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Bee Kim: is gonna be a momma!

It’s been a while since I’ve been around a woman with child, and I had forgotten about the glow. Bee is so glowy I could see her with my eyes closed. I feel so intensely honored that she chose me to photograph her at this precious time in her life. Wedding Bee was the thing that effectively launched me into this crazy amazing world of wedding photography, and it was so awesome to get to know the incredible woman behind the blog that changed my life. She’s so beautiful and elegant, so peaceful. I’m so happy for her and the mysterious Mr. Kim!

jackie and dalebee kimbee kimbee kimjackie and dalebee kim

This session happened to be on Mr. and Mrs. Kims wedding anniversary. So, for a gift, he recreated her wedding bouquet! How sweet is that??

jackie and dalejackie and dale

There’s a person inside! Crazy!

jackie and dale

Sadly, we realized that Fuzzy Bee was no where to be found in a book about her friends.

bee kim

That is so sweet that recreated her flowers, how thoughtful. You are a talented photographer, love the leave photos.

GAH! Bee is GORGEOUS! =)

Absolutely beautiful! I can’t believe Bee is due next week already! Time flies!

GORGEOUS! Stunning images Punam – and Mrs. Bee is certainly at glowy mama to be!

Beautiful shots Punam! Bee is a beautiful and I think you captured her perfectly :)

So sweet!! Beautiful images of a beautiful woman. Can’t wait to see the little bee!!

Wow, these are so gorgeous, and Mrs.Bee looks sooo calm and happy!

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These are stunning! I love the fall colors and the warmth in each photo – and she definitely is glowing beautifully!

these are so so pretty. i love the one of her holding the leaf. beautiful work as always, punam! xo

Congratulations Bee! What elegant pictures. And yes, you are so ethereal and glowing.

So sweet of your hubby to have your bouquet re-created also.

What a wonderful day to have a photo shoot! Happy Anniversary too!



Stunning!!! I love the pictures of her in the street and with the bouquet!

Love the simplicity of the second one down – so beautiful. Especially the way the color of her dress pops against the leaves.

Gorgeous…absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous! :)


Mrs. Bee is so beautiful. That shot of her in the middle of the street is stunning.

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