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8 Weeks.


I never thought I’d have a baby who’d have blue eyes at any point in her life. We’ve roamed the aisles of Target together, and people ask if she’s mine because she’s so fair. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t shove food down my throat so I could return to her. So I could nurse her, touch her, smell her, hold her, and relish in the bond of motherhood. The feeling that a piece of your heart has exited your body, and is now drooling in your hair and turning your soul to fireworks with goofy, gummy smiles, shaking your core to shambles with cries of distress and frustration. Pieces of me, pieces of a man named Husbone, together created a living, breathing creature made from our love.

My mother loves to tell the story of how I would keep myself in check when I was a baby. She says I was 18 months old, and I was left alone in the TV room. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, but I really, really wanted to turn it on. So I went up to the TV, and stared at the buttons which would make it turn on. I reached for them, and then pulled my hand away, saying to myself, simply, “no.” Over and over again, she spied me as the battle with myself wore on. I never turned on the TV. And to this day I admit, I’ve always had a problem breaking the rules, as much as I may long to. (Husbone has always been trying to get me to stand on the marble in the square by the Apple Store on 5th Avenue inNYC. It’s against the rules. I’ve yet to oblige him.)

She is 8 weeks old today.

She is at once growing up to fast, and a person I can’t remember life without. Her life flashes before my eyes every moment of the day, as her personality emerges. She’s talkative, smiley, easy going, and loud. She sleeps until 10 am every morning, and rolls out of bed after a 30 minute stretching session accompanied by lavish grunts and groans that could rival that of a grown man waking up the morning after a long hard day of work. She acts like a feral squirrel when she’s not getting enough milk from my breast. She rolls her little hands into fists and carries them close to her face when she’s unsure. She knits her brow a lot. The sun is too bright for her. And she really wants to learn to wiggle her tongue back and forth. And I wonder, who will she become? What of who she is now will persist? And what stories will I remember?

She’s been in quite a state today. Insatiable, demanding, pouty, squirmy. I relish her discoveries, for better or for worse. Uma Bean is emerging forth with each day that passes, and I don’t want to miss a second of it.


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i love how you explain her as a little piece of your heart exiting your body and now drooling in your hair. ahah. what a perfect, beautiful way to describe having a child!

also, beautiful pictures as always :)

I love the way you write. This post & the pictures in it made my heart so happy.

Good grief your daughter is beautiful…and so are you.

i love the way you see life. the way you string your words together – it’s art in itself.

So happy for you Punam. My wife and I had ours about 5 weeks ago and we’re going through many of the same experiences. Enjoy it all, take it all in, it’s going to go fast. By the way, your baby is gorgeous!

The Birth of Avellana Jolie.

When I started shooting weddings, it was a revelation. Having been married myself, to a man I consider to be my soul mate, having struggle through high times and low times, through sickness and in health, through our own baggage and the complexities we add to each other, weddings are about more than a day to me. It’s about the promise of things to come. That the person you care about most in the world will always have your back, and you will always have theirs. To know what that truly means makes me a passionate photographer of peoples weddings.

And now, after 9 months of pregnancy, 86 hours of labor, and one very beautiful 9.5 lb baby later, to call photographing a birth a revelation feels an understatement. (btw if you are pregnant and due in april, Birth Photography is 1/2 off ;)) I’m very thankful to have made a new friend upon moving here to California, in Courtney and Erin ( Courtney was about a month behind me in her pregnancy, and we made a deal on our first lady date that we would trade birth photography. Little did she know what she was in for on my end – but she was there to photograph the most intense part of our journey – in all it’s incredible, . As for her, she was (thankfully, as I regained my strength) 2 weeks overdue despite her efforts to evict the little one. She started her induction that morning, and progressed slowly and erratically. I got a text from Erin – they just broke her water, she’s at 4cm. Here I am, thinking it will be hours before they needed us, planning to go to dinner in Pasadena and wait for their call. I texted back something about heading out in an hour or two. The next text I got back said only, 7cm. Yipes! So Huz, Uma and I jumped in the car and raced to Pasadena – 40 minutes away. 8cm. I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to make it, and I think they might have thought the same. I jumped out of the car and left Huz to strap Uma to his chest, and raced to their room. She was at a 9 last time they checked and was feeling ready to push. One hour later from when I walked into the door, this little half Court and half Erin came into the world, purple and bloody, and a girl (they kept it a surprise!). Avellana. Avi. So amazing.

To be there with Courtney and Erin was so amazing. We haven’t known each other long, but to have been there for each other during these incredible times, to have photographed each other in these, the most passionately difficult and amazing experiences of our lives is a bond that I’ll always cherish. I’m so grateful Courtney’s given me the go ahead to share these images with you. They are my favorites. I can’t wait to get Uma and Avi together for their first lady date!

the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.
the birth of avellana jolie.

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Oh my gosh, I’m crying! Punam, I ended up on your site because were doing beauty for Leah at the Ace tomorrow and then here Im seeing the birth of Courtney’s and Erin new baby girl! These pictures are amazing. Small world and Im glad to have stumbled across you and your work!

