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Killing Time with Adobe Illustrator…

So, other than weddings and photography, I consider myself to have some capacity in drawing goofy objects, I have a certain style I think that I have mastered in my own little domain. So armed with nothing but a mechanical pencil, a piece of scrap paper, my macbook and Adobe illustrator, I made a rockin’ myspace page (thank you very much.) I am thinking of taking it down soon, so I’d thought I’d send my methods out into the internet before I do so, and replace it with something more “wedding” oriented.

So. I made a goofy drawing on a writing pad I found lying around. I took a fuzzy picture of it with the camera on my mac and here it is:


 Now, something you want to make certain of is that you press hard with you pencil and make sure the drawing is nice and clear. Since in this example we will not be doing a direct scan, you just want to make certain your picture translates loud and clear, when we paint it in illustrator it will be a lot easier if we can avoid gaps (even though you can do gap detection, but on my computer it can be a little tempermental). Here is another picture I made:


So. I then dragged these pictures to photoshop and messed around with levels (Image —> Adjustments —> Levels and play with the little arrows till you are happy with the results), also employing the background eraser to get rid of excess speckles and such:



and the bee:



So, the next step is opening the bunny monster in Illustrator, and making sure that your image is selected, you go to Object –>Live Trace –>  Tracing Options.

You’ll get a dialogue that looks like this:




I used all the settings here to make my image look like this:



So smooth! So I basically apply the same principals to the bug, too. But here we shall focus on the bunny monster.So, next thing I do is, I form a live paitn group. You can find it on the toolbar, or go to Objects —> Live Paint.

When you hover over the object, it should look like this:




Click on the object. Now, when you hover over closed paths, the path will highlight. If you have an open path, you will have to adjust the gap detection (which I won’t go into right now. If anybody asks me, I’ll tell them.)

So. It should look like this:



I just picked a color from the color picker and filled in that closed path. The pink outline you see is just the highlight. It happens when you roll your mouse over that area.

You can just fill in color as you wish, after some copying and pasting, this was my final image:



 I hope this lesson doesn’t seem rushed. My Husbone is calling me from the next room. If you’d like to see the final product  please visit my MySpace page at 

Essentially, I made my Myspace page by saving this Illustrator file as a png and assembling the background in fireworks, but you can also use photoshop. I like Fireworks because it compresses the image for me, and I can choose the file settings by comparison, visually. I then employ a div layer to cover the MySpace template, and use divs to position everything around the page. hylinskies has a nice tutorial on how to do this. 

You may however, add me as your friend, because I get too much spam.

 Ack! I must depart!

Introducing, Husbone.

496526088_24fe343010.jpg This is Husbone. It is what I call my husband this year.

His name is Andrew… but that’s never really been his name. It’s been Leslie, Husby, Bones, among other various things. He himself prefers to go by Andy Bean, formerly S. A. Bean (Smilin’ Andy), but to me, this year, he is just Husbone. He refuses to let me call him Hussy. I suppose I can forgive him. He is a very talented and fabulous musician, and you can check out his music here. I am the gentlemen’s official photographer! However, they do occasionally get their pictures taken by others, owed to their dapper and gentlemenly appearance and fine musical talents.

Here he is: He is very kindly allowing me to try out my new 85mm 1.4 on him, and as you can see, he is doing a very nice job. This was the first picture I ever took with my new favorite lens. I love it! I just bought a new digital camera… something I can carry around with me without looking like a paprazzi. I always want to take pictures of stuff but I have never have anything with me to do so, that is, in a non – lets get out the camera bag and make pictures kind of day. So I bought a Canon Poweshot SD1000. I find that photoraphy suits me because I just can’t get enough of gadgety wares.



I did a few boudoir shots for my best friend a couple of weeks ago and I’m really excited to share them! She is beautiful and it was very easy to take pictures of her. It was the first time I’ve ever done boudoir pictures for someone, and it was great fun! Here are some pictures from the day.

This following one was fun. I just had her stand in the bathroom, hold on to the sink (tight) and flip her head back… about twenty times. She was a great sport and we got some really cool images out of it. 



I LOVE this one!!




Also may I mention, that a vry peculiar thing has happened to me. I have actually sprained my finger, taking too many pictures. Has this ever happened to anyone else??


The first post.


Welcome to my new fancy blog! This is my very first post, so I am very glad you came by to check it out. So if you like to look at pictures and read ramblings, feel free to stop by any time.

I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks! And I say that in respect to the fact that I just started photographing weddings in May, and and I already have three more scheduled! I am so excited about it! I’ve been an actress for most of my life, and at some point I realized that it’s just not what I’d care to do anymore. Then I photographed my first wedding. And now I’m hooked and it’s all I can think about!

So. This is a place where you can see the various pictures I will take of various things, of and other than, weddings. And also, my various musing upon which I muse from time to time.

Anyway, that’s it for now. And so I will leave you with some photos I took last weekend of a wedding in Pasadena, CA (as a second shooter) with the lovely and talented Isaiah Marmol of Studio I Weddings.

You will note, that many of these pictures are in the banner above. Oh well!



This little girl, by the way just wanted to dance ALL NIGHT LONG! Everytime I lifted up my camera, she just came twirling in our of nowhere!
 I really liked watching this couple. They were a great, fun couple and very much in love!


 I know these pictures are a touch out of order, but I just wanted to, after many many technical difficulties, share with you what I’ve got. I’ve got a lot more pictures that I took in the past few weeks, but I’ll post those later, to sort of even things out.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by!