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A Marriage! (elsewhere): Tiffany and Jared

A lot.

I consider my career to have been built in the short period after Tara posted a few of my images on Wedding Bee for the first time. It was in the wake of that blog post that my whole business was built. I booked 15 weddings that week. It was insane. I went from dreaming of being a wedding photographer, to, well. Being one. One of those very first weddings that I booked in this wave was with Tiffany and Jared. I think maybe we went from phone call to contract in 30 minutes. First off, they were getting married in Jamaica. And second, and consider this stereotyping if you will, but they are both from my most favorite part of the country. So I had a feeling that this would be a good thing. I had a great feeling that we would get a long.

I so love doing destination weddings, because it’s an opportunity to really dig in. Be part of a family, but still on the outside. You are privy to intimate moments. You are right there with them through triumphs and tribulations.

Husbone and I arrived late (well, it felt late) Friday evening. After a long bus ride we arrived at Tensing Pen, which I had only seen pictures of on Flickr and on their website. It certainly looks beautiful, but I think that the images on the website really don’t do it justice. And upon our arrival, I could only hope to.

The waters were torrential. Perched on cliffs, woven into coves and spreads of rocky black earth and coral, Hurricane Paloma, though at that time plowing through Cuba, wrenched the Ocean into a twisted disarray. It sounded like explosions. It looked really scary:

tiffany and jared

That was just one of very many giant tidal waves that tore up the place. At this time, we didn’t know about the Hurricane. Husbone and I thought that the choppy waters might have been a fluke. All should be calm tomorrow. The image above was taken from our deck, in a tiny hut with a thatched roof, perched on top of a stone pillar, at the edge of a high cliff. Much like the little hut being over taken in the above picture. Luckily, it was not a room, but just a place in which to take in the magnificent blue view.

It was not a restful sleep that night, as the constant pounding assured me that we would fall into the sea. We didn’t. And so after about 4 on and off hours of rest, we emerged from our tiny hut and made our way to the dining hall for breakfast. Tiffany and Jared and their families were there. It was an intimate affair with 11 guests, including Husbone and I. It turns out that most of them had been evacuated from their rooms. Tiffany’s sisters room had an actual river flowing through it.

Husbone and I shared a sigh of relief that our room was ok, and that Everyone got out in time before much was ruined. We went to fetch our laptop from our room after breakfast, and were met with something terrifying.

The heavy wooden doors we had bolted shut the night before had busted from the walls in a shower of splinters around the room. The bed was soaked, the curtains. I left some clothes on the floor, and I found them in a wet pile on the opposite side of the room. And to my absolute horror, my camera bag was a giant puddle of water.

My heart was pounding… I was shaking. I didn’t know what to do for a minute. And I grabbed the bag and ran out the door and back to the main lobby area to hesitantly inspect the damage. Everything. was. soaked.

Ok. But working. Ok. Everything was working. lenses were lensing, cameras were camera-ing, and I fretted about salt when everything dried. But to my wonderful relief, everything worked fine in the end. WHEW!!!

In any case, Jared mentioned. You could use our camera. I contemplated this for a moment, and then I saw his camera. It was practically as good as mine! Anyway. It was a lot.

So then came the topic of holding a wedding, that’s been planned all year long, in a place they did not plan to hold it. I was ready to shoot whatever was happening, but eventually we had to live with the idea of evacuating Tensing Pen, and moving to an all inclusive 45 minutes away. And so we moved. Tiffany and Jared were so amazing. I don’t think I would have dealt with the whole situation nearly as well, worst of all was the prospect of having the wedding at the all inclusive, over by the pool, with half naked onlookers, 45 minutes away from the cliff perch over blue seas in which they had so set their hearts.

The good thing was, that they were already officially married, so at least that was taken care of. We decided to stay at the all inclusive and head back to Tensing Pen in the morning and hope for the best. And we CERTAINLY GOT IT!!

WOW! The next day was SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And the folks at Tensing Pen did an AMAZING job of cleaning up all the damage. Despite some missing roofs of various structures, a water heater that floated away and chunks of the walkways missing, the whole place was pristine, and it was as if there had been no stressful Saturday. And I also would like to mention that they were so patient, helpful and friendly throughout the whole horrible ordeal, they were a great comfort in that uncertain moment. They made a destination wedding miracle!!! And so. Without further ado, I would like to tell the rest of the story in pictures:

Tiffany’s gorgeous Gucci shoes – in the time I’ve come to know her, the first thing I came to know is that she always wears amazing shoes.


