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Cailen+Sean; day after!

Are you ready??? Seriously, between Cailen looking like a hot version of a disney princess, and Sean, with his crooked Irish grin looking like Prince Charming, here in a fairy tale castle, you can bet that I didn’t let them get away with out a serious day after session. Huz and I thought for some time where we should do it. Perhaps we should find some village in mountains from middle ages, but once we arrived at this spectacular house, all the ideas I had seemed to settle on the antique furniture, paintings, and 70 acre property (manicured, and un-manicured!). I was without my camera at the very moment, but suffice it to say that the first moment I reached the gardens behind the chateau I saw a deer approaching fruit trees, and the land was so clear and wide, that it ran for a time before it found cover in the woods. It was magical. Magical in a way this place is magical. And every one knew it. Everyone was talking about it. It was a magical wedding, in a magical place.

Cailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and Sean

Both shots from this post was taken by Cailen, the first was for this shot.

Cailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and Sean

Cailen was so awesome to let me style her for this portion of the shoot! The dress she’s wearing is mine, I got it in Portland last summer. It’s a vintage Hawaiian dress from the 50’s, and never been worn (except by me, and now Cailen!). Oh, those are my shoes to. I lament sometimes about my big feet, but it was so awesome that Cailen and I are the same size so I could dress her up! And the black veil is one of Dorene’s, from Ashley and Andy’s shoot. I SO LOVE it when brides let me dress them up with all my pretty things I have infrequent opportunities to wear!!

Cailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and Sean

It’s like Pride and Prejudice!

Cailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and SeanCailen and Sean

Great images! Especially like the one of the bride and groom on the stairs. Good job.

[…] fairy princess and all. This was shot by one of my all time favorite photographers, the lovely Punam Bean, and I was completely smitten with these photos. The couple is drop dead gorgeous, and they were in […]

Wow, Punam, those are truly inspired. And I love your dress!!!

Wow. Totally amazing!! What an awesome place, people and pictures! I love that she let you dress her up, what a great bride. Lovin’ the bathtub shots, the lighting looked gorgeous.

Kirstin @ Weddings Unveiled

Gorgeous. I love the images of the bride in the bathtub!

Hey Muriel! It’s no processing, it’s film!

Punam, these are fantastic! What a beautiful location!!! I love what you’re doing with your processing lately, it’s gorgeous!


okay…woah, what a gorgeous couple + unbelievable setting. I don’t know how you didn’t just hide in a closet there and stay forever…that window in the first pic is dope! Also nice styling skills, you should dress people up more often.

Oh me oh my, what a sublime setting. Do you think they’d let me move in?
Awesome photos, undoubtedly.

holy cow AA-mazing!!! love it Punam!!!

oh these are incredible & beautiful….

Haha! Thanks for all the well wishes friends! I’m so glad I can share my enthusiasm in pictures!

i just cursed out loud because these images are soooooo beautiful. lol. you are one talented photographer. i love how you capture EVERYTHING. and the colors blow me away. i’m speechless. just beautiful.

oh me! you were not lying when you said this place was whimsical and fantastic! These are beautiful miss Punam!

these are so incredibly lovely!

it did remind me of Pride and Prejudice! you should have made Sean come out of a lake, a la Mr. Darcy :-)

PUNAM!!!! These are AMAZING!!!! Like straight up Vanity Fair shit! You know what, seriously send it to them….you killed it girl!



Gorgeous!! Had to get off my iPhone and look at them on my big screen. Right out of Masterpiece Theater!

absolutely, positively, amazingly ENCHANTING! LOVE IT, and I am blown away by the details and color and light and…

These are gorgeous!

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