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Jennifer + Mark; married in Puerto Moreles, Mexico! (part II)

Today will be a blogsplosion of images from Jennifer and Marks AMAZING Wedding in Puerto Moreles (Cancun-ish) wedding at Cieba del Mar. It was so difficult not to post a million images because this wedding had all my favorite things: veils and skirts blowing in the wind, fuschia roses and bridesmaids dresses against a teal colored ocean, amazing shoes, a lot of crying, awesome lighting, an outdoor evening reception, awesome dancing, lots of tequila, pelicans, cuban cigars, grass huts and amazing love all around. At every turn there was something beautiful, but it was just that which this amazing love was set against. And I believe that often, all is revealed on the dance floor. Amazing.

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I heart the colour combo and the look of pure unadulterated fun captured in the shots.


Wonderful photos, you’ve captured the fun and excitement beautifully as always, Punam. Congratulations to the happy couple. BTW, that photo of the groom dancing is utterly priceless. :)

Some great shots. Love the emotion in these. Beautiful location too.

Such beautiful photos- not too hard to do with beautiful people and setting though :) I love her dress as well, classically elegant!

so beautiful…..I love them all, what a gorgeous wedding!

Kasey P. Lindsay

OK, I’m still trying to figure out your whole process:

The photos you post on your blog, you post soon after the actual event. But are they the ones you were talking about that you pick to edit? You said something about choosing certain ones for high resolution something-or-other…? Or are the photos on your blog just the ones you like the most that are the easiest to post quickly?

And are all of the photos on your blog taken with the same camera? I know you just posted some that you said were film…

And what about your large format photos? Do we ever get to see any of those?

Which digital camera do you use the most? I eventually want to get something good. I’m assuming I need a large aperture. What’s yours? And how do you get such wonderful colors? Is that just the camera?


The most incredible photos! I can feel the emotion and all the love through the photographs and I don’t even know anyone in the shots!!

You’re so talented at what you do; such creativity.

Jen and Mark

Can’t not stop smiling, every picture puts me back at the moment and depicts every feeling of the day and night. Beautiful, it was beautiful working with you and the pics show your tremendous talents. Love, love it!!

Wow! Perfection.

Incredible!! Such a gorgeous wedding!

Every image is a story within itself. What a beautiful couple & location!

this was the first thing I clicked on this morning. love it, love it all! you do such an amazing job capturing each moment perfectly. I laughed and cried all over again. It was wonderful seeing you again!

love love love! you capture the moments beautifully!

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