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A Marriage!: Melissa and Patrick

It was many months ago that Melissa and Patrick asked me to shoot their big wedding down town. As things progressed, it became a small wedding uptown, with their closest friends of family, at the wonderful restaurant across the street from their amazing apartment. The best part was – Melissa wore her mothers AMAZING wedding dress from 1976!! Her mom really had amazing taste back then, because I have seen some pretty fluffy dresses from that time, and Melissa’s dress was just so simple and quaint and beautiful. Just like this wedding. 

Melissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and Patrick

Melissa and Patrick

IMG_6537Melissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and Patrick

I totally have a confession to make about this one below. Melissa was standing on the sidewalk. It had been raining in the morning, so we couldn’t do family pictures in the park like we planned. Things were running a bit late, and so we finally ended up doing all the portrait stuff on the sidewalk. We were waiting around for some guests to come outside for the next group picture, when a young fellow dressed in what suspiciously looked like pajamas, looked to Melissa with recognition just as he passed. I thought perhaps he was some kind of friend, dawning recognition, when suddenly, he hugged and kissed her. It immediately became apparent that she had no idea who he was, and she was so surprised, she just started laughing. Upon learning of this exchange, Patrick ran out from the restaurant to have words with the gentleman. It was certainly a farce for our amusement, but I captured these two great moments and I just thought they were so great that I glued the pictures together. This image below is totally a composite. And! The way I pasted them together, the image was almost a square shape. I used Photoshops new Content-Aware Scaling to widen up the image a bit. That thing is amazing! You can scale most images with this tool without distorting the subjects in your image. It’s not always perfect, but it worked great on this image. You can’t even tell!!

Melissa and PatrickMelissa and PatrickMelissa and Patrick

[…] bride wore the same dress her mother wore in […]

Marleen Patrie

Wow, what a wonderful album. Everybody looks so happy. I’m going to send the site to Germany so that Shawn can share.


I love the pictures, they are stunning. I was lucky to watch you working as I was doing the makeup. You are a true professional. Melissa was beautiful and sweet as were Patric and the rest of the family. I am glad I could be a part of this happy event


Ok so that is the most beautiful wedding gown I’ve ever seen…and the fact that it was her mother’s is amazing. She obviously had great taste…anything that is still in style over 30 years later is a classic. Just beautiful!

That dress is one of the most amazingly simple and perfect dresses. I love it. They are a wonderfully cute couple.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the composition of the 3rd image down from top! ahhhmazing :-)


That dress! I do adore. Fabulous photographs. Please post more.

That dress is beautiful as are all of these photos! I love that composite image along with the story that accompanies it!

Ally (SOB)and Donna at work

Wow!! The pictures are amazing! I am so impressed I got chilss just looking at them! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!!

I love that she wore her Mother’s Wedding dress! And that it was amazing was is such a bonus. Great Images…as usual :)

punam, you never miss a beat, girl! Sheesh, I keep waiting one day to visit your blog and not be rocked to my core…that’s just not ever going to happen!!
these were beautiful!

Aunt Margie

Amazing – really. I especially love the composite of Mel/Patrick on the sidewalk after the “kiss streaker” had struck!!! Looking forward to the rest of the pics, with great anticipation.

Melissa! That dress! “GO MOM!” :) And Punam, that sidewalk story/composite is so wonderful; what a great memory to have from a wedding day. :)

Debbi, MOB

Punam I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from the big night. These are fantastic!


You are FABULOUS! Love these pics! love your perspective! Very artistic!

Your photoshopping skill is amazing!! As always, I enjoy every single photo you posted. Love your work!

o. just lovely. just lovely. you’re amazingly talented.

wow, Katie – you’re quick!!

Love these, Punam! Gorgeous as always!

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