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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cristea Family

It’s funny how time flies. Here I am. I’ve been living in California now for 15 months, in my childhood bedroom. Today, we learned that we’ll be signing a lease for a new apartment tomorrow. And since I’ve come here, I’ve become a mother. of an 11 month old. Who acts like she’s two. How is it that we moved from NYC 2.5 years ago when I still feel like a New Yorker in my veins?? How is it that in 11 months, my baby went from being a helpless, fragile, needy little shrivelly package to a robust little girl, walking tentatively around the house as if by accident, fake laughing at all my bad jokes, pining over doggies, with a sense of humor revealing itself to be so similar to my own? Now take that, multiply it by years, and add more babies, life changes, loves of lives, and here we are. I hadn’t seen Jennifer since maybe high school graduation 13 YEARS AGO. What??? How did we get here? And still, how did we manage to do all this stuff before we met again?? She’s got two beautiful boys and a strapping husband. And they are an awesome family. I’m so grateful I got to take a peek into their lives, seeing that really tall girl with braces from junior high that I was such good friends with is now a mother (with great teeth!) of two handsome boys. 

Cristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea FamilyCristea Family

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Dana + Ryan

What you are about to see, is my most favorite thing about photographing people. It’s called an engagement session – but it’s really only called that so when my potential clients read my packages, it’s an unpretentious description of something they know about – and can understand. But it’s really so much more than that. This moment, of being (sometimes somewhat) newly engaged, is an incredible one. And as I see it, a time in your life that you will never again experience, full of excitement, anticipation, dreaming, and sometimes hardship too. You take each other, hand in hand, and you promise to make a promise. You plan, you taste test, you take the dog for a walk, and it’s all leading up to a pinnacle moment. 

I spend the day with Dana and Ryan. I knew we were meant for each other when I asked them to plan a perfect day and I would just follow them around, when they said it would most likely be food based. Ahhhh how I love to eat – and how I love clients that love to eat! So they planned to cook a superb meal – I mean, REALLY AMAZING. It was, in fact SO GOOD that I ran right out the NEXT DAY and bought a fancy le Creuset dutch oven and immediately approximated the dinner they made for us because I couldn’t stop thinking about how good my mouth felt when I was chewing on that slow cooked short rib goodness. But on top of our culinary exploits, this day was full of adventure and discovery – their life on this day a picture of this moment. In this house. With this dog. Telling these jokes, making dinner and enjoying each other like old friends who sparkle at each other in every side long glance and story told. 

This is a day in the life of Dana and Ryan.

Dana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + RyanDana + Ryan

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Just love reading your take on each and every couple! And you’re so right, it’s a magical phase that can be so amazing and so stressful all at the same time. I know firsthand!

What people might not know when they book their wedding or family photos with Punam, is that she totally understands everything your going through and becomes more than a photographer…she becomes your friend.

I love that Dana & Ryan cooked for their session! That’s totally a shoot I wish I would have been on.

Cheers to Dana & Ryan!!!

love, love, love! what a perfect day!!! love how you capture such genuine emotion and interaction.