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Allison + Scott; engaged!

It was one of my favorite sessions in Brooklyn. I’ll be returning to Maui to shoot Allison and Scott’s wedding in the mystical lands of Hana. I am always excited, but getting to do an engagement session when I haven’t gotten to meet the couple first, well. I planned it this way, but it just astounds me sometime how much I love my clients. The people that hire me, even the people who I don’t meet when they hire me, we always seem to just mesh.

We took a stroll around their ‘hood in Brooklyn, it was so relaxed and casual and just plain fun. Hahaha, at one point I had them chase geese while holding hands, running and screaming. I had hoped to get the geese to take off, but I forgot that we are in New York City. And even the local animals (Canadian Geese, mind you) are SO New York. They merely waddled calmly away, and left us all with the giggles. After I hung out at their place for a while, and we spoke of our love for our dear kitties. Kitties are a force in this world that unite people, and I enjoyed every moment of my time with this gorgeous, amazing, stylish, fun couple of people. To Maui!!

Allison and Scott

I wonder if this is a you had to be there kind of scenarios, but every time I look at this photo it makes me laugh!

Allison and ScottAllison and ScottAllison and ScottAllison and ScottAllison and ScottAllison and ScottAllison and ScottAllison and ScottAllison and ScottAllison and Scott

[…] I’ll admit, my file of favorites has more than one epic shot from Punam Bean.  These silhouettes are so classic and reminiscent of a romantic Parisian cafe scene.  And what really gets me… the glow of two tiny candles in the foreground.  Divine.  You have to see the rest of this session. […]

You are an embellishment artist, you increase the beauty of the future Nagy’s by adding decorations. You captured their love side.

I adore how you set up the bakeri shots! And the one in the bar – absolutely fantastic!

These are beautiful. You’ve really captured their personality in this stunning photos. Best of luck to the future Nagy’s.

Love the Cafe shots… chic!

I think the geese shot is totally cute even if they didn’t fly. What an adorable couple, beautiful moments!


oh man, they are so adorable!! sigh, I love your photos. so much. they actually give me the shivers. :) love the “Bakeri” ones, especially!

Great locations, and I love the indoor shots. The geese pic made me laugh! When you go to Maui, if you love sushi, check out Sansei in Maui, it’s amazing. Plus if you go on a Saturday night, they stay open until 1am, and the craziest people sing karaoke there for everyone to see. Nice use of detail shots during an engagement session, it really adds to the vibe of the session.

These are so so beautiful. Such great texture, color and closeups. Thanks for sharing, as always!

Beautiful couple and you captured amazing moments!

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