift upon us and you could keep me warm like you did then.

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such a beautiful recollection! and funny, i just moved back to the snow from sunny california.. soak up the year-round sunshine for me.. and thanks for helping me appreciate snow 😉

husbone files.

Ever since that disposable camera I had at the 5th grade school picnic, I’ve collected and carried with me photos I’ve taken of my life. They sit, mushed together in a box. The box was a recent purchase. They used to be in a dilapidated old shoe box, duct taped together for dear life. This box lived in our storage space, and though she made the journey to California safe and sound, I put her on a shelf, and as we were clearing the room out to make space for Uma’s things, he asked, do we need this box up here? I gave him a cursory glance. No, you can put it in the garage.

So it goes with old photos, doesn’t it? We found it important enough not only to document the moments of our lives, even have photos printed, or not, and then we move on with life, with the moments we wanted to remember stored away in a box, or in a hard drive, only to be stumbled upon one day. Remember that time we fell in the snow? Remember that time we smoked cigarettes in the alleyway? Remember the New Years you played in that blizzard, and I got so drunk I took my pants off?

I was going through my hard drive, looking for… I don’t know what. Something to blog about, I guess. And here, and there, I stumbled. On pictures of Husbone I never looked twice at. And I remembered that time…

Remember that time we went to Florida? It was May, and I came to see you there so we could try to make a baby. Remember that mustache you had before it faded away to nothing? And the Shotgun Party was there, and we all had such a great time together. It was us three girls, and all three of you named Andrew. While you were setting up, I sat on the couches in the back of the bar. You came to sit beside me and had a beer. And I thought, after almost 7 years of knowing you I still feel special when you sit near me. Also you are the handsomest man I ever did meet.


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Life in California: The Air Show (aka doing things outside in January)

Though the transition to the American State of my childhood home has been far from easy, and superbly humbling, I couldn’t be more thankful for so many things. First off the weather.  And thank goodness for the weather, as my recovery from childbirth has been longer than anyone suspected. I’m still mostly bed ridden at three weeks, but happily the weather has been nice, or I think I may have lost it some time ago from all this immobility. Or maybe not. I’ve spend a LOT of time mothering this little one from the crook of my arm, nestled in our bed. We are best friends, Uma and I. I only part with her to go to the bathroom, and otherwise, we are together at least 23 hours a day. and in that 24th hour I miss her so terribly I can barely breathe.

And so it was January, and with a nearly ripe baby in my belly, and the man I love handsomely lounging beside me on a Saturday afternoon in the backyard of my childhood home where we are currently residing temporarily (and thank goodness for that too – there’s nothing like having your mom around when you become a mom – though I admit I’ve been selfish with the babe and haven’t brought her out to socialize much). Old planes passed over us in formation on this gorgeous hazy and cloudless day, WWII planes and the like. This piqued our interest. By this point in my pregnancy, before I knew that I was carrying an almost 10 pound child in my guts, I was easily tired and achy. We decided to see what was going on down at the Cable airport. An air show, in January! O! You crazy Californians. I love you.

Shot with a Canon AE-1, Ilford 3200. :)

A few days later, on a GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME stroll around the neighborhood. It worked!

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beautiful words, beautiful you. :)