Oh my goodness, where have I been?! I don’t know how I could’ve missed this. What an incredibly beautiful experience and what touching photos. The cry is my favourite-you really feel it.
Congratulations E+C & to you too Punam, for being very brilliant.

So intense… in the most wonderful way possible.


LOVE!!! Thank you for capturing the most amazing moment in our lives. With your 86 hour labor and my freakishly long pregnancy and short labor our girls are the yin and the yang to each other, destined to be best friends. Love you!! I am so happy you moved to Cali :)

Beautiful moments captured Punam :).

mountains. feet.


Watching a person’s brain grow right before your eyes is an incredible thing. Some of us remind ourselves as often as we can that life is a wonderous thing, but to actually see this new little human really WONDER at things is… well… wonderful! I’m watching her learn so much, but really, she’s teaching me a lot about life.

I had this moment, when I was 18 years old. I has spent the summer after high school in a drama program in Oxford, England. I was the youngest person in the program – never had I taken a sip of alcohol, kissed a boy (a straight one anyway – oh the adventures of being a theatre kid!), or really, looked up from the life in front of me to see much beyond my very nose. Something changed in me those 7 weeks in England, maybe it was being free from an oppressive home for the first time in my life (woo hoo! I could wear spaghetti strap tees! I had a cell phone! I was wholly UNSUPERVISED!), but something made me look. Up. It was like suddenly the sky burst open at the seams and I was swimming in the world. THE WORLD! Clouds and shards of sunlight and kind gestures from strangers, trees and birds and food and mountains all came careening toward me as if I had never lived! They say that when you fall in love, colors are more vivid, music more sweet, that you stop and smell the roses more. Well, I was falling in love with life. The veil of teenage I-know-everything and angst was lifted in a blast of freedom and I felt more alive than ever.

I returned home at the end of that summer. One day, I walked to the end of the drive way to get the mail, and I realized, after living here my whole life THAT I WAS SURROUNDED BY MOUNTAINS! WHAT??! I looked all around me, and thought, where did all these mountains come from!?! I stood at the end of the driveway, dumbfounded, for about an hour. I know. Ridiculous. I told this story to my Huz and his reaction was, your brain is strange. But that’s life when you live in a tunnel. Which honestly, I have the tendency to do.

That tendency doesn’t have to decide my fate. And I was reminded by that today, when this little half me/half Husbone looked down and discovered her feet. She just stared down at them, watching her toes flex and curl, for 30 minutes – a looooooong time when the span of your life stretches over a mere 7 weeks. You see, they had always been there, but she was too preoccupied with other things, like eating a lot, and growing her brain. I certainly don’t have the excuses that she does, but she doesn’t live in a tunnel. She lives in the wide open world, and I’m leaving my tunnel to join her there.


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I so enjoy these little glimpses into your life, Punam. Your daughter is going to treasure these entries of yours as she grows.

So beautiful! My wife and I just had our daughter a month ago…they are so precious aren’t they? Congratulations!

I’m sure you know this already, but she is just so heart-meltingly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, and for the reminder to stop and look around with wonder once and awhile. Much love.

fascinating stories! both the mountains and the feet. i love how you saw these parallels.


Absolutely, amazingly well said … and those photos (perhaps unsurprisingly) seem to tell the story in a way your words (awesome as they are) just can’t. Long and short: I just ate this whole story right up. Thanks for sharing.


Its funny. The way she is holding her left hand in pic one. She will probably continue to hold her hands like that as she gets older. I noticed a pic of me holding my hands in ways as an infant about her age… and I still hold my hands the same way today. So fascinating. Ay how… thats what these pics reminded me of. Myself. (jokes)

1/2 off all April shoots! Woo hoo!

Can you believe it’s April?? Where does the time go? And WHERE does it go when you have a baby to care for! Having to feed this little munchkin every two hours, and watching her get bigger and more interactive which each day that passes, is making time blaze by like it never has before! I mean, TAXES are due this month – what?? I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

I’m enjoying the resurgence of my mobility, and honestly I’m getting ancy. I want to take my camera and explore the world again. I want to get back to work, but there isn’t anything on the Calendar until almost May, per our usual schedule.

So! To celebrate my regained strength, and taxes :), and my new baby girl!, and also, the return of Husbone, Punam Bean Photography is offering ALL SHOOTS booked for the month of April 2012 BY APRIL 15TH 2012, half off! So if you’ve been wanting to book a family session, a last minute wedding, an engagement session, a boudoir session, or anything else you could dream up, now is the time! Here are the details:

-You MUST book and confirm your session by April 15th 2012

– The session must occur in the month of April 2012

– The session must take place within 100 miles of Los Angeles, California

– This promotion is based on availability – so book quick to be sure you get the date you want!

– This promotion applies to sessions and digital image delivery ONLY, NOT products or packages that contain products (like albums, prints, etc.)

So! Go on and click the contact link in the menu above and let’s get this party started!

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