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Monthly Archives: May 2012


This past year, I’ve had to shift focus. I submitted myself to the task of creating a person, incubating her inside of me and now watching her in a constant marvel (she used to be INSIDE OF ME?? WHAT?!?!). Being a mother is a constant and unending revelation, one after the other every day. Revelations about myself, about the opportunities I want to give her, about my own mother, about how I was raised, about no making any more excuses for myself, about being a good example. And then we moved to California. And then I took a break.

I’ve felt so far away from the other child of mine, my business. So full of revelations that one has been in my life. And the season returns, just in time for my weary mommy bones to finally be ready. And it’s glorious. Look out.


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Great shot! I’ve been blog stalking you for years and I’m so glad to see where your business and mommy-hood have taken you. I look forward to seeing all the great stuff you got up your sleeve 😉

Mother’s Day


My dear Uma’s 3 month birthday was also Mother’s Day. On this day, she is no longer a newborn, but a baby. She smiles, she laughs, she coos and cries and yells and squeals. And I am SO GRATEFUL for her gift. I have a family that I love, that I long to spend time with. A husband who brings me breakfast in bed almost every day, who tells me every day that I’m a good mother, who sighs in adoration each time he looks upon the daughter we made together. Who makes me feel beautiful, even with my changed body and spirit. My hands are full, with feeding, holding, cuddling, burping, vomiting, and nonsensical conversations that I look forward to every day. My heart is full, too.

Happy Mother’s day, everyone. You earned it.

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Hi Punam,

Congratulations! You look gorgeous as usual and Uma is so precious. I heard you moved to the west coast from my friends that has a photo shoot with you back in NY. I hope your doing well. Cherish the moments b/c time flies. All the best to you and your new family.