The Gown was a gorgeous Alvina Valenta._MG_5451

Jared gave Tiffany a beautiful amethyst Tiffany & Co. ring as a wedding gift._MG_5478

This was a crazy mushroom growing behind their room!_MG_5501_MG_5481IMG_4173


Waiting for the cab to go to Tensing Pen, and keeping our fingers crossed.IMG_4262

And in the middle of all that there was still time for some nice in love time._MG_5781_MG_5856_MG_5910_MG_6365IMG_5479_MG_6369_MG_6055IMG_4605_MG_6320IMG_4630_MG_6251

Tiffany’s dad found this teeny tiny hermit crab in the sand. Can anyone (who I haven’t told) guess which lens I used for this shot, and the ring shot? Hint: it’s not a macro!_MG_6418_MG_6424_MG_6473_MG_6509_MG_6540_MG_6522

Husbone and I held back tears when we saw the pure joy and elation on Tiffany’s face. There was a sense of “we did it!”, but more in a, thank goodness I don’t have to come back to Jamaica another time to have my wedding!_MG_6579_MG_6715_MG_3848_MG_6903_MG_6914

Tibetan prayer flags and fluffy clouds look over the dining table.IMG_5706_MG_6766Tiffany and JaredIMG_5986IMG_5999_MG_6977_MG_7035IMG_6063

I gave Husbone a lesson on long exposures. He’s a fast learner._MG_7046


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great pics, punam. i like your work a lot. i think the crab pic was using a 50mm f/1.2 reversed. as in you took the lens off and turned it around holding to the camera body. i did this with the pics i took of my fiancee’s ring being made and then i made it in to a book when i proposed two weeks ago. she loved it. anyway, great shots. punam, wanna shot my wedding in puerto vallarta next year? Adam


I just came across your website after not visiting for a long time. Wow!!!!!!!!! Amazing wedding and your work is delectable. Love it!! You rock!

I love these photos!!! Congratulations Tiffany and Jared!

oooohh. that last one is just magical! love the overhead one for the couple walking away from the water.


oh fabulosity! you and husbone blew this storm out of the water ; ) awesome pictures as ALWAYS!
what a precious itsy bitsy crab! which lens did you use?


please tell, I want to know what great lens you used for that tiny little hermit crab.. I love tiny little things.. Your work is awesome!

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Incredible work. I really enjoyed your photos and how you incorporated a lot of the scenery to really set the context. There is so much beauty both in the backdrop, and with the couple that makes a winning combo. Well done!

It’s also quite inspiring to read about your swelling success as of late. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to the other great work you’re sharing with everyone.



Gorgeous pictures as always. Beautiful couple…I wish them all the best. Love both your blogs…yours and Tiffany’s. :} That last shot is FANTASTIC. J’adore. ♥

What great great photos! They are truly beautiful and I am glad all worked out. Tiffany and Jared are awesome!


Glad everything worked out! congrats to the stylish couple. the 30 sec exposure shot looks like a postcard. guessing that it’s the same lens used on mr. hermit >.<

Such beautiful photos, despite the drama! And hooray to T&J for keeping their cool through the heat of it all, and enjoying what was important rather than obsessing over the details…. (So glad your cameras are OK!)

And re the Weddingbee love … no amount of publicity would have mattered if not for your natural talent. People clearly just recognized your genius! 😉

i love love love your photos!! amazing work and this destination wedding is superb.

Yay Jen! I can’t wait to see your wedding in Nevis!

simply stunning Punam! It sounds like an incredible adventure that produced incredible photographs!

Absolutely beautiful as always!! I’ve been wanting to see these and they are breathtaking. You are honestly one of my favorite photographers to blogstalk!! :)

oooo these pics are awesome!!! I’m guessing the 24L lens on that close up of the little hermit crab..? Or 50 1.2?

Hurricane-Schmurricane! You’d never even know, looking at the gorgeous shots!

I’m so glad Husbone is accompanying you on a lot of your shoots now…what a great experience to share….time and time again. :)

As for the lens pop quiz…I have no idea, but I’m dying to know! 50mm? Lens Baby?? Magnifying glass??? :)


Punam, you amaze me. I felt so badly about the waves and the water and then when I saw your camera bag I wanted to cry! Thank you for being so calm and patient through it all.

thank you, thank you, thank you. I can not wait to see the rest!

My sister e-mailed me your website and first thing I see is photos from the wedding!

All your photos are amazing (not just the ones from my sisters wedding :)). I’m sure my sister will be really happy to see these and the rest. You’re going to have them done by tomorrow right? Haha, just kidding!

Anyway, if you want to see the Seattle video I made, you can find it here:

Good luck with all your future weddings!

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